2013.09.23 Mon. – Arts & Entertainment 2013.09.23 월 – 문화 예술

2013.09.23 Mon. – Arts & Entertainment 2013.09.23 월 – 문화 예술

And now we’re joined by our Arts & Entertainment
reporter Lee Tae Ho for all the latest in the world of entertainment Good afternoon
Tae Ho Good afternoon Conn-young, I hope you had
a wonderful and relaxing holiday Well, I hear that today you’re going to be
updating us on all of the things that we may have missed out on over the long holiday weekend? Indeed. I have a little bit of everything
to tell you about today, from an on-set injury, marriage news and who the most prosperous
celebrity couple of the past year was. So, without further ado, let’s go ahead and get
right to it First up is the story of the “nation’s little
sister,” Moon Geun-young . Moon is currently appearing in the Korean
historical drama “Goddess of Fire,” where she plays the first female potter and porcelain
artist of the Joseon Dynasty, Baek Pa-sun. But the popular Monday/Tuesday drama has been
put on hold due to an on-set injury to the star. Apparently Moon was injured in a freak accident
in which some camera equipment fell from the ceiling and landed on her face. She was rushed
to the hospital and, ever the consummate professional, she was back on set after only one day of
rest. However, according to her management agency,
the crew had to halt production because of she had sustained a significant amount of
damage to her face. She had swelling and bruising in her eye area that had deteriorated to the
point where shooting was no longer an option. We wish her the best of luck on a swift recovery
and hope to see her back on screen soon. Next up is the surprise marriage announcement
by music industry giant and artist Park Jin-young. He made the announcement on his social networking
site on the September 16th, saying that his fiancee had accepted his proposal and the
couple will hold a small, private ceremony next month on October 10th. This is Park’s second marriage and the lucky
lady is a non-celebrity who is nine years his junior. Congratulations and good luck
on a long and prosperous journey together And finally, which celebrity couple was the
most prosperous over the past year? Well, Forbes magazine has published its latest list
of the highest-earning celebrity couples. Starting off at number 3 is the Hollywood
superstar couple Brad Pitt and the lovely Angelina Jolie. The couple earned a total
of 50 million U.S. dollars between the two of them for their movie roles and advertising
income. And at number 2, the runner-up that doesn’t
really seem like a runner-up. With combined earnings totaling 80 million
U.S. dollars, it’s a pro athlete and model — NFL superstar Tom Brady and his lovely
supermodel spouse Gisele Bundchen. Drum roll please Atop the list of the highest-earning
celebrity couples of the past year is the hip-hop and R&B power couple of Jay Z and
Beyonce. Their total estimated earnings are a whopping
100 million U.S. dollars. Beyonce is said to have earned 20 million
U.S. dollars in one day alone from her 2013 Mrs. Carter World Tour. And her husband Jay Z raked in 14 million
U.S. dollars PER DAY during his global tour as well. Now you are up to date on the latest star
news that you may have missed over the long holiday Whew, there certainly was a lot happening
over the long weekend. Moon Geun-young’s show is a very inspiring historical drama and I
hope to see her back on the small screen again very soon. I agree and the drama certainly is inspiring
because the character that Moon so deftly portrays, Baek Pa-sun, was one of the most
sought-after artisans of her time, which, considering the era, is truly amazing. The piece on the highest-earning celebrity
couples was interesting as well. It’s not surprising that Beyonce and Jay Z were first,
but I didn’t realize that a pro athlete and a model earned so much That’s right. And did you know that Tom Brady
is currently on a five-year, 57-million-dollar contract, with 30 million dollars as a signing
bonus. And he is still only the third highest paid player in the billion dollar industry
that is American pro football. Well, thank you, Tae Ho, for the latest and
we’ll see you again tomorrow Thank you, Conn-young, and I’ll see you again

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