5 way to market your photography business

5 way to market your photography business

what’s up guys?! last week I asked you
what your biggest struggles were in your photography businesses and I had over
fifty of you respond and tell me resoundingly it’s marketing. so today I’m
coming to you with five ways you can market your photography business today.
so let’s get right in! number one leverage content marketing. now, I know a
lot of people are talking about content marketing right now and maybe you’re
thinking “what the heck is content marketing?” well, it’s simply creating a
piece of content or material (That could be a video pr blog post even
utilizing your Instagram stories) to solve a problem or answer someone’s
questions you’re creating value and answers around whatever it is the topic
that you know best,. you’re essentially creating consistent, reliable, and
informative information that will attract your ideal client instead of
pushing and pushing – that feels so obvious like you’re selling. if that
makes sense? so instead of saying hey I’m a photographer you should book me you
create a blog post that says here are five ways you can get better images at
your next portrait session or your next engagement session you’re creating
content and helpful content at that. that is more likely to be shared and then the
person doesn’t feel like they’re being sold to. through out pieces of your
content marketing you can be putting in pictures that you have taken giving your
tips and linking to your work so these are targeted pieces of content that
point them back to you. so you don’t feel like you’re selling and they don’t feel
like they’re being sold to. however, your work is inside those blog posts. your
tips are there and it’s linking back to you! So you’re establishing yourself as
an expert and creating loyalty. tip number two: is to plan a collaboration shoot so
what I like to do is I like to go on Instagram go through hashtags geo ties
and find some vendors that I’d like to work with that I’ve never worked with
before because you want to create new connections once you have those pictures
you can cross promote you can share and tag each other and they’ll share and tie
to you so their audience will become your audience your audience will become
their audience and you’re lifting each other up together tip number three is to
start a referral so a referral program is simply that
it’s just a rewards program for your past clients if they go ahead and refer
you to new clients this is a great way to up your word-of-mouth referrals and
in a non pushy way you can circle back to people that you photographed in the
past and let them know that this referral program is now in action so
it’s a great way to email them or send them a message and not be pushy but
really just let them know what they could get from you for free or what they
could earn by simply sharing about your work
so I think a referral program is extremely effective way especially if
you want to work with a very specific clientele and you’ve found that you’ve
worked with them before so if you love the people that you’ve worked with
before and you want to work with more people like them a referral program can
be incredibly effective tip number four is to give back this is the perfect time
to get back into your community align yourself with a charity or a fundraiser
that your brand can stand behind and photograph that event for free not only
will your images probably be shared in a newsletter or wherever the charity or
fundraiser promotes those but you’ll also meet other vendors it’s a great way
for you to have content to blog about or share about it tells your community
you’re still active you’re still a photographer and this is a cause you
care about tip number five is to create partnerships with local businesses in
your market partnerships are really based on relationships so I want you to
create a list of businesses you think would align well with your brand and go
introduce yourself offer up some headshots for them
offer how you can bring value to them before you expect them to give value to
you because that relationship will start off on a great flooding and once they
trust you they’ll start referring to you and you can create some sort of mutually
beneficial partnership so for example maybe you want to work with a local gel
shop and you volunteer to shoot one of their runway shows for free once they
totally love your photos and they loved working with you you could offer to give
them a free canvas of some of the pictures that you’ve taken at their
event up on the wall and say that you’d love to leave some of your business
cards this is a great way to cross-promote
but it starts with the relationship so be sure to give before you ask so this
has been just five of many ways that you can market your photography business and
I want to hear what was your favorite tips
what’s one step that you’re going to be implementing is a very near future leave
it for me in the comments section let’s continue the conversation if you have
questions I love to answer them and I’ll see you next week bye guys

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  7. I'm actually in the process of collaborating with some local vendors on a styled wedding shoot! Crossing my fingers it all works out soon! I'm very excited! 😊

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    Giving back was my favorite tip!

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  18. Not only are you intelligent you're also easy to look at…so I rang your bell….ding ding ding!
    I'm new to photography and learning as much as I can about the "art" of photography, lighting, marketing strategies, contracts…etc. Tip #4 stood out and grabbed my attention. For someone new trying to break into the photography field working with charities would be an excellent way to get your name out there.

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  26. Hi Joy… great video. You are absolutely right. If you just push and sell yourself, people will get turned off. If you show them that you know your stuff and try to help like you are talking about the blog post…. the helping will eventually turn into customers. People love working with successful people… so if you show them you are successful and know… they will want to work with you. If you show them you are struggling and you are desperate for clients… not good… Marketing is something I was also mentioned in my recent video (5 mistakes.. ) I always say, marketing is something I wished I learned before I started photography. Amazing job.. keep up the great videos rolling and hi from fellow photographer.

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  31. Give before you ask is a great tip!! SWJones Photo – If you ever need a second, I will fly in. I'm fully stocked with pro gear. Great content!!!

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  38. Growth Hacking is more of a mind-set than a tool kit.

    -Aaron Ginn

  39. Maybe I just haven't a clue where to look—Do you ever notice that on many photographers' websites they have their portfolio, some different categories, a contact page etc. and usually a nice landing page, but NO BLOG?! It really boggles (or b-blog-bles) my mind really and truthfully since that would be the #1 thing driving traffic. Aside from word of mouth and Instagram of course.

    I just think of my parents. They've been running an accounting firm for nearly a decade and a half, and never did any content marketing. They could've been VERY well off by now.

    This is a prime example of why (if you want to make more money) you need to focus on content marketing, or at least hiring someone (or someones) to do this for you. In my opinion of course.

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  41. This has been so helpful in my career as a photographer. The best tip was to offer free services to other vendors that you/I would love to work with and make your value that much higher. I will for sure make this a priority in some of my new steps.

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