3 Creative Idea To Reuse Plastic Bottles Lids

3 Creative Idea To Reuse Plastic Bottles Lids

3 DIY Plastic Bottle Caps Palette Business Card Stand Lamp Please Like Share and Subscribe

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  2. Amei , vou fazer. Parabéns

  3. I love it thank you very much

  4. yah right…every guy in the world will hve a stack of bottle caps…BULLSHIT

  5. amei so vcs americanos para ter essa ideia genial❤❤❤

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  8. You are so clever at life hacks. I also enjoyed your others. Thanks a lot ThaiTrick.

  9. it's more creative

  10. the last one was awesome

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  13. I speak English too but gave Thai a try for once. Sorry if it is spelt wrong

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  15. thánh sưu tầm nắp chai

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  17. omg u r mind blowing art vry excellent inshallah I am tried .😘😘😘👌👍👏👏👏

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  19. But who would actually have this many bottle caps doe…

  20. The last one was brilliant

  21. very nice bro….👍👍

  22. MA to ban noaporba….

  23. What language do u speak?

  24. I actually made one :I

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  27. I like the lamp and I have also made that at home I have that lamp in my bedroom 👍

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  29. You think very well excellant

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  32. Hi there. We use the footage in this video for a non commercial, educational purpose video that benefits many students and educators. Hope there is no issue with this.

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  34. Lan hİÇ turk yokmu turklerr 3 dıy Pet sise kapagı diyor Tayland cıkıyo ne alaka ya

  35. te copiaste de 5 minoto de craft

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  43. I think the third suggestion is dangerous. It can fire.

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  46. Yeah I always thought paint pallets were made from caps

  47. Wow ดีงาม

  48. Can you please tell me how many subscribers does Thai trick has?

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  50. Thomas Edison would be proud!'

  51. The lamp with bottle caps is SO COOL!

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  53. subscribe me and also i back you💋👶🏃

  54. So beautiful I just admire it what a talented person keep getting new videos God Bless u

  55. *****What a great creativity,,,,,,,,,,, awesome……dear friend *****

  56. 2:04 you can make ice too with this hack

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