5 Tips for Dealing with Lazy Group Project Members – College Info Geek

5 Tips for Dealing with Lazy Group Project Members – College Info Geek

Hey, what’s up guys. Last week, we did a video
about whether or not music is an effective study aid, or
if it’s just a distraction. At the end of that video, I
said I wanted to follow it up with a video on music that’s
intentionally designed to increase focus
or concentration, or some other
cognitive function. Well, to be honest, that video’s
research isn’t ready yet. I’ve been researching all week. I’m gonna put a comment
down below this video if you want some more
explanation on it, but, in short, I’m gonna have that
video coming out next week so I have a little bit
more time to polish it and make it as good
as you guys deserve. I didn’t wanna just not
publish anything this week, so I went looking in the
College Info Geek community, which has been up
for a few weeks now, and there was a really good
question by a student who said, “Often, I’m paired
up with group members “that refuse to do any work,
no matter how many times “I attempt a conversation
or email them, “or phone them, or even just
talk to them face-to-face. “I don’t know if
they lack motivation, “or if there’s just
something wrong with me “that they refuse
to work with me. “Help?” The question, really, here is, how do I deal with group
members that aren’t contributing to the group project? I have had to deal
with this before. I know, personally, friends of
mine who have been sitting up at almost like 11:59pm,
waiting for a group member to email the last part
of a group project so they can submit it
when it’s due at midnight. This is a common problem,
so in this video, I’ve got five quick tips
for you to deal with unresponsive, or uncooperative,
or lazy group members. The first tip is
to consider that maybe it’s not a laziness issue. Maybe it isn’t that they are
simply not doing any work, and rather, it’s actually
a communication problem with your group. There could be
just inefficiencies in how you guys
communicate or share files, or get things done, so when
the group project is set up and you’re able to communicate
for the first time in class, after all the details are given, I think you should really
take stock of everything that needs to be done,
divvy up all the work, and assign roles
and assign tasks, and have everyone in the group verbally affirm what
they’re gonna do. That way, everyone else knows what they said
they were gonna do, they’re a little bit
more beholden to it, and they are accountable
to everyone else. Also, during that first
meeting, it is critical that you get as much
communication information from each group member as
they are comfortable giving, so an email address or a phone
number, or whatever it is, just in case something comes up. Tip number two, I think it’s
much better to use a tool that is specifically
designed for group work, rather than trying
to communicate through email, or something. In the past, I’ve used
things like Google Docs, or Face Camp, or Trello, but
the one I’m using right now is called Asana, and
I’m gonna recommend it because I am loving this tool. I’m using it for all
the work that I do with both of the people
who regularly help me with work on College Info Geek. It’s totally free for
groups of up to 10 people, so you’ll never
have to pay for it, and it’s just really
good for assigning tasks and keeping projects
really well organized. You can sync up Dropbox,
so it’s really easy to attach files and, overall,
I just absolutely love it. Tip number three is to pay very
close attention to deadlines and structure the projects so
that there are mini-deadlines along the way. Say you have a group project
and there’s five of you and it’s due in two weeks. Instead of being like, “All
right, this is your role, “this is your role, you guys
go do it and get it all done “by the due date,” you
need to build, basically, checkpoints along the
way for each person to send work to an editor
or a project manager. I’m gonna say, if you’re
worried about group members not pulling their weight,
or the group project not getting done, in general,
it’s probably a good idea for you, yourself, to take on
the project management role, because if you’re
worried about this, you’re likely to be one
of the more responsible members in the group. With these mini-deadlines, you can make sure things
are along schedule, you can make sure people
aren’t procrastinating, and I think it is
absolutely essential for one deadline, in
particular, to be created, and that is a deadline
for everyone to get everything they
need to contribute to the editor of the project, at least, one day before the
deadline, preferably two. That way, the editor has time
to get everything in order and actually submit it
before the deadline. Now, we’ve moved on
to tip number four, which is emailing the professor. Maybe the communication
is not an issue. Maybe the tools
are not an issue, and you really just have
somebody who is unresponsive, or who is just not
getting their work done, and they’re dragging
the entire group down. You feel you need to bring
the issue to your professor. You can do that, but you
need to think very carefully before you do, and make sure
you do it in the right way. Because it’s very possible
that your professor is trying to structure
this group project as a simulation
for the real world, where there’s a project manager who is responsible
for the group. If you’re that project
manager, or if somebody else is the project manager,
it’s their responsibility to do what they can to make
sure the project is on track before you escalate
it to a supervisor, which is, in this
case, your professor. If you haven’t already
emailed that member who’s not doing what
they’re supposed to do, if you haven’t already
escalated that to a face-to-face
conversation in class, your professor might well ask
you why you didn’t do that before bugging them
with the problem. Also, if you’re going
to go to the professor, you wanna do it early
on in the project, right when the
problem rears its head and you’ve already tried things
out, rather than waiting, because they’re gonna ask you,
“Why did you wait until now “to bring this problem to me, “rather than nipping it in
the bud right when it was “actually a problem?” That brings us to the last
and most inconvenient tip, which is that you might
just need to suck it up, do the work for them, and
let them ride your coattails. It sucks, it’s awful,
and totally unfair, but it’s great training
for the real world. There was actually
somebody in the subreddit who expressed a lot of
surprise when I said that. They were like, “Wait a minute,
people in the real world “aren’t more responsible
than people in college?” I would say, on the
whole, people do mature, they grow up, they become more
responsible than they were as teenagers or
college students, but there’s always
gonna be people in almost any organization
you work in in the future that aren’t gonna
pull their weight, or they’re gonna
be disorganized, or they’re just not
gonna communicate well. You’re gonna have
to deal with that. Professors know that, that’s
why they build group projects. Part of the intention here is
to help you work in a group and deal with those
kind of issues. They know that some people
are not cut out for group work and they’re just
not responsible. Hopefully, this video has been
helpful to you in some way. I know dealing with
unresponsive group members is absolutely awful. That’s why, in college,
when I had the option to, I often elected to do
group projects by myself instead of with a
group but, sometimes, you have to deal with a
unfortunate situation. If you have additional
tips or you want to discuss this video,
there will be an official discussion thread in the
College Info Geek community, linked down below
in the description. As always, thank you
so much for watching, and I will see you next week. (upbeat music) – [Voiceover] Hey there,
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  9. I just searched for "dealing with lazy group project members" and your video came right away!
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  10. I deal with this stupid fucking curse of a plague every single semester. My favourite thing to do is, speak to the professor and apply for an extension because I know it's going to be all me.

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  12. Just warn them about not putting their names on the final report, I tried this every time and this's freaking effective

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    why don't you just do your part, submit it and leave their parts as they are, and ensure you show what parts you have done and they have done, so you can get marked accordingly?

  14. I've had 3 group projects this term. The group that I have right now is the worst! Today, we needed to do math exercises and two girls just sat there talking to each other whilst all the work was done by me and another group member. And then … they wrote their names on the assignment. I can't say no because I'm weak…

  15. I prefer the lazy dicks who just don't do the work. That way I know what to deal with so I can do the work myself. I think it's way worse working with people who always promise to do work but don't do it or do a fourth of it or do it as crappy as can be. it SUCKS

  16. oh and I would really appreciate it if you could do a video about how to become more selfconcious and all the other personal traits needed to be a group manager.
    I have no problem organizing stuff and doing most of the work but I really have a problem with putting myself in that position of telling people what to so, being "strikt" and reminding them of the deadlines. However, it needs to be done if I am the most reliable group member

  17. I had 2 group projects I had to do recently, it was really bad and I ended up doing most of the work myself rather than have my grades brought down by people who really don't care. Thanks for the advice.

  18. I am doing a project and my teacher picked partners. She paired me up with this dumb kid who never listens to the teacher or gets work done in class. I think she paired us up because i am smart and he is dumb so maybe i could teach him a thing or two and maybe at least a better grade. I would rather do this project on my own and this is the second time she paired us together. I am stressing about the project and hoping he doesn't come to school tomorrow. I am not bragging about my intelligence or saying he is dumb because it is just my opinion.

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  20. Nope. I always volunteer to be group leader, and if someone is not pulling their weight I fire them plain and simple. Most of the time our teacher would understand.

  21. Thomas,

    I have a question. Last year i was in a situation were I had to do a group project with a person who was also wanted to get things done. The problem with this was that, they attempted to control everything, whilst blaming me for doing the same thing. I think every interaction is meaningful because they embody all of our intersections. Specifically in academia were minority voices are not heard, and there is often erasure via systematic racism, I got more frustrated because of the larger implications- their privilege voices controlling mine. What made it even more frustrating was the topic was specifically applied to a minority group, and the challenges they face. Though, your channel doesn't discuss racial implications ( from what I know), I specifically want to know how you handle working with another achiever?

    I think for that particular situation it was all about using our strengths to work towards a common goal, but did involve silencing my own critics for the sake of group hegemony, which was irritating.

  22. i had a project and everybody did nothing and i made the hole document and when we where getting the grade the were realy mad at me because i made some mistakes an there saying it after half a year again and again lts So unfair

  23. I feel bad giving the slacker of the group a bad grade during group member evaluation surveys at uni…

  24. Lazy group members are the worst. However, I find it interesting you mention using Asana as a method of keeping projects on task and keeping group members responsive, or at least trying to. Asana is a great project management tool and in addition to project management and task assignment, you can also add notes…emails…which cannot be edited except by the person that posted them. The great thing about that is, should you need to escalate problems to your instructor, you are able to print out the communication trail that includes dates so your instructor can see how you have tried to mitigate issues within the group prior to bringing it to the instructor's attention.

  25. Or we could take a group trip to the murder zone in Yellowstone.

  26. Awesome advice! Asana is amazing, I'm also an editor and my publisher uses Asana. One thing I'd suggest is in regards group oral presentations, make sure to meet and practice how long each persons part in the presentation is going to be. This will help make sure all parts fit in the time given for the presentation as a whole and also helps ease nerves if individuals experience anxiety with public speaking.

  27. Currently I just started a group essay. We have this one older lady that doesn't want to work with us because we are foreigners.

  28. Thats why I despise group work! I once had a person completely plagiarizer all of my work for her own project. so both papers were the same, but id submitted mine weeks before her, so she ended up failing and blaming me for her failure. never have I had a group project where my partner or my group members have pulled their weight.

  29. This is one of my favorite cultural differences I've noticed between American and Portuguese students. Around there you guys get very annoyed about doing all the work for someone else. Here people are just fine with it. If they could choose between taking full credit and someone taking none, or help out the person, 9 times out of 10 they'd help someone out, even if they did nothing, so long as they were respectful and honest with you.

    Like, if I can do a Programming project in 5 days, and I have a group member who'd need 5 weeks and lots of coaching to do his part, I'll let him do his part of the project if he wants to but if he doesn't it's fine for me to do his work. I don't feel like it's ''unfair'' he get's the same grade as me without doing the work since no one sees grades as a competition. There's a scale from 1 to 20 and you're fighting with yourself to get as close to 20 as you can. If more people get closer to 20? That's even better as you're helping other people. And we don't feel like they'll get something they wouldn't deserve since they still need to get through the rest of the classes. And if someone manages to get through everything without doing any work? Well, that's a very valuable skill in itself.

    I don't know, there's very little competition, at least in my university, and everyone's goal is to make sure everyone else has as good a grade as it's possible. I'm reading this comments about how people hate doing all the work and then someone gets the same credit yet around here I see students coaching their partners on the project defense so they get a similar grade when they didn't do as much of the work.

    Probably a product of a smaller number of students so you're likely to know your group mates really well and then they're your friends and you just want them to succeed and accept their flaws.

  30. This is why Batman works alone

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  32. ive had many group projects and its even came to the point that i did 100% of the work for a team of 5 for an assignment. whenever speaking to them they say they will do the work but never did anything and even on day before submission
    agreed to send their parts and meet up with me the following day. However none of them even turn up and i end up doing the entire thing myself while hearing tbe other classmates all working in groups feeling sorry for me. 15mins before deadline as i just managed to finish it myself group members start contacting me askinv where i am and if i have done the work. i said yes and they all just came and signed their names on the project submission.

    think after this experience i got triggered and literally just leave ppl hanging, if im doing the members work entirely and submit if myself couple days before submission. Even studengs that pay £30k to study can be lazy as well, i wont bother waiting till the last day especially if they are just trying to pull some shit together for a crappy first draft even while i have messaged them a few times for their part. i just submit myself and say since ive not had any work from the group members that never contributed ive not put their names on the submission. any issues please take it up with the lecturer. Some complain infact there was one time the lecturer was sympathetic when an unlisted members personal circumstances was pretty serious and let him off. he still said what we did was fine since he never told any of us about this nor need for any extension. regardless of this 1 occassion the lazy individuals will have to accept that they got to change their attitude or they just dont survive long.

    The best part is the leeches dont wanna group up with you anymore. your more likely get members that try to get the work done, which just makes life easier than working right upto the deadlines.

  33. my problem is that even taking initiative doesnt solve much. I automatically step up to take on leadership because I know how to get shit done and how to do it well, but i generally dont trust other people. Just because group members are responsive and everyone is working at a good pace doesnt mean they are being successful in fulfilling their task. I cant count how many times I've had to drastically edit someone else's contribution because they are incompetent, didnt follow instructions, made a ton of horrendous gramatical errors, etc. In the end they get the same credit as me even though I do all the work and editing and they dont even realize how poorly they would have done if I wasn't there working behind the scenes. THAT is why i hate group projects.

  34. Or they are just lazy.

    Idk where this idea of "being a good leader is getting others to work" comes from, but apparently some students in my school don't lift their finger and they think they're good leaders.

    God bless the companies that hires these "leaders"

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  38. I always do my work but not until the very last minute and people hate that. Better late than never.

  39. I hate working in groups! The group i have now is so lazy. I told the professor and turned in my portion of the assignment and got full credit after trying for a week to communicate. At the end of the week they all asked me are we done and i left them all unanswered. They all blew up my phone two days later saying we got an 0 out of 150…i laughed so hard. But played along and didnt tell them i got 100% to bad to sad. Im tired of carry grown adults! Do your work if you want to graduate. Just like you'll do your work if you want to get paid.

  40. Was in a group project once in 9th grade where I was put in a group of lazy people and people who shot down the others' ideas. In the group assessment they asked me not to grade them badly because we needed to cooperate, so said ok and wrote they were a wonderful group etc. etc. After the teacher had graded us I found out all the other students graded me poorly because I didn't "cooperate". I fucking hate group projects.

  41. I got an idea! If you have to do slides that also add pics just add memes but make it partly relate to the topic so both of y’all get the points but it comes with embarrassment for them as you say, “Specially done by bla bla” for the embarrassing part! By the way, this was done by the lil’ sis of this person who actually is doing this

  42. Right now im doing a presentation and my fucking group members are a bunch of lazy-fuckers, I've done most of the work but still not enough. We are presenting in 2 days..

    1 like=1 prayer

  43. Hi Thomas I need your advice. I'm in a group assignment for a huge project but one of the group members I couldn't get along with (toxic person, I wrote her an open, neutral letter and she took it the wrong way), told another group member about the fight we are in. Adding the 3rd member of our group who had a habit of raising her voice every time she doesn't agree with my input, this is all very overwhelming for me. Those three kind of refuse to help me and really don't seem to like me. I thought the value they put in the project was quite good and better than mine so I offered to do what I'm good at rewriting grammer and spell checking. They said "well you can keep rewriting, you can also write a book about it, it doesn't have to be perfect". I can't handle that attitude. I just want to get along and deliver a great project but they want to do average work and involve me as little as possible. How can I deal with this? I'm starting to doubt myself. I kind of want to ask what it is they don't like about me, or ask if we can communicate more openly but I fear that will work against me.

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  53. @5:00 Honestly, people in college are soooo much more responsible than people in the "real world" will ever be.

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  58. Actually the worst part is when the submission date is tomorrow and they freaking told you on the LAST night that they couldn't do it because of some BS reason like a girl should do it

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  66. all 5 of my 6-member group aren't doing anything

  67. Let me share that those same uncooperative group members become uncooperative adults in the workplace. Some are worse than others because there are no consequences for them. If you do their work for them they have no initiative to do it themselves. They are smart because now YOU did their work. How do you move a mountain?

  68. I have bad luck in team work. I was in a bad group for a VERY important project in high school. My group was uncooperative never delivered their work and purposefully slowed me down ( they did things like refusing to bring their computers and then asking to borrow mine. One day worked on my phone the whole lesson, hoping they would do some work. No, they took photos on my laptop and played games, but no work. When I went for the teacher to show her that they were snooping through my private files, they copied my work from the previous day, put it in a new document and delete the old one so it would look like someone wrote it that day. The teacher fell for it and I got yelled at for lying. Then they told her that I was playing games on my phone so I got yelled at again ( the teacher who fell for that was a substitute teacher who didn’t know them). When I went to our teacher about it, she told me to try to wait for a few days to see if things would change… A week later I went to her and told her things were even worse than before, they started to be rude and aggressive. She told me to just ’suck it up and deal with it’. I ended up doing all the work if I did it on my I would have finished a week earlier and had a week to learn all the text, this way I didn't have any time. They knew the text perfectly and I didn't know anything. We got a bad grade. Then the teacher asked us to anonymously evaluate the others teamwork and we agreed that we would give everyone 90%. The next day the teacher read out the teamwork scores. They ended up having 97% and I got 30%. Yes, 30% after I did ALL the work and after our agreement and by basic math I found out that they must have given each other 100%. I almost failed the subject that year, because the project was worth 50% of our final grade…

  69. No, some of these people are entitled dirtbags who think they deserve a grade because they breath. It has nothing to do with communication or clarity. Some people take zero responsibility for their own efforts.

  70. If your professor grades you all individually 👍🏼 do not always do their work usually there are seperate grades. Find out from the professor early say "hi if someone is not doing their work….I've had bad experiences….what should I do?"

  71. Tip #1 Suplex them
    Tip #2 Do all the work yourself and don't even put a slightest hint of trust in your unhelpful group members if you want to get an A

  72. I can't Believe I'm watching this … should be step 1) drill your members on their past grades, their priorities, a contact detail for group member of a past project! Can't believe I have 4 social loafers! .. a group of 5 members (i took the role of PM and assigning tasks that fall on dead ears) I have resorted to step 3 staying up till 4 in the morning each night to get this project work done. Yay for 2 hrs sleep RIP.
    Thank You for this video though.

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  80. Teamwork doesn't work because of the different personalities and attitudes of individuals you have to work with period.

  81. I just do all of the work. I do it because in my class they get graded on the effort they put on the project. Also, I consider myself a nerd so doing all of the work is kind of fun :). So it's a win-win situation , I get entertained and my lazy group members get a lower grade.

  82. I don't usually share my stories, but now I'm really mad. Ever since I started highschool I've been in the same class with my best friends, so whenever we had a group project we assumed we would do it together. On every single project I had to be the one who decides what to do, how to do it, to make sure there weren't any mistakes, to wait until the very same day of the project to get all parts together, and then be criticised that I am bossy or simply ignored. So this year, maybe not the best choice, I decided not to do anything that wasn't mine. And tomorrow we have to hand it in, and it's a complete mess, and my friends are freaking out, but I don't care anymore. I did my part right and what will happen we shall see. I just lost all my motivation of working with them.

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  86. In highschool I had 3 project where basically everyone flaked out of the project and forced me to do all or most of the work for the group. I had one group in college, but this time I took control of managing the project and behold everyone actually did what they were supposed to do

  87. it is 10:05 right now and the project is due tomorrow at 8. I guess my only option is to follow the last tip.

  88. How do I do this, the day before the due date?

  89. Oh i just do all the work and turn it in…

  90. I mean. People like me were alway the last choice although we have 'friends'. What would you do then?

  91. I just kick them out of the group. Ez pz

  92. Sometimes i have to do almost all the work and end up asking the rest of the team to pay me or i dont put their names on the project. It sucks to do so much work without good team members.

  93. These type of people become your nightmare coworkers after they graduate. Just like my coworker, who I'm stuck with and there's only two of us in the office in my department.

  94. I was once in a goup with my best friend and two other boys. One was known for laziness and the other was known for being rather unorganized.
    However, once we got to work, everything went INSANELY WELL!
    Me and my friend cut the project into pieces and the boys worked on their assignments while we did ours. No complaints, no disagreements, no unresponsiveness, nothing.
    It was smooth like butter. Besides from a crash of Ppt, there were no problems!
    Just goes to show, that everyone is more than meets the eye.

  95. I had a group project with two lazy guys, me and my friends did everything and for the other two don't do nothing. So we say "you two can put glue in this images, so you guys can help" well…. They ripped the images and glue their own hands and destroyed our project.
    And now I am waiting the grade….

  96. Thanks for this video, I needed it! These tips also apply to the workplace. Dealing with lazy project members doesn't end in college.

  97. just do it all then be like "what else we need?" I've only done 4 group projects so far, and did this on 3 of them. the one didn't was the weakest group yet. another pupil took lead but didn't really take in a clear direction so was left in limbo. I've found doing a poor version within the first few days of getting assignment gives a fair amount of time to edit up to due date. group projects are the greatest thing to prepare for life (as he says at 4:00)

  98. The book Leadership Wisdom By the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari gives some insight on leadership problems that thus cause team members not to work as well as they could:)

  99. My issue is with the "me" person I hate people who want things done by their rules. When people tell you when to speak, how many times you should meet and openly say I don't trust you. Like hell yeah I also don't want to work with them🙄🙄😏

  100. They are the team I am the work.

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