5 Keys To Building A Million Dollar Business

5 Keys To Building A Million Dollar Business

– A Unicorn in the tech world
or in the business world means a company with a value of
over a billion dollars. Now, I don’t know what’s your goal. Maybe your goal is to build
a billion-dollar company. Maybe it is just to build a six-figure business,
a seven-figure business, an eight-figure business. Whatever your goal is,
it doesn’t matter if you want to build a uniorn, or
not want to build a unicorn. There are certain steps. There are certain key elements
that you must understand and master if you want to
build a successful business. Now, today I’m going to share
with you the five key factors I believe, the five key
elements that you must master, the key word is mastery, we
must master, in order to build a scalable business. Number one, it is your
mindset, a proper mindset. Now when I say mindset,
exactly what do I mean by that? I am talking about your beliefs,
your attitudes, your ideas, your insights, your belief about
business, your belief about entrepreneurship, your
belief about employees, about team-building. Your belief: having the proper
mindset, the entrepreneurial mindset, is the foundation if
you want to build a successful business. You see, most people, they
want to build a successful business, but with an employee mindset. That does not work. You have to have the proper
entrepreneurial mindset. Number two, you need management. Companies only go out of business
because of mismanagement. Period. Because, entrepreneurs,
the C.E.O., they mismanage the revenue, they mismanage
the cash flow, they mismanage their marketing, they
mismanage their employees. Management. Now it is not something
that is easily taught. Management has to be learned. Also, leadership has to be earned. So, management is very very key. How will you manage your team? How will you manage
yourself? Self management. Key number three is marketing. You see, most entrepreneurs,
they start a business. They want to build a billion-dollar
company, but yet they don’t understand that business,
it’s about innovation, and it’s about marketing. Nothing happens until you get a customer. Nothing happens until you make that sale. And the purpose of
marketing is very simple. It is to attract and keep a customer. That’s it. How do you attract and keep
a customer? That’s marketing. There are hundreds of
ways you can do marketing. In a lot of my videos, I have
covered some of those aspects. If you have not watched those
videos, you can watch it on my YouTube channel. Number four, and that is having a mentor. A mentor. Standing on the shoulders of giants. Learning from someone who
has been there and done that. It is extremely critical. Why reinvent the wheel? Why not borrow someone
else’s wagon instead? Whatever you want to do, someone
else has already done it. You don’t have to start
at the very bottom. You can start at where your
mentor has gone, and start right at that level
and then go from there. Isn’t that a much smarter way
to learn, instead of going through the school of hard knocks? Last, and that is, mastermind. A collective intelligence. Hang around with people
that are smarter than you. If you go into a room and
you are the smartest person in that room, you’ve got a problem. You want to be the poorest
person in the circle that you hang out with. That’s the only way you’ll grow. You want a group, you want
to hang out with people who will pull you up
and not drag you down. Maybe they are your family and friends. But if they drag you down,
you don’t want to spend time with them. You cannot afford to spend time with them. So those are the five m’s. The five m’s: Mindset,
Management, Marketing, Mentor, and Mastermind. Those are the five things
that you must master if you want to build a scalable business. My goal is to build a
billion=dollar company. A unicorn company. Whatever your goal is, if
you want to learn some of the things that I do, if you
want to know how I do these five things, click the
link below, and join me on Dan on Demand, my global
community, where it’s all about mastering and giving you the
skills and the tools and the mindset you need to master
these five areas of business. (light techno music)

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