5 Direct Sales Business Plan Tips to Help You Succeed Faster

Hi there it’s Seb and if you’re on this video
you’re most likely looking for a direct sales business plan, perhaps you’ve recently started
an MLM or network marketing or home based business opportunity and you’re just looking
for some ways to really kickstart your business and you want to avoid doing what I did which
was just fall completely flat on my face. When I first started my business I had no
idea what I was doing and everything was a complete struggle because I just learnt everything
by myself and I never seeked out any help and never seeked out any assistance for any
support which is exactly what you’re doing now. So really commend you for that. So I want to give you some information that’s
gonna help you to start your business correctly and run it as efficiently as possible so the
first thing you want to do is track absolutely everything you do. Reason why this is so important
is because as you’re building your business, the reason why you want to track everything
is you’ll get to a point when you find out something’s actually working and if you haven’t
tracked what it is, then you haven’t really found out what’s really working. You’re just
kinda guessing if you’re not tracking things. Next point is you want to learn from the best
because you want to learn from people who have the results you want to have, so how
do you do that? You purchase their products, you go to events that they run perhaps if
they’re running events, you want to do as much as possible to get on their radars because
they might actually return the favour and have their fans and followers and their viewers
reflected back to you just because you reached out to them. Always be learning, increasing
your education when it comes to building your business. Third point is you want to get organised as
possible and schedule things. So a good thing to do is have a good work life balance so
instead of trying to work and be with your family at the same time try and find a way
to just separate these into two so instead of the waters getting muddied, just get organised
and just have like a separate night where you spend time with your family and you don’t
do anything with your business and you just spend time with them then schedule this in
so that they know it’s every single week. Fourth thing is resources, so what resources
do you actually need for your business? So if you’re trying to start a direct sales business
and build it online, do you need a domain name, do you need an autoresponder, do you
need like a blog for example, do you need the right tools for that? Make sure you do
proper research into the right resources that you might use for your business. And if there’s
some that you don’t need at the moment but need later, just bookmark those put a pin
in them because they might be useful at a later time. Fifth thing is you want to think about your
goals so what are you really trying to achieve in your business? What kind of income are
you perhaps accustomed to earning but you want to make these realistic as well. You
don’t want to shoot for earning 100,000 dollars in your first year if you’ve never ran a business
before. Make sure this is realistic and achievable so that you’re not disappointed and you don’t
have a reason to procrastinate. So hope you enjoyed these five direct sales
business plan tips, and if you want any more if you go to my website which is
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some kind of way with your business. Thanks very much for watching this video, if you
liked it please leave me some feedback below and I will see you very soon.

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