4 Tips For Dealing with Annoying Relatives

4 Tips For Dealing with Annoying Relatives

Heya playas, it’s very rare that you’ll always
get along with your family members. You might fight with your brothers and sisters, get
annoyed by your parents or even fight with the family dog sometimes. But, in this video
I’m gonna help you learn how to handle that frustration and deal with your annoying relatives.
This is The Josh Speaks. You’re watching The Josh Speaks. The first tip is to try to pull
back if you see them doing something for attention. So for example, let’s say you have a big family
and there’s a lot of things going on. That usually means people are preoccupied, they’ve
got things on their minds and maybe the parents aren’t paying the kids enough attention. If
cases like that, it may cause one of your family members to act out for attention. They’ll
do anything they can to get the spotlight on them. Take it as a sign that they need
someone to acknowledge them and that might mean involving you in a fight or some kind
of dramatic situation just to get everyone’s attention. If you see this happening, try
your best to walk away. It’s never good to get involved in someone else’s problems especially
when it’s going to be at your own expense. The second tip is to dedicate a specific area
to being your alone space where you can spend private time. In a packed house where there’s
only so many rooms, and you’re in a small living space, you may feel like there’s nowhere
where you can be alone. I know exactly how that feels like, especially when you’re angry
with someone and you have to share a room with them, it’s like uh I’m just gonna go
over there and you’re gonna go over there? So the best thing you can do is try to scope
out a space and a time slot where there isn’t someone in that area. Even if it means having
to designate 15 minutes in the bathroom for your own alone time. And within those 15 minutes
if they’re knocking on the bathroom door, maybe try going into your hallway, on your
front steps, or even walk around the block if you can. When you’re annoyed beyond belief
by your relatives, clearing your head and distracting yourself may be exactly what you
need to refocus and get rid of your negative feelings. Tip number 3, do your best to not
lash out and say mean things. I know it can be extremely easy to want to yell, scream,
or even hit one of your relatives. When you’re asking yourself “why are they so annoying?”,
try to be more mindful in your question and think why is it that I’m so annoyed and willing
to hurt them because they make me get angry? In most cases, hurting someone else does nothing
for helping you learn to cope with your own anger. So it’s not even worth it. Plus, saying
mean things can really hurt your relatives. Keep in mind these are people that you live
with so you know them better than anyone else. Attacking them for something personal is a
low blow and can create a huge rift between you guys so that when you do need each other,
that person may not be there. And tip number 4, realize that they may also be stressed
and may be in need of someone to talk to. Keep in mind though that even though I said
that you should keep your distance is a huge difference between acting out and someone
reaching it. Take note of what’s really stressing out your relatives. Maybe they’re having a
tough time in school, they don’t really like their jobs, they’re bored at home and they
have nothing to do? Understand that no matter how much you hate them or are annoyed by them,
they’re still people at the end of the day and they’re on the same journey that you are
in learning to live with other people. What do you guys think though, do you have annoying
relatives that you have to deal with? Leave your comments below so we can talk about it.
It’s really easy to lash out at others when they bother you and very hard to understand
why they aren’t making the effort to make peace with us. But, at the end of the day,
what you need to do is, roll us your sleeves, be the bigger person and be the one that’s
going to be kind and understanding. And if you’re dealing with physical, or psychological,
emotional abuse at home, don’t ever be afraid to reach out to someone for help. Sometimes
a family counselor is exactly what’s needed to help get all the members of your family
on the exact same page so you guys can work together. As always guys, love and peace.
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