5 Do’s and Dont’s of Dealing with Other’s Mental Illness

5 Do’s and Dont’s of Dealing with Other’s Mental Illness

We’ll be sharing five tips for helping someone with a mental illness based on an article from issue two of our magazine One of the biggest factors in whether those who are mentally ill will open up to a person about their feelings is How that person reacts. It can be frustrating when someone in our life is ill. And we don’t like seeing our loved ones in pain and often want to help. These five tips should help assure that your loved one and open up more to you. Tip number one: Don’t allow your negative emotions to be visible Like I said, it can be frustrating trying to help someone who’s ill. You might feel anger, pity, sadness or even hopelessness when trying to help. It’s best not to show these emotions Don’t sigh when your loved one responds in a way you don’t like, and don’t talk to them as if they are stupid. Keep in mind, if they could act healthy they would and if you show a negative reaction to your loved ones, they are much more likely to hide their feelings. On to tip two: do show them that you still care This one may seem obvious but often mental illness makes a person feel broken or somehow let down. Therefore your loved ones should be reminded that you care greatly about them without this reinsurance, they may feel as if no one cares. Tip three: and this one is an important one Don’t tell or remind them that it could be worse. This is extremely unhelpful The idea that knowing that some people are worse off will feel better is simply not true. In fact, it might make your loved one feel even worse Firstly, all that matters to your loved one right now is that they feel bad so bringing up others doesn’t really factor into how they feel. Secondly this reminder may cause guilt within your loved one. They may feel guilty for talking about the illness or even worse feel guilty for being ill at all. This means that your loved one is less likely to open up about their illness to you or to anyone else in the future. Tip 4: Don’t try to relate how they feel to your own experiences, that is unless you have the same illness of course. It can be tempting to try and relate how they feel two things you’ve been through but telling someone who has bipolar that you understand because you have mood swings Or your friend with anxiety that you understand because you get anxious before exams isn’t helpful. Mental illness is a more extreme than other behavior in feelings and it can often feel Invalidating to the person to hear these things. Also, doing this tends to focus the conversation back on you when it is the other person who needs support, so it’s best to listen rather than try to offer up your own stories. And finally, tip 5: do try and research their illness The Internet is a wonderful tool that allows you to research whatever illness your loved one has. You can research symptoms, helpful tips, and read others experiences. This all means that you can support your loved one in the best way possible. Something good to research is particular warning signs and how best to deal with them. Knowing for example, that someone’s first sign of anxiety Can be them feeling very hot is good for spotting when a possible anxiety attack is about to rear its head. That’s it for our tips. We hope that you now feel better equipped to help support someone with mental illness Remember it’s always good for someone with mental illness to seek medical attention and help. If you liked this video Please like, share, and subscribe also, if you’d like more from our magazines they are on sale at You can also check out our patreon at

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  2. the thing is, people who have depression doesn't even help themselves yet they exclude themselves from people that can possibly help them .

  3. When your parents do all five. :’)

  4. didn't help
    Just got thrown across the hallway and broke my leg
    Thats thanks to this video
    Not for ppl with ADHD who are known to destroy and hurt stuff

  5. My brother comes to my home just a few times a year. We live quite a distance apart. The last time he came down to see me, his mental illness was noticeably worse. His actions were very disruptive…screaming and swearing. I sat and listened to it for days..kept my mouth shut. When he went home, I called him to tell him he was getting worse and he went ballistic on me. I'm losing my trust with him and think he may get violent. Do I want or need this in my life? It's never going to be pleasant if we get together because it is a one sided relationship. You think I should keep my mouth shut? Just put up with it?

  6. This is good coming from a family member side sometimes we lose it because we have taken so much abuse. We make mistakes our hearts are broken watching day to day sometimes being cussed out talked to rude we become battered and lose it setting things back. For the most part we do try.

  7. Its hard watching your loved one when they wont get help or stop treatment

  8. I have major depression and bipolar. I'm also pregnant. My mother only yells at me whenI'm in a depressive state and tells me to grow up and get over what every bothering me

  9. I currently researching now on bipolar in order to understand and help a close friend of mine who is bipolar

  10. I loved the animation!! It shows a lot more then words can say.

  11. I used to get anxiety and hated people along with other mental afflictions but I rewired my brain with neuroplasticity and became strong and now look back at what a sad sack of shit I was and how it took a toll on my life. Looking at the commets pisses me off because everyone deserves to be happy, life really is too short to be anything but happy.

  12. Okay Tip 4 is annoying as heck. Cause I'm anxious all the time, but I've never wanted to talk about it cause I feel like I'm not "anxious enough" to say that I've got a mental disorder.
    My mental is just… disordered. Not something ingrained, I know that if I gave it everything I got I can get out of this mentality. But I don't know if that just makes me an optimistic anxious person or not really 'that' anxious to begin with (like it's some messed up competition).

  13. I'm so glad I didn't do anything wrong
    Because before I watched this I was comforting a friend and didn't know if I was doing it right or if I was making it worse.
    But I'm glad I didn't do anything really bad 😊

  14. …Also…PRAY FOR THEM.🙏

  15. I'm depressed. I have bipolar disorder and I'm in a depressive phase to the point where I'm getting irritated at my depressed friend. I can't take hearing all that negativity every time I talk to them we don't ever have fun anymore. I have so many issues of my own and I give advice but they dont take it. I'm so frustrated. I can't keep losing sleep every night. I have a problem with isolating myself and they don't have many friends so I don't wanna do that to them. But im starting to regret things. Every time we talk it's always about them and I can't take it anymore. I love them so much so I'm not leaving but I'm miserable in this friendship. I know it's good to just listen when people vent but I don't want to do that ALL day. Sometimes I'll be trying to play piano or spend time with my boyfriend and they're texting me about their depression and it just ruins my mood. I try to talk about my depression but I just get told I'll be fine.

  16. I have ADHD I'm going to forget I even watched this

  17. Damn, I wish my family and friends did this stuff to me when they found out about my self harming, my best friend called me dramatic and my grandma yelled at me for doing it and said that I needed to stop being sad, like wtf dude?

  18. I told my friend that i understand but he didn't believe me i guess it's because i never told anyone that i had depression at all and faked everything and got rid of it myself ;w;

  19. i haven't hugged someone in idfk, years? i'm probably overreacting but honestly, i just feel like my parents doesn't give a damn. bless them for trying, but it doesn't work, and i hate that i don't know why it doesn't work all the time. nobody understands me here.

  20. You know what my family does when I tell them I have social anxiety disorder?
    My two brothers call me retarded, literally.
    My mom and dad calls me annoying for being afraid to talk to me.
    And so now, I really hate my family, and I feel like I have no reason to be alive. Obviously I won't harm my self. I'm not that crazy. But it does bother me. I've run into a dilemma. I am very quiet in school. But the problem is that I am starting to feel anxious when I start thinking about how weird I am for being so quiet.

  21. I sent this to my dad and he didn't talk to me for a week. I think he thinks I'm trying to teach him how to parent… I am.

  22. Don't tell them that "it's good to eat that much! I ate that much to lose weight" when they finally open up about their eating disorder. Please don't. Like that's just…opposite affect guys

  23. Ok so, my boyfriend has depression and anxiety and I have BPD so #1 is very hard considering how reactive my disorder makes me and it may cause him to feel like his illness stresses me out so I feel a bit stuck. I want to help him but also it’s so hard to help myself at the same time. AHHHH any better suggestions?

  24. Im not watching this because i know someone with it,but im the one

  25. My mom does 3 and 4 all the time. It's incredibly frustrating.

  26. Hi, I have a quick question for anyone willing to answer in the comments:
    I honestly do not know if I have anxiety or not, I might be overreacting at something that's completely normal in my stage of life. But I frequently feel anxious and on edge, a lot of my family members see me as "delicate" or a "crybaby" and I might just be that. Still, I can't help but wonder if I have some underlying problem.

    Thank you to whoever will respond to my comment.

  27. I remember when I ask a doctor for help, he told me, I shouldn`t be sad because there are many sickest people than me even in mental hospitals – like alcoholics. Children in Africa are starving. I shouldn`t be sad `cause I eat every day. He even wanted to put me in a hospital to show me "what the mental problem really is".

    I often hear that there are people who have a worse life than me. So, what? I should feel better `cause someone is more miserable? God, it`s sick! It even saddens me more.

  28. This also should brought up in other ways too,a perfect example of this is what I'm going through right now so I think that experts & law enforcement need to not only pass but start enforcing the law when it comes to people who are mentally ill meaning certain subjects need to be done to protect us from not only discrimination but something needs to be done & laws need to be enforced to protect us especially if we're good people if we live on our own have no criminal history that could allow social workers & payees take things from us when we've never had a chance to try it & if we've never been convicted of any crime that has to do with what they are trying to do to us & think it's ok & legal for them to use their jobs & disability as a way to do things to mentally ill people & their families without going to court 1st & prove they can't do certain things & abusing their power & getting their way all the time & making our lives hell & sometimes doing these things illegally by not only lying to but brainwashing everyone so they can have their way keep their jobs stay in control & think their immune to the law & think that no one will speak up & want to sue to change things & for damages,& the bias & the favoritism needs to stop too,& in my case I've been screwed over too many times & what's going on is illegal for what their doing so something needs to change & in my case I want what's mine,I want a chance & I demand payback,& being the nephew of a police officer I think no matter what if I have disability or not I know it's not illegal & not a crime for me to be able to control my own money have access to credit cards (billed) & be able to have kids & have a chance to be a dad regardless if I have disability live alone & have cats all I want is a chance to raise my own daughter & have control of my own money & have credit cards in case something pops up & I need money

  29. It's really helpful for me a lot

  30. TIP 5 is why I’m here

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  32. If you or have a friend that has a mental illness, do not say "I've delt with ___ so how come you can't get through it too?" That ends friendships pretty quickly also DO NOT tell them that they're "being too sensitive" or "just get over it" that NEVER HELPS!

  33. 1. Do Not overcare the Person.
    That May Sound really wrong , but the person ,WHO ist suffering need to know that you will mit leave Them but has to Take steps towards you.
    You Can Not force Them to Open Up and Run straight Into your Arms.

    2. Dont overwhelm the sufferer !
    Just Take slow steps and wait for Actions or the permission of the beloved one.

    3. A Routine might Help to settle in and calm down.

    4. Speak with the Person about Plans or what she wants to earn.
    That might Help im Times of Depression to have Goals to Fight for.
    5. Stay by There Side and never judge Them dir their Feelings or needs !

  34. I have a mix of chronic Illness and mental health issues.basically I see my friends once a month stay at home most of the a teenager so it feels like I'm missing out on a lot

  35. Welp I spoke with someone who was suicidal on a venting community and i asked questions to get a better understanding the conversation ended with them leaving the chat.

    What can I do if I did something wrong

  36. my mom wonders why i never open up about my feelings but she gets upset if i say i'm depressed and blames it on my phone. she said to me the other day "why do you think i don't understand what you're going through?" but she really doesn't because she doesn't have depression

  37. And don't react as if they're insane, it'll make them feel like they can't fit in to standards. I'm speaking from my parents doing this to me.

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  39. I should show this to my mother. She really doesnt understand how to talk with someone with mental illnesses

  40. Wish my partners were caring

  41. Also, dont compare them to someone else as knowing that they are better off than others leads them to believe they are weak, and they don't deserve to feel bad if something bad happens to them. If you are a parent and say 'oh dont worry I remember how it was being a teenager' it makes it a lot worse too.

  42. Thank you very much to the staff of Psych2go, i had making this mistakes with my mom more than a decade. All because of my ignorance in how to deal not with mental illnesses but with trauma, pain, fear and so on.

  43. The so called "help" is useless. Mental Health practitioners only see u as a policy number and nothing more. The so called psych hospitals make you WAY worse than when u went in with bad attitudes and soul sucking drugs. They have zero empathy. It doesn't work. After 30 years of doing it their way, I threw in the towel. Useless.

  44. DONT: Send anyone to a mental hospital without consulting a therapist first. Don’t force the therapist to talk about specific things to that person, etc.
    Just let the therapist do their job, let the person open up to THEIR therapist. Mental Hospitals can be traumatic. In most cases they don’t even help, they worsen them. Especially if they have been sent against their will.

  45. Now I know what to do and what to not I obviously did do some of the "Dont's" but I'll try my best to learn from my mistakes and don't do them again but it really got me wondering why did one of my friends tell me that she hides her true feelings and personality and when I ask her if she's okay the next day she acts like nothing happened and I'm really confused I don't want to make her feel bad about it but she really made me wonder is she actually okay or she's lying about it how do I know if everything's alright why did she suddenly changed her personality and acted in a strange way why people are so hard to understand???

  46. I have breached tip 3 in the past without knowing this… oh no what have I done??

  47. I think I saw a kid at school having an anxiety attack today. It was bad. She was standing in the middle of the hall and her arms were shaking and a teacher was telling her to take deep breaths but nobody really noticed it because everyone was just going on as normal

  48. My mom thought I only acted depressed because "all teenage girls have depression these days." She's taken antidepressants for years.

  49. If you have mental illness do not get involved with someone else whose unstable

  50. I'm doing this to help my brother:)

  51. I built enough courage over years to just hint that I have anxiety to my parents and all they said was "fake anxiety. your overexaggerating. your fine."

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