4 Keys To Dealing With Criticism

4 Keys To Dealing With Criticism

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  1. I am  to far  way  to ask    you   out  for  coffie says  chalmers

  2. thanks… for your video….most of the time i am panic about it….i am introvert in nature and hardly reply people when they criticize me… i feel shamed and leave the place with a sorrowful mind…..i have no idea how to overcome with it

  3. yOu are great thank you so much for yor efforts : )

  4. Thanks Maria. This really helps… especially in professional areas or work environment.

  5. Thanks so much Marie. I just got brave and published my first two books. I got mainly great reviews on Amazon but I just got a horrendous, hateful, mean spirited review today. it was an anonymous review so I have no way to know who it was. I so appreciate this wisdom. Im getting back in "THE ARENA" writing my next book. NO time to waste.

  6. Intelligent with a sense of humor 😉

  7. I wish I could stop taking criticism to heart, but I'm working on it.

  8. Critics? Haters make us famous.

    Keep being awesome Ms. Forleo.

  9. that quote made me want to shed a tear 😭

  10. I just finished a new short film, a local news writer asked me for the story and criticized my whole career in filmmaking. Here is the article.

  11. yeah!others think I am a bitch a druggie!!with all the tarts!!but I'm not !!also they assume I'm not intelligent!!it's hard,u know!

  12. tattoos is what I mean!

  13. you looks like "monica belluci" in this outfit and your suggestion is very well

  14. First time I'm on your channel Maria and I already love it. Me and my friends are artists, we face criticism almost on a monthly basis – mostly from people whose only seen our work for a couple minutes and points out what we did wrong and what we SHOULD do to make it look right. I am no fan of critics – I am very bitter if some stranger I've never met before starts talking negatively about my work – some are worth taking in, some we just think that they have an attitude or a problem with our work and how it looks. It breaks my self esteem as an artist, and I get extremely defensive like it's an animal instinct. Watching this video in particular is helping me a lot and I will gladly share this with my friends and through my social media sites. Thank you for this wonderful advice! 🙂

  15. as batman says: It's not who I am underneath, but it's what I do that defines me.

  16. Excellent video, you are right about every thing your saying Marie. Great work 😀 I subscribed to you're channel and gave you a like. 🙂

  17. racist, it's never white chocolate. Jk nice video haha

  18. Thanks, I needed those words of encouragement today!

  19. This is just such a damn good video. I saw it a while back and it was definitely worth another view. Thanks Marie, you rock.

  20. I was feeling a bit consumed by a bit a sharp comment I received this morning (I don't think it was really meant in a mean way I just took it to heart and started ruminating on it!). This video has stopped my overthinking in it's tracks!

  21. I swear this Marie Forleo is the same one who is also a fitness instructor. I once got a fitness DVD with her in it, in a Women's Health magazine. I love you, Marie!

  22. "judging a person does not define who they are, it defines who you are" knew it, love it, great reminder…

  23. omg the dark chocolate crying!!! so hilarious marie lol

  24. """The majority of the time people who are the harshest critics are creative cowards"""

    ENOUGH SAID!!👌👌👌

  25. I love her posture and how lovely she is. I absolutely love the color of that dress as well.

  26. yes needed to hear this

  27. The worst thing about people who criticize you for being different is the fact that they'd ALWAYS expect you to believe everything they say and that everything is your fault, lest they confirm their negative opinions even more.

    Let's say you're in college but still watch Spongebob at your dorm. If someone criticizes you over that, it's obvious that the criticizer has problems with you due to a totally different opinion, but said criticizer expects you to believe and acknowledge otherwise; that the criticism is 100% justified and watching Spongebob at college is just as unacceptable as vandalizing public property or something (apologies if I potentially exaggerated). According to that logic, criticizing another solely because of a different opinion will magically make the criticizer's opinion a consensus.

    Of all my experiences being on the ugly receiving end of criticism to date, none of them ever came forth to me and admitted to being overly critical of something that isn't that socially unacceptable to begin with. Unless watching Spongebob at college can get you expelled, no one has the right to criticize over a little thing like that.

  28. It seems nowadays we're more criticized for being different than being obvious jerks. Any form of discomfort from someone having a different opinion than yours is beyond your control, but criticizing the other person over it isn't.

  29. getting used to it now

  30. so true. I just posted a video on youtube and someone I know well says its kindergarden types and very bad and it affected me. Your video really helped me. Thanks 🙂

  31. Hey Marie, I absotely love your channel and it inspires  me with ever video, thank you! 🙂 
    I have also shared my thoghts on this topic in my channel "how to deal with negative people and or criticism". I feel it is something we can all learn from . Love and light

  32. Yes my neighbor In my apt. he tried too over come me by yelling and cussing at me for some dumb reason, told him too leave, so he hit me. I can`t win for  losing!!!

  33. And I love your sense of humour you see REAL humour anymore. thnx, just watching your videos putz me n a good place, we r good gifted people, I`m going to start being myself again like good people advize me too do, instead of keeping my head n the sand. I`m so streessed

  34. I realize when someone criticises me and I thought he/she is a critical person, I am criticising him/her too. It's like a circle that is never ended.

  35. RULE # 1 : Never listen to criticism, because it might teach you something about yourself.
    RULE # 2 : Ignore all criticism, because it might empower you with self-knowledge, and if there is anything you don't want to learn anything about, it is your self.
    RULE # 3: When someone criticizes you, never think about how it might apply to you, never question whether there's any truth to it, because that might lead to an increased awareness of your flaws and weaknesses, and that awareness might lead to growth and self-improvement.
    SO in summary: Never actually listen to criticism, and you will never learn, and you will never grow.

    This video is the perfect advice for everyone who just wants to remain in a state of ignorance, and keep repeating the same mistakes over and over and over and over again.

  36. at school people constantly criticize and harrass others even me but I realize the comments and the annoyance are coming from the people who don't try to accomplish anything and thank you for that

  37. love you Marie ….this is beautiful

  38. Thanks a lot, you just help me to move forward

  39. "The bigger your game, the more critics you have"

    Remember this shit! 👍👍👍👍

  40. Criticism is a particular beast when it comes to art. I'm a writer, and there's pretty much nothing more painful than eliciting little response or critical response from a reader of your fiction or poetry. One wishes to be great at one's art, wishes to touch others, and it's very hard to know sometimes what to do upon receiving mere lack of enthusiasm for something you sweated over. Just saying.

  41. what I usually do is try to fix that which is being criticized…but there's always something new …so I have to be always working and working to better my self …feels like a slow process …but I know someday I will see the result

  42. What if a woman reacted to a comment by acting like a total psychopathic narcissist? by gaining as much people (her flying monkeys) on her side to completely destroy and take down the commenter? professionally, financially, emotionally, their character, and reputation? this lasted for 4 years! what does that say about this woman?

  43. Marie, you are the best! I love your videos and all the knowledge that we learn from you! Keep doing an amazing job and inspiring people!

  44. So glad to hear your not a huge fan of chocolate. People look at me like I am a three headed monster when I tell them I do not like chocolate. Know I know I am in excellent company!!!

  45. Thank you very much for this encouragement. For me, I found hearing criticism from family members has been the worst wounds to heal. But now for several years, the way I learn to move past the judgment is by talking to King Jesus, my God about this and expressing the pain as I face it. Then, I listen for the perspective of what God thinks and read scripture and it always frees me from the oppression spirit or what I heard. So, my faith and hearing the voice of God heals me and renews me. People will always have opinions because they cannot see what God sees who knows everything about me and what my life is like and why I go left instead of right for instance.

  46. a top performer, l changes tactics on how I work.
    I love after a team of managers when a one manager's days something's back about another,l use contructive criticism

  47. Thanks for the insight! xo

  48. Thank you for posting this. This has helped me a lot. You look gorgeous by the way

  49. very helpful video thank you

  50. very helpful video thank you

  51. very helpful video thank you

  52. very helpful video thank you

  53. very helpful video thank you

  54. I took haircut recently and many of my friends are giving me strange look because they are not used to one such haircut. It's sort of fringe so they are discussing me and that's why I am watching this video. I was trying to hide my bangs but now I will not. Because they are not actually bad but people are just resistant to it.

  55. Great video, by far one of my favorites even though all of them are good.

  56. this lady is so beautiful

  57. Great Effort !!! Its REally Admirable !!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!!!!!!!

  58. I don't think Pink's song was about romantic relationships. I love that song and it's on my "power morning" list. It's an awesome anthem for kicking ass at pretty much anything.

  59. You know what I did to get back on the horse, watched your video! Thank you so so much for this video! After being harshly accused of doing more than I should have regarding something today, and after busting my butt doing the work, with the intention of just doing a good job, I was feeling pretty low. Truth be told, I'm still feeling a little upset but your video provided some tools to help me come out of this funk.

  60. I always face harsh criticism from my family in my home every day

  61. This is great and fantastic and wonderful and I need to see more of this. Thank you!

  62. Take the dislikes on the video as a perfect example. Shaking my head after this video is made for haters they agree

  63. Marie you rock 🙈

  64. I hate chocolate!!

  65. It is difficult to deal with ppl who constantly criticize you, especially in a project. You need this bitch to provide you information, but no matter what you do she can always always criticize you, even she is not sure if I am doing anything wrong, but she always assume I am wrong, and criticize me…

  66. That Roosevelt quote is one of my favorites, along with, "You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be someone who hates peaches."

  67. I’ve got so many criticism from people where I’d get labels because I’ve had some difficulties in education and now a mainstream. They still say stuff that I don’t have like or you are autistic, disabled, you couldn’t speak when you’re so young, you stutter, you can’t make friends etc. People believe I still have communication difficulties because of my history with my parents. This offends me.

  68. The universe must have been knocking on my brain because right before I had coffee with a friend who told me I was “out of my mind” and “too old” (I’m 46 🙄) I had watched your video on learning from your haters with Gary V. I came back home and watched some great inspirational success stories that motivated me 1000x more than the hurtful critique did. You’re a wonderful addition to my entrepreneurial journey Marie. Thank you. You’ll see me next year at B School.


  70. Get hate …and ot builds character

  71. I just turn a deaf ear to critics. There is usually some jealousy or insecurity going on. Love the Roosevelt quote. Next time somebody is dogging on you, consider the source.

  72. wow i love how that song sounds! and this tips are really mature, most people don't want to be criticized and act like childs when it happens

  73. you could just take criticism, and use it to learn.

  74. your video is so motivating

  75. Wow very beautiful woman

  76. This amazing video really did help me feel better

    Thanks a lot❤️🌹

  77. Thank you for this!

  78. I get back on the horse but it triggers an immediate sadness that I may not be good enough for the role.

  79. When i got criticism on my guitar cover of a song, i just searched on YouTube"how to take criticism positively " and jumped to your video. Now, i overcame it and think I'm gonna be more stronger the next time… So thank u

  80. I know this video is literally six years old which is why probably no one's going to read this, but thank you. I really, really needed to hear this, so I guess I just wanted to leave a tiny comment that I'm grateful for this video. It really helped and people clearly don't support others enough.

  81. Thank you…It helped a lot ❤

  82. You win the award for woman who wears turquoise best in the universe too

  83. Thanks i needed this. I got constructive criticism turned angy hurtful all incompecing opinions that were just so off the mark. At least I'm trying.

  84. I get criticism all the time it's hard because I know that my sister looks down on me and she doesn't hide it, however i love her very much, so I just try to act like I didn't hear it, most of the time it works. I just hope she knows her brother still loves her.and would never say or do any thing to intentionally hurt her.

  85. Criticism is the necessary feedback you need to grow as a person.

    To refuse or ignore criticism, is to stop your personal development and make sure you will never learn, grow, or improve.

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