5 things you need to know before tonight’s SmackDown: Nov. 15, 2019

5 things you need to know before tonight’s SmackDown: Nov. 15, 2019

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  1. Miz Vs The Fiend For The Championship

  2. Smackdown is literally gonna lose

  3. ወግዓዊ ይቅሬታ ሃምበለይ
    ድሃይካ ሰሚዔ ሃምበላይ
    ወጺእኻ ካብ ኣፍ ገበል
    ጠላም'ዩ ናበልኩ ዘምርክዎ

    ይገርም እዩ ናይዛ ሂወት
    ኣነ ይኸሰካ ንስኻ ትፍተን ብሞት
    ኮምኡያ በቃ ዛ ዓለም
    ንስኻ ትቅንዞ ኣነ ካልእ ያሓልም።

    ይቅረ ይኹንኪ ሰምሃር

  4. People needs to understand that cm punk is not working for wwe he works for fox hes not back to wrestle

  5. This is going to really amazing I can't wait to see the events unfold on "Smackdown"

  6. Someone donate me £500 if The Ascension returns tonight

  7. Who wating smack down live

  8. What they should of said was are they going to be cm punk chants tonight

  9. I won't miss it for the world you hot freakin blondie!😏🤤😍

  10. Im curious what is gonna happen in Chicago on Survivor Series with CM PUNK Chants

  11. Some invasion happening, probably from Raw this time

  12. It's on Fox……thats all i need to know. No thanks WWE.

  13. Jeff. Hardy. Return.

  14. wwe is broken i hate you wwe

  15. i kinda like the hell bayley

  16. All I'm gonna say is expect taker to say to raw survivor series team that they will rest in peace

  17. I keep forgetting smackdown is on 😂🤣

  18. Is it just me or was it 4 things you need to know or is my counting wrong

  19. Hi WWE, tonight CM punk chants will run all night. Please don't edit it out, like u did with Seth Rollins boos.

  20. Now we are watching AEW

  21. Omg this gonna be sooooo boring

  22. Smackdown without roman is so boring

  23. The Revival needs to win!!!!

  24. I hope Becky lunch need to shod oup to ningt

  25. I hope Becky lunch need to shod oup to ningt

  26. McKenzie Mitchell is smokin hot 💙

  27. I Can't wait to hear all these "CM PUNK!" chants

  28. If cm punk returns to wrestle I am gonna die

  29. Cm punk. Music will start

  30. Tag match makes 0 Sense because G& Ali r already in the pic but whatever

  31. Cm punk chants are goin to go crazy tonight

  32. Things I need to know
    Shayna's Invasion still continues
    Io, Bianca and Kay Lee Ray are the other names of the new Shayna Invasion

  33. So Sasha is gonna be captain of a team and she has to work with these blonde bimbos and Nikki cross? Yeah, they ain't winning.
    Probably Sasha will turn on all of them tbh.

  34. Cm punk gonna pop up?

  35. Nikki vs bayley again? Really?? So over it, nxt’s divas division is truly the best.

  36. Daniel Bryan yes yes yes 👆👆👆

  37. I like Shorty G but Come on I don’t think he should be on the Team Miz should be…

  38. Baron Corbin vs Roman Reigns in a Dog Coller match

    Baron Corbin to AEW confirmed?


  40. My network account says I'm not subscribed when I am someone please help

  41. 6 things CM Punk face Nakamura for the IC champion and CM Punk wins and it should be no SmackDown tag team champions since the Revival won't defend the SmackDown tag team champions

  42. I need the loudest CM Punk chants tonight

  43. All you need to know is…


  44. Deverian hacer una en español tambien

  45. Becky Lynch should invade Smackdown and NXT

  46. Wait is mostafa Ali back😃😃?

  47. For god sake… what a boring show

  48. 🇩🇴💪🐓🧔👍 yeffry yo sordo si 👍 bien 👌 WWE si 🇺🇸 si 💪😁 sí 👍 bien 🙏 👰♥️ amor si 😘🤗 si 🤝 si 🧔 sordo yo yeffry si

  49. I mean… If not Nikki, who else? Who else is on the roster who hasn't had a shot to join?

  50. For all you idiots taking about CM Punk. HE IS EMPLOYED BY FOX.

  51. Smackdown vs Raw vs NXT.



  54. God damn Mckenzie looking gorgeous

  55. It's Morning 4 AM Here LMAO..

  56. I think Alexa will return during this match and face Bayley .. beating her to join the Smackdown Survivor Series team .. and that will set up a feud between the two along with Sasha getting Alexa eliminated at Survivor series to be the lone survivor as Alexa and Nia Jax did last year.

  57. So bayley can be on the team and wrestle the three way with Becky and shayna

  58. got damn this commentator is fit 😍

  59. Ali found his first name

  60. The Gue Reailla is Real

  61. 1:11 He got his name back

  62. No Cathy Kelly No WWE Now!!!
    A BIG dislike!!!

  63. On September 6 Braun strowman birthday we will call it monster day cause that's what all WWE fans wanted

  64. No wwe no that’s gay why did baron hired a guy to dress up as a dog from a high school mascot

  65. Eu tô com muito triste porque a WWE não vai ser transmitida no Brasil em 2020 eu amo a WWE e o Vince não deixe o Brasil tem fãs que gosta muito de vcs por favor 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  66. Why they start saying "Mustafa" Ali now like it was never removed

  67. New Day is just the best Tag Team in WWE, and now they got the Titles. Just like I been saying all along.. When I was telling all of y'all The Revival sucks they can't do nothing to New Day, cuz New Day is way better than The Revival.

  68. I been saying New Day needs the Tag-Team Titles, and they got "em @ H.l.A.C. .. Yeah Yeah Yeah.

  69. Wwe smackdown make Roman reigns captain in survivor series

  70. Literally? You'll put g nd ali in the team instead of Bryan or Bruan or Reigns, or even Corbin, like come on, why always setup Smackdown to lose

  71. So Chad Gable is officially named Shorty G.

  72. I missed it again! 😭

  73. Look at all these creepy saddo’s in the comments section who like watching dudes in underwear play fighting each other for toy belts.😂🖕

  74. where is cathy kelle

  75. Smack down is a joke now, they should just move all the superstars to raw and end smackdown

  76. Wwe lovers😋😋🥰👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🥰👍

  77. And what about CM Punk

  78. I can't wait for Cm Punk chants

  79. Roman is king of wwe..

  80. You got something right there on your nose. It's white. Someone should've cleaned it for you before going on air…

  81. We want Cathy Kelley back on WWE now

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