2013 BPC Elevator Pitch Winner

2013 BPC Elevator Pitch Winner

– It’s a cold night and you’re
at your son’s football game. After the first quarter
you realize these bleachers are so cold, my butt is numb. I have the perfect solution, the Hot Seat. The Hot Seat is a cushion stadium seat with the heated base and back. Now, there are cushion
stadium seats available that aren’t heated and heated stadium pads that don’t offer back support. The Hot Seat combines these two elements providing a portable
cushion heated stadium seat with a USB port to charge
your mobile device. According to,
there are over 73 million outdoor stadium seats in America alone. I’ll use the internet, my
personal NFL connections, and amateur booster club organizations to sell 2,000 units by year three, resulting in $120,000 in sales. I need 19K for development,
manufacturing, and marketing. Investors can expect a
3X return by year three. Don’t let frost bite your buns. Get the Hot Seat.

Comments (11)

  1. 2013 must have been a bad year

  2. Um, was he the only competitor? Because there is no way he should be winning any elevator pitch competition! He spoke way too fast, he looked uneasy, and he was inarticulate.

  3. "Don't let frost bite your buns" shit I would have easily invested after hearing that clever play on words.

  4. It was a good pitch, but he spoke entirely too fast and didn’t take proper pauses in my opinion. I think the script was magnificent but the delivery could have been better.


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