5 Tips for Dealing with Noisy Neighbors by Audimute

5 Tips for Dealing with Noisy Neighbors by Audimute

Hi thanks for tuning in to Talk Acoustics.Today
I want to talk about neighbors, both sides of that. One, other people living next to
us and then there’s the other side, us. Right? So, there’s a couple things that can be really
helpful and that’s what we want to share but one of the first things I want to talk about
is communication. We have to be able to communicate with our neighbors and they with us. So just
to give you some ideas of some things you can do that don’t cost anything and that can
really be helpful is schedule times for things. Talk to me. If im going to be making noise,
if im gonna bring over my Metallaica tribute band I probably wont be appreciated if im
playing full out at one o’clock in the morning. Maybe I should take that into consideration.
I would hope that my neighbors would. Now, lets talk about the sound system with our
televisions and our stereos. Sometimes just simply re-positioning those things can give
your neighbor a lot of relief and that might be all it takes. Wouldn’t that would be great.
You dont have to buy anything, you dont have to do build anything, you dont have to do
anything. Lets talk about the possibility that all these things are just not quite enough
to take care of the issue. We start looking at the next phase which should be absorption.
Getting some absorption to reduce that sound wave intensity can be a great starter, a lot
less expansive and hassle than doing a construction and it could be that you’ll need that conjunction
with the construction anyway because the sound pressure needs to be reduced. Now that we’ve
done that, lets go in and look at the construction aspect of this thing. The good news in construction
is that a lot of times it really can alleviate the problem by severely reducing a lot of
the sound wave transmission going through a barrier such as a wall or even a ceiling.
And there are ways and products out there that can help do that. The bad news is if
your neighbors’ causing the problem and you’re trying to not hear it any more, if your building
this barrier up from your side of things its not going to be nearly as effective as if
you could do it from the side where the sound is being generated. So, these are just some
things that I hope you’ll find helpful and enjoy the rest of your day. Thanks.

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  1. Is this for Audis with loud exhaust systems?

  2. No.1 is definitely a useless tip.

  3. Why us, the victims have to be the ones spending money fixing the problem?  The government needs to be stronger with these bullies.   My neighbor is a bully….he says that he just don't care about us.   So far I have spend $10K on fixes and the noise doesn't go.    My neighbor is a racist, and when I called him te police he started yelling at me and treats and harassment.   Us, the decent people are always the victims.

  4. They don't give a shit.
    They'll escalate if they know it aggravates you.

  5. you forgot number 6 . break head wid bat.

  6. Go round to the neighbor , break down the door and blow his head off with a shot gun.

  7. What do you do when your noisy neighbor does donuts in the road in front of your house on a 4 wheeler, or standing in their yard screaming for half and hour at a time,wakes you up with fireworks, or plays music all the time 24/7 . Yes 24/7 music going all the time. I'm tired, I do believe I have died and this is my special hell where the noise never stops.. We don't even go out side any more.I tried talking to these people, I have them on film they still say oh it wasn't us.The only way we can sleep is use ear plugs. I got maybe 3 hours sleep today and it's Christmas eve.They also let their animals run loose. I am not talking about dogs and cats although they have those too, these are pigs and cows.All I want is a night to sleep peacefully, with out being awakened to so much noise that it's a literal den of noise coming from these people. To make it worse, he's a policemen, who do you call then ? We had the sheriff department out no less than week ago because of his stupidity. I guess I am going to have to file a restraining order to get him to stop being a dick for five minutes.

  8. Talking with your neighbors doesn't work.  Neither does calling the cops.  They're just ignorant, petty and inconsiderate idiots who think the world revolves around them.  The landlord has sent them notices which they ignore.

  9. Are these videos done by people who AREN’T victims of noisy neighbors? The only thing that’s helped me so far, is masking the noise by a self-made "spaceship rumble" blasting through my headphones. But even that doesn’t help if the neighbor decides to drill holes.

  10. "Communicate" really? these noisy assholes are deliberately doing this to annoy others. If it's not their children, its their dogs or their karaoke singing that's making a racket. I think sending somebody with a Louisville slugger is a better option.

  11. If we all start killing our loud, bastard neighbors, maybe the police/government will start treating this like the serious problem that it is.

  12. If you have a decent sound system, play a constant low bass sound like hammer/footsteps and face your speaker towards them. Not noticably loud, just enough to slowly drive them crazy.
    Meant for neighbors in your building

  13. My neighbor is the devil

  14. Tenants are not able to install or rip apart walls to put in a soundproofing barrier. Any advice for someone who already has carpeted floors with rugs covering the entire room and is having a hard time with downstairs neighbors noise?

  15. My neighbors don’t care they play music until 6am in the morning!

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