3 Reasons Why You Need a Business Plan – Bplans Explains Everything

So why do you as a business owner need a business plan? I want to tell you why you want one, whether you need it or not. You want a business plan because it’s going to make your life better. It’s going to make your business better. Let me explain. I’ll use the metaphor of navigation. You have a destination right? That’s your strategy your goals That’s what you want from your business . From there you set the steps as a route —the steps along the way. Milestones are like choosing your route to get to that destination and as you do your planning you might discover that One route is more expensive. Do you have the resources you’re going to need to make choices? And then it gets better still when we introduce the equivalent of real-time GPS that gives you information as you’re going along. Which in the case of business planning, is plan versus actual. What went right? You want to do more of that. What went wrong? You want to work around that. Every month, you meet to review your plan and revise it as you need it. So you end up with better management, a better business, and it makes your life easier.

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