3 fundamental costs of business success(Complete) by David Oyedepo (MUST WATCH FOR ENTREPRENEURS!!!)

3 fundamental costs of business success(Complete) by David Oyedepo (MUST WATCH FOR ENTREPRENEURS!!!)

What does it cost
to be a record breaker a new record setter
What does it cost The Spiritual Cost
Again the Kingdom of Heaven is like unto a merchant man
that is, a businessman seeking goodly pearls
“He desires to break forth into another realm”
who, when he found one one pearl of great price
went and sold all that he had and bought it
except the Lord build a house they Labour in vain that builds it
We need to be connected to source for our needed helps
you need to spend time with God to develop yourself spiritually
because your inheritance is transferred to you
through the revelation knowledge of the truth
He has given us all things that we will ever require
in our life and business that pertains to life and godliness
but they are delivered to us through the knowledge of him
who has called us unto glory and virtue
so your delivery is a function of your insight
Job was a man of depth as it was in the days of my youth
Job said when the secret of God was upon my tabernacle
I washed my feet with butter
and the rock poured me out rivers of oil
The secrets of God just guided me into great exploits
into great fortune we need time to spend in prayers
we need to invest time in the word we are business people
It has to be invested we are not just spending it
we are investing it we are creating a future
by that investment recently I was saying to our people
I said every prayer you pray today
is stored up in heaven,for your needs tomorrow
He said there are angels in heaven who hold vials
before the throne which are the prayers of the saints
so the fragrance of your prayers today
will still speak for you tomorrow so you need time
and there is no point trying to confuse yourself
you know, business and spiritual life they are two seperate entities
You are just one person a spiritual man in business
so you need to be connected to your spiritual root
in order to keep on bearing your fruit so you need help
from heaven The insight of Job
was his strength in the day of trouble
Most of the regrettable investments you made
they were not divinely guided every divinely guided investment
will yield maximum results and when the Lord is your shepard
you shall not want goodness and mercy
shall be following you all the days of your life
To be spritually minded is life and peace
and to be carnally minded is death
One of the greatest American business men by name JC Penny
JC Penny was taught by his mother to have a quality walk with God
and just like the story of RG letourneau
at a point he felt look maybe we try the other side
and everything came crashing down until he came back on his feet with God
and then God restored his glory back in business
God does not need you for anything you need him for everything The second cost
in this context is what I have called the Intellectual cost
Knowledge is Power as I have often said To be Informed is to be Transformed and to be Uninformed is to be deformed The more enlightened we are on any subject
matter The greater the Level of command we gain My people are gone into captivity
because they have no Knowledge Isiah Chapter 5 vs 13 We need a working knowledge
on any venture, we are embarking on It is information that gives value to every
vision I Knew God told us to embark on
Covenant University That was great But time was invested in searching and researching
What kind of University are we heading for So models were reviewed
From a 1000 years plus behind to the present Explorative studies
of oxford of Yale of Harvard were done with a deep sense of commitment
and when we started and tradition was trying to contend
with the vision I said
STOP I know what I saw
When I see, what I saw I will know What I am seeing now, is not what I saw (laughs) So it is not just having the vision
It is having adequate Information to drive the vision Information is the vehicle
with which every vision is driven to it’s accomplishment If you don’t have it
You don’t have it Intellectual cost
That is where many people in the church crash today People are in business They don’t know one
thing about It is so Important Intellectual Cost
That is why many businesses are short lived That is why many businesses don’t outlive
their founders They crash before the men themselves die because there is no adequate Information
to drive that vision it has to crash Isaiah 33:6
And wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times
and strength of salvation Widom and Knowledge They are stabilizers of Destiny Every business is stabilized on wisdom and knowledge so Important Any Business,You are in
That is void of Intellectual Property will be short lived Any Business you are in that
is void of adequate Intellectual Property is sure to be short-lived That is void of Intellectual Property
is sure to be short-lived The more enlightened we are on any subject
matter the greater level of command we gain Success and sustainable success
is guaranteed by access to quality Information We are called to give attention to readings
to exaltations and to doctrines that our profiting may appear to all A reader today
and a leader tomorrow A reader today
and a leader tomorrow It was Abraham Lincoln
That said You are the same person you are today
in 5 years time, except for two things The books you read
and the companies you keep The books you read
and the companies you keep Our lack of adequate Intellectual property
is the reason for poverty My people are destroyed
for lack of knowledge He said give yourself
to the things you find that your profiting
may appear to all That your profiting
may appear to all After those readings that I had to go through
in the process of building of Covenant University I came with a conclusion
that covenant University shall be a new generation Harvard I looked at it and was convinced in my heart
that is the way we are going and we are not just propagating traditional
knowledge We are committed to creating knowledge that solves
real life problems we are not out to graduate people
that will be seeking for Job We are graduating Job creators Ignorance is costly
Don’t toy with it There is no mountain anywhere every man’s ignorance is his mountain
The number three cost here in our context what I’ve called physical cost physical cost high elasticity is a requirement
for high perfomance It takes hard work
to fly high hard workers are
high flyers every success story
is traceable to high level investment of time,energy and resources say with me energy
ENERGY Investment of time energy
and resources energy
you need energy to maximize destiny you need energy
to maximize destiny every success story
is traceable to high level investment of
time, energy and resources even christ said, I must work the work of him
that sent me while it is day for the night cometh
when no man can work John 9: 4 high level energy
is an all time requirement for high level Performance High level accomplishment So everybody
you see, they say you know I’m just tired I don’t know
I just feel like going to rest every time he wants to rest
five days a week he is resting a little sleep a little slumber
a little folding of the hands to sleep he said, so shall thy poverty every time you see poverty
there just put failure failure coming
to that individual Jesus said, how am I stretched
until it be accomplished every star is stretched to shine Until you are stretched enough
you cannot spread effectively In all labour
there is profit but the talk of the lips
tends only to penury labour is one of your vital keys
into a great future God is not mocked whatsoever a man sow
that also shall he reap the sluggard shall not sow
by reason of the cold therefore shall he beg in harvest
and have nothing so everyone that is not working
will end up begging Wealth gotten by vanity
shall diminish Wealth gotten by vanity
shall diminish but he that gathers by labour shall increase
proverbs 13 vs 23 Wealth gotten by bribery and corruption
shall vanish but he that gathers
by labour shall increase great treasures are
being unleashed but it will take you selling
off your comfort Selling off
your conveniences selling off your traditions of
I know it will work whether I work or not I know God will do it whether I do what God has commanded
me to do or not these are all
religious traps that makes destiny
to lose color Solomon said The glory and the color
of your destiny is in how much investment
you are making into the work of
your hand today Things only work for workers There is no shortcut so you have a
three dimensional investment spiritual,intellectual,and physical most people think, all we inveest
to make it great in business is money so they are looking
for money to invest That’s there but without these three
that one holds no value it is this three fundamental cost that give value
to your financial resource investment I’m not afraid of tomorrow
because we are not where we are today by chance if you are not building on principles
you are heading for troubles Go see Leah at 9 these are the
principles of life that would help you
to press your battle to the next level you are either building on principles
or you are heaping up rubbles the choice is yours Let’s stop just talking it let’s start working it what you don’t work won’t work what you don’t market wont sell what you don’t trade would be trashed if you want to see true increases
then begin to invest along these three main channels
and there shall be no end to the increases of God
in your life It is time
to prepare your work in the field
in the words of solomon and make it fit for yourself
and afterwards build your house

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