3 Steps To Grow Your Business FAST

3 Steps To Grow Your Business FAST

– [Narrator] How do you break
out of your comfort zone so you can take the right action? The CEO of Kingston Lane and a
sought-after keynote speaker, Sharran Srivatsaa. Sharran grew up on the streets of India and was forced to move
to America with no money and no connections. Fast-forward to today and
Sharran has taken his company, Teles Properties, to 3.4
billion dollars in five years. – And from different,
like, software company, how did you went from
software to real estate? – Yeah, good question. So, after we sold our software business, I didn’t know what to do, so I took some time off. I taught tennis around the world and then I realized that it’s hard to get back in, so
I went to business school, I got my MBA, and then I was an investment
banker at Wall Street. It’s very easy once you get your MBA, that was a good feeder program. So I was an investment
banker at Goldman Sachs and at Credit Suisse for five years, and my partner and I who, as a mentor, we had invested in a
small real estate company that was fledgling,
struggling in Beverly Hills. And we came in as a consultant, and then we realized that
that small business was, the original founders were
going in different directions. So we just served as a
consultant and I said, “Wow, there’s an amazing
opportunity here.” The promise is that, exactly what, I said, “I can scale this promise.” So I left Wall Street, I
quit my job and I said, “I’m gonna come and scale this business.” And that’s how that transition happened. – I see, I see. And from there, what did you
do to scale that from, like, 300 million to 3 billion
in, like, five years? – Five years, yeah. – ‘Cause real estate, it’s
a very competitive industry. – Yup, yeah. – There are a lot of competitors, you’re working with a lot of agents, a lot of moving parts, right? What are some of the things
that you did to scale? – So, we used a, I always tell
people, “If we don’t have–” The one thing that I’ve learnt from you is you’re really great about saying, “Hey, here’s a framework
to begin your thinking. “Here’s a model to think about.” Otherwise you’re just saying, “Hey, what’s my idea today?” right? So we came up with the 3 Prong
Model to scale the business. One was, “Hey, what is
our singularity of focus?” When we were a 300-million-dollar company, we could’ve done a lot better financially. So I looked at the partners
and I said, “Hey, if we “could be a 3.4-billion-dollar business, “we all would make an amazing amount, “we’d have amazing lives.” And so, everyone is laughing
at me, they’re like, “How are we gonna do that? “How are we gonna do 10X?” And I said, “Well, it’s
actually really simple. “We all know that if
we get to this number, “it’s gonna be a great life.” And, generally, the real estate
cycle goes in 7-year cycles. Generally speaking. – Right. Every seven years, people
buy and sell, yeah. – And every seven years,
markets go up and down too. So I said, “Well, if it’s 7-year cycles, “we’re just getting into
the cycle right now. “We need, probably, a year or two “to either sell the business,
transition the business, etc. “So take away two years,
we have five years.” I said, “Hey, guys, if we can
hit 3.4 billion in five years, “we’re gonna have an amazing life.” They just started laughing at me. So it was not, it was not a mathematical plan
to grow 10X in five years, it was a dream and a necessity of sorts. And so, that was the vision. And the team got so behind
that, Dan, they would say, “Sharran, why are you taking
that trip to San Diego? “It doesn’t help us 10X. “Sharran, why are you doing this project?” So now the entire company had this filter of 10X and it makes you very disciplined in what you’re– – So, there are projects
you would say no to. It’s like, “That doesn’t fit “into our overall vision,” right? – Right. – “How ’bout do this?” You get busy, you get excited, you get creative, right?
– Sure, we’re entrepreneurs. You’re like, you wanna do more. – Yeah, new idea every
day, but you’re like, “No, “we’re not gonna do that because–” and the whole team kinda
holds each other accountable. – Exactly, and so, that’s number two. So, number one is singularity of focus. Number two is our cadence
of accountability. We’d realize that we needed, a topic that’s near and dear
to your and my heart is people, hiring people.
– The best people. – How do you hire great people? ‘Cause I said, “We’re
gonna do it organically “without acquiring companies.” So we put together this team, 11 managers, called “recruiters”, who would recruit sales people to grow our– Like, we recruited, we
had 612 sales people to grow our business. That’s how we grew. And the cadence of accountability was, and, Dan, it was so simple. Every morning at 9:45, we would do a call. And the call was extremely simple, “How many appointments
did I have yesterday? “How many am I committed to having today?” So we would go in order. Dan, “Zero, three.” Sharran, “Three, three.” Jenny, “Two, two.” – So like a morning huddle? – Morning huddle.
– That’s what I do, yeah it’s cool. – But if someone says, “Zero, zero,” they never say “Zero, zero” the next day because that accountability
forces them to– And I will tell you, Dan,
that was the one thing that changed the nature
of our entire business because you had, you’d
socialize the accountability and 11 managers would get on every morning and they would say their numbers. – There was a, “Man, zero.” – “Zero, zero, zero–” – “What’s going on, man? “Like, zero five days
straight, something is wrong!” – And you don’t even have to say that, what they will say is “Zero, zero, “but, Sharran, I’m on it,
I have 14 calls today.” So they will self-correct. And just that 15-minute exercise changed the growth of our company. So, the first one was
singularity of focus, second one is cadence of accountability, and the third one is I tell the team, “Good
process drives good results.” It’s very easy when your
scaling to just hack it. – What was driving the business? Was it to recruit more agents, right? That was mainly it, right?
– Yup, that’s it, yeah. So we were recruiting agents, we were recruiting great
agents that fit the model, fit the culture, so that
they could go sell more. – [Dan] Mm, got it. – Yeah, and provide a platform for them, which was the 52 days a
year and to sell more. And the last one was this “Good process drives good results,” ’cause we said, “If we’re making a promise “on delivering this 52 days a year off, “I still need to deliver that promise. “So we need a process
that we can depend on.” – Did you use any of the background, the skills that you’ve
accumulated through technology with this business? – Yeah, totally. A lot of the efficiencies
that we encountered– – [Dan] Software. – Software. We always say there’s three
ways to get leverage, right? One, you got people that can help you. Two, you got workflows that can help you. And three, you’ve got
systems that can help you. So we always said, “Hey,
what are the people? “What are the workflows? “What are the systems?” And, generally, when you
have those three inline and a person leaves, it’s okay. You can still backfill. But most people, their
infrastructure is their people and it’s hard to– – No workflow, no systems. – No workflow, no systems,
so I always, whenever I, like the CEOs that you
mentor, CEOs that I mentor, I can look at their business and say, “Hey, what’s your singularity of focus? “All right, great, what’s your
cadence of accountability? “Well, let’s talk about process.” And, generally, with those you can start to figure out
where things are broken. – Usually, one of those is not working, two of those are not working. – [Sharran] Yeah, generally, it’s two of those are not working. – Makes sense. And through this hyper-growth, ’cause I experience this as
well, I want your take on it, when you’re growing a company
so fast, things break. You have to reinvent things all the time, you have more people. What was it like and what advice would you have for entrepreneurs who are scaling very, very quickly? What are, kind of, the things
they have to watch out for? – Yeah. This is more like personal and vulnerable. I honestly thought you could
scale your business 10X or 20X, but the rest of your
life will stay the same. I don’t think you can scale
one part of your life. So I thought, “Oh, my family,
my health, my relationships, “they’re all here but I
can scale my business 10X.” But no, absolutely not. Everything has to level up and, Dan, the first thing that happened
was my health broke down. It got so bad that I could
not get out of a hospital bed. I was running the company
from a hospital bed and nobody knew. And that was a rude awakening for me that, yes, you can grow 10X, but
when you grow something, when you scale something, your entire life has
to lift along with it. Your relationship has to get better. Like, my relationship with my wife was very tough at that time because she was like, “Hey,
you’re not showing up.” – “You’re not here, you’re not around.” – “You’re not with the children,” etc. And I fixed that this time around and brought her into the process, but I honestly thought,
“Oh, it’s just business, “I can scale it.” And when my health broke
down, I really realized that– – Relationship. – So, I almost believed that, so the reverse is also true. If you just upgrade one area
of your life and you’re open, other areas of your life
will start to float up because they have to level up with that. And that was a big realization for me, I never knew that before. And now, for you and me to do more, we probably have to be
fitter, smarter, stronger, have better capabilities. I just thought I could work hard. And I don’t think the “work
harder” is smart enough. The second big lesson I learned was being really honest with
your true core skillset. – Your strengths. – I brought on a chief operating officer way too late in the game. Way too late, ’cause I
thought, “Hey, it’s my company, “I run it, who can do it better? “No one can do it as good as me,” and I think a lot of
entrepreneurs struggle with that. And the COO that I brought
on, he said, “Sharran,” like, I hired a professional
COO, and he’s so amazing. He’s the other side of my coin, very similar to members of your team. He’s gonna be my partner
for life, he’s amazing. And he said, “Sharran, I’m never
gonna do it as good as you. “But if I get 90% of the way, that’s good. “That means you are not involved at all.” And so, that made me really think about, “Hey, how can I go hire
some amazing key people?” And treat them as partners. Treat them as partners and
say, “Hey, that’s Evan’s role. “That’s Desmond’s role.” And, “Thank you, if Desmond
says ‘yes’ and Evan says ‘yes’, “it’s good.” And that was a huge revelation for me, ’cause I thought that if I
knew how to do something, that gave me the credibility. And I had to break that cycle. – And sometimes, like, entrepreneurs, we, a lot of entrepreneurs ,
we’re control freaks, right? They’re like, “Oh, this is my baby. “You don’t know it. “Let me do it.” – (laughs) Yeah, yeah. – It happens a lot, it happens a lot.

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