3 Benefits Of Using Business Credit Cards

3 Benefits Of Using Business Credit Cards

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  1. This video is really awesome & helpful.
    I am having 1 Credit Card right now, & I used all its limits. Now I am paying its due amount monthly as per its statement. But unfortunately I am not able to use it for my business purpose now. Therefore my question is do I need to buy another credit card from another Bank? If YES or NO please guide me.

  2. Hi AnimaksCS, I would recommend that you pay that credit card off as fast as possible, not just the due amount. Make it a priority to clear that debt as fast as possible. You never want to owe money on credit cards.

    You should only get another credit card if you can be sure you can disciplined enough to pay everything you put on it at the end of each month. Otherwise, you are just creating a second problem.

    I strongly recommend that you focus on paying off your credit card first.

  3. Thank you, cashflowkungfu, your video was helpful. I have a question though. I am developing a business and researching uses of credit cards in my business. I have only self-taught and learned knowledge about business etiquette. I understand there is a lot of use for having a business credit card. I am curious as to what, specifically, I am looking for in a business credit card. What are pros and cons? Is just any credit card worth using? Thanks again, you video is so helpful. I love your name too, cashflowkungfu.

  4. EXCELLENT VIDEO! I love that you strongly encourage, almost demand, that people don't carry a balance on these cards. And using the statements as large payment organizers is a great tip!

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