2014 Far East Film and Entertainment Arts: Jump

[ Music ]>>Hey, watch it.>>I’m sorry. I should’ve, sorry. [ Music ] [ Ocean Waves ]>>1, 2, 3, jump.>>Soolim? Oh my God, Soolim?>>Soolim are you okay?>>Come on, we gotta go. We gotta go. [ Ocean Waves ]>>Why didn’t I do anything? I could’ve saved that girl. [ Ocean Waves ] [ Music ]>>Okay, let’s go.>>[multiple speakers]
Ready, 1, 2, 3.>>Stop! Don’t jump!>>What?>>Why?>>I’m trying to save you. This has already
happened before. Just don’t do it!>>What is he talking about?>>What a loser.>>This has already
happened before?.>>Doesn’t even make any sense. Let’s go.>>Yeah, let’s get out of here.>>Okay. [ Music ]>>You’re welcome! [ Music ] [ Ocean Waves ]

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