3 Reasons To NEVER Start A Business With Your Family…

3 Reasons To NEVER Start A Business With Your Family…

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  1. This channel it's a gold mine

  2. Changing the thumbnail really helped.

    I am watching iy right now.

  3. Why did you change the thumbnail?

  4. Why did thumbnail change?

  5. what happend to your hunt the safe?

  6. Yo Mathias could you possibly do a video on how you made it into this YouTube world. the struggles of YouTube, how you came up with the ideas of your channels and stuff. I have a channel but I have no idea where I’m going with it so would be good to see how you made it. 👍🏻 pretty sure I watch all your channels gl mate

  7. Did he change the thumbnail? Just wanted to know🤔

  8. Change the thumbnail from a knife 🔪 prolly got demonetized

  9. Let me guess, the thumbnail change was cause of youtube's stupid newer policies…

  10. 1:30 avengers lol

  11. 1:30 avengers lol

  12. You changed the thumbnail

  13. I am absolutely loving this channel! Thank you for letting me in to your brain.

  14. Thumbnail change? Or am I losing it 🤔

  15. Did he change the thumbnail?

  16. Longtime follower/fan of all your work. I think you're incredibly intelligent and have a wealth of information to share regarding business and being an online entrepreneur! Thank you for sharing it with your viewers. I love the direction that this channel has taken. Keep on keeping on!

  17. What happened to the super dark picture of the video. xP

  18. I like CJ's idea, maybe weekly/monthly reviews alongside to see if there is any change within the person's performance. It'll show the company who is good in front of the camera and who is better off behind it.

  19. He had to change the thumb nail

  20. You updated the thumbnail! BTW great advise in all of ur vids. Even though I am a teen I get your talks. Keep up the great work!

  21. Captions: Conner, Conner, CONNER.

    Me: aaaaaaaAAAAAAAH

  22. This was super amazing. Really goes in-depth on your business and how the process goes. I also love all the advice put into it. Keep up the great work!

  23. Noticed you've been wearing black recently…. Smt wrong?!

  24. This channel is actually helpful.
    I like the advice you give or lessons

  25. Matt can you do more videos with loomo?

  26. I’m guessing the knife in the thumbnail was too much

  27. I love the direction that this channel is heading. I really enjoy the knowledge and advice that you give in these videos. Keep it going!

  28. I love how thoughtful you are when you approach your business and family life, and I love the new style experimentation. I would have appreciated if you titled this video something slightly more positive or neutral, rather than the negative (ever so slightly) title that it has. There are great reasons to title a video the way you have, but perhaps you could explore titling the videos in a more authentic way or one that suits the tone of the channel a little more… just a suggestion. Love the message Matt 👍🏻

  29. Thank you ! I really like the reasons why you should and or shouldn’t start a business with family. I really like hearing it from this channel because it’s all from people who started a business without an ego.

  30. Hey matt so me and a couple of friends are looking to start a dog walking business any tips

  31. I noticed you changed the thumbnail for this video. How do thumbnails impact your views? Is there like some sort of analytics that help you decide what thumbnail to use or when to change them?

    As always, love your content, your thoughts, and your whole crew! Thank you for all you guys do!

  32. Should work depending on the management

  33. Whats the difference between the two meetings?

  34. Not gonna lie, I thought this channel was just gonna be some cool insight into the background and mechanics of how you run your company, but I've realized there's a lot of solid advice on how to be a good leader. I was just recently promoted to management last summer, having never been management before, and it's been a struggle for me to get in the right mindset and figure out how to approach things. Definitely gonna be watching for more ways to improve myself!

  35. Yeah I'm 99% sure I'll never start a channel or a business of my own. Somehow I still find this channel extremely entertaining and interesting.

  36. What camera is that? The quality looks soooo good with its 24 fps!

  37. Hi Matt!

    I'm currently working on a project with 6 people, and my girlfriend is also a part of the group. While it's not neccessarily a profit-oriented company in the traditional sense of the word, I have come to realize it's pretty much the same thing. And it's very difficult, because there's always the "What ifs" looming over me, and I'm constantly thinking about "Well yeah, but what if we break up, or we have a fight, and we can't effectively operate in the project".

    Also, I know a new business eats all your time and energy, but I'm trying to keep my weekends intact, at least, but when you have a close family member, like a wife or a girlfriend in the same business, or same group, it's very difficult to differentiate between your work-relationship as colleagues, and your private relationship as a couple.

  38. How many channels does Matt have now 😂

  39. Thank you! This was a great video!

  40. You do an amazing job Matt. Working with family and friends has to be stressful keeping everyone happy. The only times I get a little frustrated with anyone on the channels is when they act as if they "hate" being there , doing what their doing. No one should be favored or be let off when a "punishment" is the result of losing a challenge simply because they are sore losers. It's all part of teaching good sportsmanship. The whining sometimes just gets old. Only one person I can think of right now that annoys me with this, but I have to click out whenever they start this.

  41. Thanx 4 the vid Mathias. It was super informative. I realize now why I couldn't be my bestfriends shop manager… love u guys on dope or nope

  42. Please don't stab your friend. Well at least just stab him in the leg…lol.

  43. I've got an idea its called class craft its meant to make school more fun but I think it could also be used for business so first you have to make a class those could be like each base then there are teams make teams of 4 or 5 there are 3 different classes of characters heeler mage and warrior best one of each in every team then there are missions like clean your desk and send a photo to your teacher the teacher can be anyone in the base that person regulates everything if you complete a mission you get gold points and XP points if it isn't abused or mistreated it could be really fun because the more XP you have the more you level up and can get new gear then there are also punishments if you die or do something wrong like late for work and there are customizable abilities you can get the more you level up.

  44. That’s true you and your family and your close friends have the same morals.

  45. At 4:10, to think he walked in to the room, set his camera up, then walked back out just to walk back into the room with the camera on him. Lol

  46. Love the new format and the invites part- very subtle but awesome! Love your vids Matt, appreciate you and your team

  47. 6:10 tanner has no belt on !!!

  48. I love the new video structure you had in this vid

  49. Aren’t you bothered by the nerf darts just laying everywhere?

  50. The best channel I’ve ever watched!!!!!!!!!!!😂🤣👍✌️

  51. You should read "The Trust Protocol" by Mac Richard, its a book written by my pastor and it has made SUCH AN IMPACT on my life and my workflow!

  52. Honestly love how up front and honest this channel is. Always good info, great vibes, and has the quality to really get the point more out there. Also, end segment of the video talking the three do’s and don’ts, the one on one camera angle really gave it a nice personal feel. Loving it. Keep it up Matt you’re doing great.

  53. Chuck should have his own channel such at wood working or behind the scenes oh him building for rekt

  54. Loved the close sit down discussion. Not only was it interesting, it seemed like a very personal and comforting set-up.

  55. I pretty sure last time i saw the thumbnail i saw mathias holding a knife

    I like my own comme

  56. This is the best behind the scenes I have ever seen. Its honest, its done by someone passionate about their work and team, and it is filled with good times and absolutely amazing information for others to use in life and business.

  57. I only discovered hi5 studios 3 or 4 months ago. In that time I've enjoyed binging your videos. I've grown to like your staff and it's been a good ride but with this channel, I get bummed out and it makes the other channels seem phoney in my opinion. I guess they are right when they say, never ask the sausage is made. I'm unsubing to all the channels except Team Edge for now. Sorry

  58. I noticed that thumbnail change lol

  59. This video was eye opening. I'll admit I wondered about Tanner's rise through the company since he seemed to be everywhere, but if he puts the work in…he deserves to get where he goes. I can't wait to see what else we're going to find out as time goes on. ^-^

  60. Random thought for Hi5 videos. People say that they're too challenge driven, so how about… stop putting "challenge" in every title. BAM, it's no longer a challenge. It's a game, it's a fun video. Stop using the "C" word so often and it might give things a renewed vibe.

    And I mean I don't know if that might effect the click-ability of the video, but personally I think it would be refreshing to stop using the "C" word as much and brainstorm good and fresh title ideas even though the videos may be the same and they still may be challenges, (:

  61. I love this channel, so inspiring. just live your life steadily at a good pace and upload your videos the way you want it and the way you like it. upload videos of things you think could change our lives. really loving the videos very interesting for me, a teenager and its inspiring me to start up a business with the chemistry you have with your employees.

  62. Hi Matt do you still use the Hi5 studios website as it hasn't been updated for some time.

  63. Do you think it is possible to create a company like Hi5 studios

  64. This channel is honestly something I never thought I'd find myself watching but I can say I'm really enjoying it.

  65. I really want to show these videos to my mom since she plans on opening a food truck sometime in the future. Sure, not everything could be applicable to that kind of business, but I think it'd still help her out even just a little bit.

  66. This was the best video so far. Great advice about starting a business with family/friends!

  67. Wish you where my boss

  68. This channel is da best!!❤️

  69. Hey Matt another question about Hi5. How are the interviews there? I mean who make the interviews? What kind of information do you think you can get to know if someone will fit in Hi5 structure and workflows. I make some questions some times really outside the box.

  70. I can’t wait to see more episodes

  71. Matt when’d you start this channel? I just found it I watched the Dope Or Nope channel when it was Matthias and I it’s early stages

  72. Did anyone notice the thumbnail change at first it had a knife now a help me sign also Matt’s face change

  73. Loved it. I really need direction regarding leadership and managing. I have been promoted and now have several people under me. I have never had a leadership position in the workplace and the management above me set no good examples nor offer any real help. How am I supposed to become a good manager/supervisor when everyone above me, including the owner, have no real management style. I have basically been set loose to govern as I see fit without consequences. Other than my company tanking. I need guidance and advice on so many things. Thanks for this channel Matt.

  74. I absolutely love the whole concept of this video. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions on business. It's a great look into the world of working with family and friends.

  75. So I'm not crazy! He changed the thumbnail! How come?? Maybe the first one set the wrong impression?

    I was so confused at first.

  76. This is actually really good. accepting feedback and providing viewers insights or knowledge that you want to share gives aspiring individuals like me to understand the concepts of the overall work space. Not sure if that's the thing you are trying to say, but that's my take.

    Been watching you since your team edge backyard days and i really like how you progress and how you develop to who you are today. thank you soo much for being inspirations to your viewers. LOL trying to make sense even though I don't comment that much but hope you understand my point and hope it comes through 😀

  77. Try exploring agile as a way of managing work. Maybe link it to the individual OKRs. Agile would give individuals accountability and make the process of tracking and managing work more efficient.

  78. This is stuff is amazing. Miss seeing this type of content. Always here to help you guys out if possible!

  79. Good tips 🙂 there’s an unofficial rental business for my grandparents old beach house in my family that has been going on for years and it’s time to end it. One of the parties involved makes all of the decisions and has hid so much from us and I agree, you need to have a business with someone you can be honest and communicate with.

  80. Genuine and real.

  81. I literally don't watch any of your other channels (watched some of your stuff religiously years ago), this channel is just so interesting. You have a very unique position, so it's cool to hear your take on things.

  82. This video was very helpful. I am not planning to start a business anytime soon, but hearing your points on starting business with our without family was very interesting. Thank you for taking the time out to make these business videos. 🙂

  83. is it just me or does this video show that tanner is so smart

  84. I'm 13 and I have dyslexia and I want to know the way you managed with your dyslexia and became so successful with dyslexia. You inspire me a lot and I love how committed you are to everything you do.

  85. Did you name Hi5 studios because you and your 4 other relatives started and worked together in the business?

  86. my main question is how do you come up with ideas for content i have been thinking of making youtube videos but im not sure what content i would like to produce. i watch your videos because i like to learn from you and the advice you give helps me to improve on how i think about decisions but i am still struggling on ideas of what content i want to make and how i want it to be seen if that makes any sense thank you for reading this and good luck for the future.

  87. I am not a huge business guy but if I do join a business in the future it's always good to know how things work…and besides who don't want to see Matt vloging

  88. What is it like working in your company and how is the start up when you hire a person without the knowledge of editing or how to work some if not all of the equipment? What types of things do your employees have to do and what other things do the people whom are in videos have to do?

  89. 5:45 Tanners not wearing a seat belt we must protect him at all cost

  90. A Mathias do you have any tips for starting a buisness

  91. Hello Matt. I've been a viewer of your channel since before Hi5 studios and I must say you have been an inspiration since day one. You are the sole reason I've decided to start a business. I have just one question though, after getting the ground ideas for what you want to, where do you go from there? I feel like there's so much to do but I don't know where to start.

  92. Can you make a video on what other work stuff you have other than editing videos

  93. Honestly just discovered this channel, and this is the best Idea. And thank you so much for enlightening me on the mindset I should develop for maintaining a self sustaining business.

    Just a question, would you have any advice and starting up a retail style store; where I would buy things, how to do it, how to hire people effectively, etc. It would be a great help.

  94. Thanks, I’ve been thinking of starting a YouTube channel with some close friends

  95. I always say this in your channel's comments, but I would love to work with you guys! I really respect the way you run your companies and treat your employee's!

  96. Ohhh hi matthais i finally find your vlog channel

  97. I work at a gas station but I have made a really good friend working there. We work a lot of the same shifts. I walk to work it almost 3 miles there and he asked even if hes off he always offers me a ride. When me and my significant other get in a fight hes there for me but for my other half too. We are both trans and that's one reason I think we are such good friend. But we are also not afraid to buy truly honest with eachother. It's fun working with him and if I'm having a bad day he knows how to make me laugh

  98. 2:55 old Matthias vlogs

  99. Is rekt coming since gunner moved to Vegas

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