3 Biggest Challenges in Dealing with Bipolar 2

3 Biggest Challenges in Dealing with Bipolar 2

Hey guys, it’s Hannah. So I’m going to name the three biggest challenges that I face living with bipolar disorder. Number 1: side effects of medication. Specifically, for me, gaining weight and extreme sedation. Now, this was really bad when I first got out of the mental hospital and received my diagnosis of bipolar 2 when we were experimenting with different medications. Number 2: Depression. Because the mania is also very bad. You can get yourself into bad situations when you just reach a peak, where you become irresponsible. But, you’re going up, up, up and the higher you go, the harder you drop. And last but not least, number 3: The stigma. The stigma that goes with having bipolar disorder is a huge challenge. It causes you to doubt yourself; you’re skeptical of those around you and their intentions. Are they judging me? And you lack confidence because you feel so out of place and ashamed. How I deal with some of these challenges is I keep open communication and honest communication with my doctor. Yo, doc! No energy plus 30 pounds equals lack of productivity, equals Hannah being even more depressed and in a bad place than before. What adjustments should we make here? And another thing that I have learned and have recently been working on myself – that goes with stigma and depression and feeling good about yourself – is surrounding yourself with positive thoughts, positive energy, and positive open-minded people. For example, I keep quotes everywhere. And one is on my computer. I look at it every single day because I’m on my computer all the time. And this is how the quote goes: “Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” I want you to go to the comment section down below and list one or two challenges that you face living with bipolar disorder or mental health condition in general. And thank you, as always. And I can’t wait to see you next week.

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  1. hi Hannah. i was just diagnosed 2-3yrs ago and i thought i should have a handle on it by now however i see and have been told it may take more time. I'm just coming off a high from the holidays cause my meds were increased to help me stay out of the hospital. avoiding (depression and suicide attempts ) I guess this triggered a manic episode for me. of course I haven't felt better i want to come off my meds within the last week. However i related to everything you said in this post. Im afraid of the low im about to hit cause of how high i went highest ever and i kept it a secret for a bit fearing hospitalization. … Feeling messed up 🙁

  2. You like quotes, like myself, so here's one. Protositive…
    ”The act of being proactive of your positiveness 🙂 ”
    If I can be so bold as to say, you gave that idea to me Hannah!…So thank you!
    Having said all that, here is my latest work.
    What if a Level isn't Level ?
    I'm going to be bold again and say…If you want the answer you have to go to my new blog.
    Be careful !…It's a different point of view..
    I like to be positive also…so this blog helps me understand myself.
    Thanks Hannah!… for the little bit of inspiration to get me going.

  3. I have bipolar 1 and my challenges are depression and my highs and lows and having to change meds

  4. Weight gain!!! I went 10 years with no weight gain then all of a sudden I gained almost 30 lbs in the course of 2 months. (I've lost most but good lord all that weight so fast was brutal)

    Dry mouth and tremors in hands. Hard to write when your hands are shaking and dry mouth is so uncomfortable.

    The frequent blood tests to check lithium levels. Have to go to the lab, hope there isn't a line bc you already drove over an hour to get there and had to pay $15 minimum for parking then over an hour drive home and a good chunk of your day is shot only for them to say that levels are fine. After being on it for a long time, you get to know when your levels are not right bc you start to feel the different side effects. It would be much easier if there was some sort of test you could do at home like they have for diabetics and testing their glucose levels. Now THAT would be a great idea. PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES are you listening?! 🦄🦄

    And those are just some of mine

  5. the depression is the worst along with the generalized anxiety that comes when you have a million different thoughts racing that won't stop. it's just a tornado of thoughts and every emotion happening at the same time. it's paralyzing, in every way.

  6. I have only been diagnosed with bi polar 2 about 4 moths ago. My biggest challenge is that nobody understands it. Most of my Friends and family tell me 'Its not bi polar, I know what bi polar is and that is not your problem.'. I am tired of explaining to them that I am level two bi polar and i have been dealing with this for over a decade not knowing what it was. because of this it has isolated me from being able to talk about it. I haven't started any medication yet because i wanted to try to do it all on my own. But yesterday i had to finally admit that i can't and need medication. I am scared because (at least in my head) I am having to start the medication because my friends wont support me.

  7. I get the out of place thing. I never feel like I fit in around people. I avoid people in general. I only feel comfortable around my family. I know I have poor self image.

  8. I was just diagnosed today with bipolar 2 , after hearin and seein you talk about it. I love it. I could watch you all day 🙂

  9. My isssue with bipolar disorder 2 is that when I am irritable my temper flares up. My patience goes out the window

  10. Thanks for the videos! I have Bipolar II also and have been on and off a litany of different medications over the last decade or so. And boy do I agree with the negative side effects of medications! My current medication (seroquel) makes it HELL to get up in the morning. Sometimes even after 10 hours of sleep. Its incredibly difficult to fight tooth and nail to get up. I have also experienced the stigma first hand through family: "Oh you don't have bipolar, you just need that medicine to sleep." Sometimes I wish they could get inside my brain for just a few hours. The struggle is real! But concentrating on the positive and surrounding yourself with people that encourage and uplift you does wonders, as does prayer and meditation. Keep the video's coming! Thanks! 🙂

  11. One of my biggest challenges is being able to trust my own thoughts and actions. Like is this a good decision or is it the mania persuading me of it? How do I really feel? Is the depression/ mania making me feel that way or is that a logical way of thinking about something?

  12. Hi Hannah,
    I struggle with all three of these things that you have talked about. Because I have recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder which I also found out I have bipolar 2 disorder. I am struggling to find the right medication dose for before I was really sleepy and tired all the time and could only go to work and then come home and sleep and it's still a little bit of a struggle. But I am seeing the value in meeting with my psychiatrist to get the right medicine and the right help so that I'm not grumpy sleepy and depressed all the time. I have hope it'll get better but it is a process.

  13. My biggest challenges are debilitating anxiety (this is absolutely the most destructive force in my life) followed by depressive episodes that remove the creative, hopeful, and positive elements of my personality until I no longer recognize myself, and complete inability to stick to a sleep schedule because I don't have a typical circadian rhythm and sleep way too much or erratically.

    Side note, the videos by a sunny window make you look so angelic! Really digging the lighting on this video💜

  14. U r so beautiful أحب

  15. I have never gotten the stigma part. I have schizoaffective and I rarely come across a person who telling this to makes them think less of me.

  16. this depression get the the best of me I'm in my thoughts i don't want to talk or be around people

  17. My biggest struggle with Bipolar II : When I'm in a depressive period and I get migraines from subconsciously holding back tears while at work. I struggle to try to hide it and keep people from asking and/or worrying about it.

  18. What meds do you take? Would love to stay in touch with you!

  19. Relationships are pretty difficult for me to obtain and deal with.
    Also, negative thoughts that seem to loom no matter what coping skill I utilize.
    I'm glad to have spokeswomen like you standing up and overcoming the stigma.

  20. my biggest problem has been people telling me I can make myself well without medicine. I can't seem to explain it to them correctly.

  21. This is so true especially the stigma part.

  22. The meds (lithium) doesn't stop mood swings for me…it just takes the extreme nature off of them.

  23. I had to overcome the fear of being beaten by my father ( authority figure) , as well as classmates ((stranger) in order to leave my house as an adult. I still have to remind myself that I'm not living in the Central Valley anymore so being gay and mentally ill are not targets for attacks like they were when I was young

  24. I feel like crap right now I have bipolar 2 my biggest challenge is depression and side effects of medication trying to find a balance and also anxiety sucks

  25. #4 you loose relationships, friendships… people can't adapt to the new you.
    #5 checking your thyroid every 6 months… as lithium could do that, and is doing to you.
    #6 getting to know the new you, as new mental processes begging to happen and a different perspective towards everything and everyone.

    I am 48, have been Bipolar since the start… saw my first shrink at the age of 17 and the guy prescribed anti depressants (geez!)…
    Dating a doctor, one who was an intern at a psych ward when she was a student, proved to be the solution: she diagnosed me, but suggested a competent psychiatrist to make it official.

    I am a new me, and I like it… but I haven't got any thyroid issues yet, I hope I don't… my tests say everything is in balance, which I think meant I had hyper thyroid levels before. Who knows.

    I hope you get better, cheers!

  26. I am on disability after losing my nursing job. Are you able to work? I need inspiration that i can work again

  27. Maintaining and keeping a job.

  28. Months of depression that usually has psychosis for either 1-2 weeks of it, and the feeling of mania and depression at the same time.

  29. Knowing that im suffering from bipolar disorder and have been all my life. But still waiting to see a specialist about it. I suffer from hypomania and being depressed and the same time. Also can get really badly europhic which isnt good for me as i also have beckers muscular dystrophy. I feel its getting out hand at the moment. I have my first appointment this tuesday

  30. I have bipolar 2, a DNA test helped to confirm the diagnosis. My biggest challenge is low energy and not having motivation to even get out of bed someways. CBT and medication helps but accepting my bad days has been the hardest part.

  31. tap into your physic powers….see things for they happen…know when the phone is about to ring… tell you what think of a number from 1 to 10


  32. 1. Side effects from most psyche meds. 2. Stigma 3. depression and knowing I can't take anti depression meds. Fuck. Fuck.

  33. The biggest challenge is the volume and speed of my speech, by the time I realize I’m “speeding” it’s too late. The person is usually already alienated or just looking for an exit from the conversation. Finding it very harder and harder to communicate with people as I get older it seems.

  34. Hello Henna :) biggest challenge is getting up ..getting OUT of bed …n get my day started. !!

  35. I love how honest you are. I was recently diagnosed with bipolar 2 and it’s been hard with the meds and I totally agree: being honest with with my doc is so important.

    The hardest part of bipolar 2 is feeling so utterly depressed after feeling so good. I hate coming off of a ‘high’ bc it’s just so extreme.

  36. 1.)The RAGE!
    2.)Constantly pissing off those who support you the most.
    3.) Feeling like someone is playing tug-o-war with your mind because of a mixed state.
    4.) psychosis on both ends (the lights glow like halos, the sly sparkles, the grass is so green it's hard to look at; I feel like people are following me, watching me, whispering about me– to the point that I confront innocent bystanders).
    5.) I feel you on the side effects. I've had prescriptions induce mania, hair loss, weight loss, extreme sedation, tremors, you name it.
    6.) Delusions. It's really upsetting to not know what's real.. And embarrassing to have to have someone point out that your feelings aren't based in reality.
    And 7.) I also feel you on the stigma. I feel like people find out about my diagnosis and they cease to look at me as a writer or student (or any of the good things about me). Afterwards, I feel that they just see me as Bipolar and nothing about me matters to them but that.

  37. I was diagnosed with Bipolar II this past January. My biggest challenges would have to be keeping relationships and being so hard on myself. I have been in an on and off relationship for two years. When we first started dating, I was diagnosed with depression and what the doctor thought was ADHD. It wasn't until fall 2017 that I started losing myself. I did things I would have never done if I was clear minded. I got a tattoo one day. No meaning to it, no thought to it. I was easily agitated and super suicidal. Finally after months of racing thoughts, suicidal thoughts, ruining relationships I went to the counseling center at my university. There the lady did a screening and diagnosed me with Bipolar II. I started to receive medication from the school's psychiatrist. I was going to counseling until I got into a relationship with someone that treated me like gold. I thought I was perfectly fine and didn't need counseling. About a month into the relationship I started to become depressed, doubting myself, thinking everyone knew I was crazy. I just tried to brush it off. This past June, everything mixed together and exploded. I blew up on people, anxiety and panic attacks were becoming a daily thing. I went back to the guy I was on and off with. Ever since, I have been struggling to find a therapist in network. I have been dealing with things alone my entire life. No family or friends supported me. No one understood my trials. And even to this day, I am desperately trying to find a therapist I can afford. Not so much in a small college town in Idaho. I am trying my best to keep track of my mood on an app and learning how to catch myself when I am cycling. If anyone is willing to give me tips, I would gladly accept them.

  38. One of my challenges is being real with myself and at the same time being positive for my young son…As a bipolar parent you go through a feeling of high worthlessness in the guilt of your child seeing and not fully understanding whats going on

  39. My fear is that when people find out I am bipolar they will automatically brand me as crazy even though I am a functioning adult ,responsible and have an important job.

  40. I’m so sick of living like this…it’s so much …so many disorders…non curable disease…completely alone in a full house…I can’t bring myself to leave…especially alone and literally have nobody that can come because I’m too stressed and overwhelmed to have any friends. I wish something would help this..even some because I’m more than exhausted…it’s been more than I can handle for years and I can’t feel like this…I have kids…I have to find something that helps and the psychiatrist hasn’t found anything never came close. So hopeless I couldn’t even talk if you were face to face because it hurts that much

  41. Recognising the crisis before I am half way true! I noticed before having a depression crisis I become more irritable and cancel appointments and avoid people. Having a journal and tracking my emotions have being really helpful

  42. I'm officially diagnosed with dysthymia but I'm beginning to challenge that, or it was far worse a disease than I thought it was, because while I don't feel like not getting out of bed anymore, 1 year into treatment hasn't gotten me into a point where I can "function as a normal responsible adult" yet, mainly due to my anxiety.
    I don't really have suggestions, comments or tips to make but thought I'd share.

  43. For me my biggest problem with bipolar type 2 disorder is the anger and the irritability that comes with the hypomanic part of this disorder. This part of the disorder is really messing up my life. I’m really quick to anger and I loss my patients very quickly and I’m having issues in my relationships. It’s challenging to explain this part to ppl when they don’t have it. So with medication it’s a lot better but I often wonder when I do get angry if this is a break through symptom or if it is just me being angry. So that being said another part of me that’s very challenging is that I don’t know now if what I’m feeling is the disorder or if it is me and just me feeling my feelings. So it’s really confusing when it comes to the emotional side of things.

  44. Feeling happy and confident are big challenges for me. My theory is that if I am happy, then I will be able to achieve more goals. Easier said than done…

  45. Definitely being extremely insecure about mainly my physical appearance & comparing myself to others. My lows are horrible feels like someone is strangling me & just cant release the pain. I cant turn my mind off with the should i or shouldn't i or can i do this…nope you cant dont embarrass yourself. I gotta work on it. Thank u again for all your wisdom & have an amazing weekend🤗💜

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