3 Ways to Reuse Old Business Cards

3 Ways to Reuse Old Business Cards

– Hey guys, I’m back with
another DIY video for you, and it’s going to be really fun. So you guys might remember that last year I was a Ford Fiesta agent
and they gave each of us these business cards, which
we could give out to people if they were asking about
the car or whatever. Well I never gave out
a single business card. So I gave the car back but I still have 1000 of these business cards. I could just throw them out
but that would be such a waste, so I give you three ways to
recycle old business cards. (light music) The first thing we’re going
to do is make confetti. This works the best if your
cards are already fun colors and luckily the Ford Fiesta
cards are teal and purple on one side and then
blue on the other side. For this project I’m going to be using these fringe scissors which
are made by Martha Stewart and they have five blades. They’re really cool and they only cost $10 so I’m going to link to them
in my sublime list down below in case you want to get
a pair for yourself. So the first thing to do is
to lay down a piece of paper to catch all of the little
bits that we’ll be cutting off. After that, just use the
scissors to cut fringe down one side of the
business card and then cut up the other side to make tiny
little squares of confetti. (light music) Once you’ve repeated this over and over until you have a nice
big pile of confetti, you can pour it into a
jar for safe keeping. At this point you could throw
it in the air and have a party but if you don’t want to
be cleaning all of that up, you can also just use it as decoration and maybe throw a few
big flowers in there. (light music) The second thing that we’re going to make are these cute little hanging flowers. Here you can see the
test version that I made, which is fine but I kind of
want to cover up the cards so that my name isn’t still
splashed all across them. This step is optional
but I think it just makes the whole thing look a lot neater. So, I’m going to cover
up the cards in this Duck brand adhesive laminate
in a sparkly silver color. However, before I cover the cards I’m just going to cut them in
half since the original flower was just a bit too thick for my liking. You’re going to need six
business cards for each flower so once you have six pieces
that are all the same width you can grab your laminate
and start rolling it out. Lay down the business card
pieces so that you can see how much of the laminate
you’re going to need and then cut off the piece
you’ve just measured. Then just unpeel the backing
and start sticking the cards to the back of it. Once all of your business
cards are stuck down, just use your scissors to cut them out. (light music) Ok so once all of the pieces
are covered on one side by the silver laminate, now
it’s time to do the other side. Do the exact same thing,
cutting off a piece of laminate and then laying the pieces down on it. (light music) Once everything is stuck down, just cut them out one more time. Again, this step is optional,
but just look at how pretty this pattern is, I love it so much. Ok so now you finally
have all of the pieces covered and shiny, now it’s time to actually make the flower. You’re going to need scotch
tape, preferably the type that is perfectly clear rather
than kind of translucent. To make each petal, just pick up one piece and then bend it in half without putting a crease
in it, just bend it. And then use a piece of tape
to tape the two ends together. You should get a shape
that’s kind of long and flat, so just push it together a little bit to make it look more like a petal. Do this for each of the other pieces and when you lay them out you’ll
see how they form a flower. So grab another piece of tape and then tape two of the
pieces together on both sides. (light music) Continue doing that for each of the petals until your flower is
completely taped together. At this point you could glue on a magnet or just put it on a shelf for a decoration but I want to hang mine. So I’m just going to grab
my hole punch and my ribbon and then punch two holes
at the top of the flower. Then just thread the ribbon through and tie a simple knot at the end. And for one more final
touch I’m just going to hot glue some rhinestones
right in the center. (light music) So there you go, you
can make these flowers with five or six petals
and you can make the ribbon as long or short as you like. And then just hang them up in your window, in your locker, anywhere that you want. I think they came out super
cute, I would love to see your take on how you make them. (light music) And now the third thing
that I’m going to make is this really cute mini-banner. I’m going to start by folding
one of the business cards in half and then cutting a
triangle out of the bottom to get the perfectly
symmetrical shape that I want, then trace and cut this shape out from the next business
card and then use that one, which is flat, as the
pattern for all of the rest. Repeat this until you have as many shapes as you would like for your banner. So I was going to cover these
cards with white Duck tape but when I tried it you
could still see the pattern pretty clearly through the tape. So instead I decided to
use this teal Duck tape. Now luckily Duck tape
is about the same width as business cards so just
cut off a piece and stick it to one side of the card. Trim off the excess and do the
same thing on the other side. (light music) Now on the edges you can
see that there’s still a little bit of card showing through, so I’m going to cover
that up with washi tape. I picked out four patterns of washi tape which I’m going to alternate
down the length of the banner. (light music) So once all the edges are
covered with washi tape, it is time to add the letters. You could paint them or draw
them or do whatever you’d like, but I’m going to use these
gold letter stickers on mine. Just unpeel the backing and
stick it on and repeat this until every piece of
your banner is finished. I decided to spell out
what I think should be a daily reminder for myself,
which is Make Things. And I left a blank piece on
either end and in the middle. So to string them together, just grab your hole punch and some string, and punch two holes in the
top corners of each piece. This is going to take
a little bit of effort to cut through all of the layers but if I can do it then you can do it. And then just simply string them on until you have your finished banner. (light music) So I hope you guys like my ideas for reusing old business cards. Let me know in the comments
which one of the three was your favorite idea, or
if you have any other ideas because even after all that, I still have over half
of the box left over. So if you want to make any of these, I put links to all of the
materials in my new sublime list which is linked right down below. I’m also giving away
this hexagon paper punch which I showed in my Fiskars craft haul, and they had sent me a duplicate so I’m giving one of them
away to one of you guys. I really wanted to use it in
this video but it turns out it doesn’t cut cardstock very nicely, but normal paper works fine. So if you have ever wanted
unlimited paper hexagons make sure to head over to my
sublime list to enter to win. So that is it from me. Don’t forget I am also
making videos over on the new HGTV Hand-Made channel which
you can watch right here. And if you want more crafty
goodness, you can watch my huge Fiskars haul which is like
scissors and cutting tools, they sent me so much stuff, you can watch me go through
all of it right here. Thank you guys so much for watching, I will see you all next time.

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