4 Tips for Dealing with Jump Campers – Splatoon 2

4 Tips for Dealing with Jump Campers – Splatoon 2

Don’t you hate it when you jump to a friend thinking: “Oh boy, we’re gonna take the lead!” But, by the time you land, your ally is splatted and your enemy is waiting for you to raise their splat count. These are players I’d like to call jump campers. Similar to spawn campers, these less annoying foes light up at the sight of a jump marker. It’s an easy opportunistic splat after all. But if you’re on the jumping end, You might be sick and tired of getting sent back to spawn. So here’s 4 tips to help you deal with jump campers. #1: Wear Drop Roller. Drop roller is a shoe exclusive gear ability That will make you do a roll in any direction as soon as you land from a super jump. It will also give you the effects of run speed up, swim speed up, and ink resistance for three seconds right after you land. This is the perfect ability to counter the majority of jump campers and will boost your speed Giving you plenty of time to splat them before they can splat you. However, this tactic has its drawbacks. When jumping into an area with Walls nearby you might end up rolling into the enemy or into a wall. Effectively still making you a sitting duck. Some players will also get you with well-timed bombs, or have top-notch aim and will splat you mid-roll. So… What else can you do? #2: Trade Simply put, 𝐒𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐭 ‘𝐞𝐦 𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤. This of course is limited to the weapon you’re using. Most rollers, blasters, and shooters will be able to splat an enemy right as you land. Even if they manage to splat you back. However, this takes some skill to do since you have to be facing the enemy and begin firing right before you land. You might be able to do so by looking at the map during the jump animation, or try to predict their movements. Another option is to use your sub as soon as you land. A suction bomb might be too slow, and an Ink mine might do very little damage, But you can at least try to do some harm. Point sensors will at least reveal their location, and splat bombs have a pretty good chance of getting your Sweet sweet revenge. But nothing’s quite as satisfying as landing a splashdown on a whole bunch of jump campers. #3: Support gear abilities Apart from drop roller, you might benefit from having other gear abilities Stealth jump for instance will keep your landing point invisible to enemies who are too far away. That might be enough to hide your landing marker from a jump camper. Another option is to wear haunt, and jump in knowing that if they do splat you, You’ll be able to see where they are when you respawn, and maybe even hit them with that respawn Punisher effect later for a bit of revenge. Wearing jump speed up will change when you land and might even give you a shot at escaping or splatting the jump camper who wasn’t Expecting you to land so soon. You might also consider wearing special charge up, or special saver So you can charge a splashdown before jumping into the heat of battle. #4: Look before you leap! There are some cases that even if you’re doing all three things mentioned before, A skilled jump camper will keep on splatting you every time you try to hop into where the action is. In games where your pitted against such players You might want to consider whether or not to jump at all. If you have stealth jump equip, and your allies are standing behind some walls, then by all means try to jump to them But don’t be reckless! Most jump campers succeed, because the players jumping in aren’t aware of the situation before they take a leap. Consider how much turf control your team has, and the position of the ally or beacon that you want to jump to. Is it safe? Are the enemies moving in right now? I’m not saying that you shouldn’t super jump at all, But be careful when you do. Jumping in can help your team make that final push, But jumping could also get your teammate splatted, especially if they were just lurking near the enemy spawn or objective. So, as the saying goes, look before you leap. Do you have any other tips on what to do in getting jump camped. Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoyed the video. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys!

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  1. This was on my b-day! Even tho I’m late, I get tips on my b-day! ^^ thx!

  2. I don’t understand why people hate jump campers. You have to use common sense. Do you really think I’m just gonna stand there and let you land? Of course I’m gonna camp you.

  3. Where is the opening breaks midair thingy that also works

  4. I only wear drop roller on mai shoes is because of jump campers

  5. When a teammate jumps to me, I just camp next to the jump marker.

    Enemy: Oooooohhhh!! Imma jump camp!!



  6. Wait your telling me the roller roll ability is apart of the gear? I thought it was natural

  7. This video helped alot! Even though i main dualies i think drop roller worked best for me

  8. ye I have a tip

    don’t jump

  9. its sad, yesterday i was playing wi my friend and the only way we could win at splat zones was to use a cancerous weapon. Seriously, our team was made up of 3 blobblobers and a clash blaster neo.

  10. Literally just have Dualies
    Especially dark tetras because you can roll 4x on landing
    And have splashdown

  11. I use the Dodge roll from gear or from dualies but i get splatted suddenly

  12. Almost every player I go up against only use Splashdown as a panic button, never use it in their jump. Amazing.

  13. What’re your plans for dealing with chargers?

  14. Great video! But I will always be that annoying jump camper to splat regardless of what people think 😎😎😂

  15. The script sounds better than normal for some reason. Very helpful tips Vasko!

  16. Tip 5: Don't jump.

  17. This one is pretty situational but if you land on your own ink RUN. If you have a slow weapon like a splatling or charger then this is probably your best bet. Works well with drop roller


    Tower control …. super jump to the tower, EVERYONE WAS JUMP CAMPERS… so I did splash down…EVERYONE DIE XDXDXDXD IS MY PRECIOUS MEMORY <3

  19. If your weapon has baller and it's charged up use it while your jumping so when they start attacking just explode

  20. #1 thing i have to say. If u super jump with splash down, just use it when u super jump. Enemies could be hiding in ink and then wait to shoot u. Always use it just in case. Then use drop roller, and put a splat bomb under ur feet. That could get the enemy away from u

  21. Its so satisfying getting tons of splats with a Super Jump Splashdown…. I once got three splats!

  22. The one dislike was a jump camper

  23. You sound nasally. XD

  24. I miss splatoon I need to wait one year to play again

  25. I’ve always worn roll up without listening to this because I’ve had an excessive amount of experience ;—;

  26. Use dualies if no drop roll and use stealth jump. Tip

  27. Actually, If a teammate is in a fight, super jump can be a distraction.

    wow who would have known. I said something that is actually helpfull for once.

  28. If you see lots of enemy ink being laid down near your jump point,


  29. In tower control when i jump to someone who's on the tower i look down and spam the R button. if an enemy is on the tower they'll get splatted by my bomb.

  30. Lol I was about to attack a charger, then suddenly someone super jumps to me
    I move aside and the sniper doesn’t even care about me who’s just standing, and just pointing their gun at the super jumper

    And so he got splatted

  31. instead of jumping away from enemy ink, I jump to enemy ink expecting to get camped, then I just press the right thumbstick with a splashdown charged. You do the math 😉

  32. I love how Vasko said before: drop roller is bad, and then my gear is perfectly scrubbed with drop roller, and sometimes I use dualies. I barely die from jumping in. Also, jump to people who are furthest back. It really helps a lot.

  33. When I super jump I throw a bomb so I kill them back

  34. A great tip:
    Don’t jump or jump out of the game

  35. 1:50 I never superjump unless my splashdown special If charged up

  36. i mean, look at the surrounding ink to see if they’re your enemies ink or your allies but idk

  37. This is how i camp jump campers:
    Wait till my teamate is surrounded with ink
    Then them trying to camp me
    Then splashdown

  38. ???
    It’s not jump camping
    It’s taking advantage of your enemy revealing their position
    That’s the risk of jumping

  39. Unless you have Splashdown. Then jump in a suicidal area.

  40. I have stealth jump

  41. I always use a splashdown when I jump if I have that special

  42. Here's a tip, if there is a charger, roller, or blaster. DONT SUPER JUMP.

  43. Yeah. Just don’t jump if there is nowhere save to jump to.

  44. I splatted a whole team with the splashdown jump lol.

  45. I hate the opposite, snipers that run and jump to base

  46. 2:44
    You used super jump…..test failed

  47. You can also shield with a brella if you fire as soon as you can while midair, dunno about tenta brella though

  48. Or be like me, use a whole bunch of them at once
    -stealth jump, if nothing else, you won't get sniped
    -ink mines, distraction, extra damage, tracking
    -undercover brella shield, opens before you land, a bit of protection
    -splashdown with special saver, charges fast, charges faster, chargest fastest
    -ninja squid, because why not
    -a single Quick Super Jump sub, for a little bit of speed reduction on startup

    At… Least I have options?

  49. I usually dodge works out pretty well for the most part and I do wait a little before jumping in. I also protect my teammate who jumps to me, unless it's rainmakern and I have the rainmaker or claim blitz where I have the ball

  50. #StopSuperJumping

  51. If you have dualies and you jump do a roll and you might be safe

  52. Here’s my tip

    Git gud

  53. I only jump when it is necessary or we have enough push to not get camped. Other times I explore the map so I can find the quickest way in and around the area from spawn

  54. Thanks for the tips and also you are no longer on my friends list

  55. I have stealth jump hah

  56. 0:8 i dont wanna be to violent but VASKO wanna too slap hoes

  57. Here's a tip

    Turn off your entire electricity before they kill you. Don't let them get the kill. 100% Success Rate 😉

  58. Here JUMP TO BASE

  59. Dualies when you land

  60. When your teammates jump to you. Hide and wait for a jump camper. There, you splat all the jump campers and make sure your teammate is safe 👌

  61. Let's be honest we all camped atleast once.

  62. easy solution: just dont superjump

  63. When I figured out how to splashdown when jumping I just waited at times for a teammate to get attacked by a few and just jump over and squish them

    Not because I wanna get anywhere just because it’s satisfying

  64. I use the first tip most of the time (sometimes they get me)

  65. laughs in sploosh main

  66. Why are they so mean

  67. Whenever I super jump, I say:

    Bad idea, bad idea, bad idea, bad idea, bad idea!!!

    But then I land safely and say:

  68. Tip

    Just look at the map

  69. How to be a good superjumper:
    ->Take note of the surrounding area your teammate is in. Is there enemy ink moving in? Don't jump, then.
    ->Only jump to players near enemy spawn when they specifically say 'This Way!'. Otherwise, you're revealing their location.
    ->Always protect nearby superjumping players. Don't ditch them; a teammate could help you take back the lead.

  70. I always look for the other teams ink and if I see it I will not super jump

  71. I always look for the other teams ink and if I see it I will not super jump

  72. Im guilty of doing this do

  73. When there's a sniper on the enemies and you don't have anything to save yourself,just don't super jump and swim

  74. Here is a tip
    Use baller or booyah bomb 💣 when super jumping

  75. When i see a teammate jumping to me I just stay there so nobody splats them

  76. I like jump camping too much

    I'm sorry to people I have made salty lmao
    – ~Kamabo~

  77. i use a splash wall to cover my teammates while they jump to me

  78. I like to throw as many autobombs as I can get in before I'm splatted if I notice someone camping

  79. If you have a backline player (for example chargers, splatling etc) please jump to them instead of going straight into the action. I play chargers and you have no idea how many times my team mates could have just jumped to me safely but ended up jumping to our other front line that is just about to die.

  80. As a Splattershot main, I tend to only jump if I have Splashdown.
    And if that doesn't get the jump camper, the quick burst bombs will.

  81. Tip: use Dualies and dodge roll when they try use one that are fast. At dodge rolling

  82. Thanks for the tips vasko xD

  83. I had to get really good at shooting on my way down. I love the Octoshot, so if they didn't get me in the air. I always knew there'd be someone jump camping my landing zone. Splat enough players and most will either nope away from trying to camp you, they'll back off enough to try and stay out of the Octoshot range, or they won't learn their lesson and you'll always have a splat buddy that you send back to spawn, if there is a sniper… well if you didn't get them while in the air and they didn't get while in the air you're as good as splatted on landing.

  84. How to not get killed in a superjump:

    N I N J A S U P E R J U M P

  85. I normally wouldn't squid bag but if I kill a jumpcamper I will squid bag like my life depended on it

  86. I GOT A TIP WEN u super jump hide in your ink befor u land

  87. Everytime my teammate is about to jump to me, I make sure I kill all the enemies near them so they won't get killed

    I'm probably always the distraction/sacrifice or a shield for everyone-

  88. Realized another youtuber was filming u while u destroyed that kid with a succ bomb

  89. Thx 4 the tip Casio!

  90. splashdown to uno reverse them

  91. Here’s a tip

    daullie roll

  92. If my weapon has Splashdown, then I always charge up before the leap (and do it as close as possible to the position so they have less time to react)

  93. for me i don’t do it i told my brother about this trick because he loves Daulies, use the jump botton like pressssse!!!, then you will-dough the aimmo, the bombs if you were lucky or “pro” enough

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