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Now it’s time for our Arts & Entertainment
segment with Lee Tae Ho Let’s see what Tae Ho has to start us off with this Monday afternoon
Good afternoon Tae Ho Good afternoon Conn-young. So I hear that wedding bells are ringing all
over the world Yes indeed, and I have some marriage updates
for everyone to kick off the week As you mentioned, there have been weddings not just here in
Korea, but across the way in the United States as well Two stars, one show, two weddings Actors Ji Sung and Bae Soo-bin are both starring
in the upcoming Wednesday/Thursday drama “The Secret.” But the television show is not all
that the two popular actors share. They both have marriage on the brain. Ji Sung is currently engaged to the lovely
high-profile actress Lee Bo-young. After a long and tumultuous seven years of dating,
the couple finally announced they were getting hitched. The wedding will be on September
27th in Seoul. The 38-year-old Bae Soo-bin tied the knot
on Saturday, marrying his girlfriend of just six months, a grad school student who is eight
years his junior. Although the courtship was short, the two
seem very secure in their relationship, and the enthusiasm seems to have affected the
cast and crew of their upcoming show. Co-star Hwang Jung-eum had this to say about
the atmosphere on set: “I had a good dream. My dreams are usually
pretty correct in predicting the future. I feel great, so when I go onto the set I feel
really good. The producer has also been wonderful so the whole atmosphere is great.” With his upcoming nuptials, some may have
wondered whether Ji Sung would have time in his busy schedule for a new show. “As most of you know I have a very special
event coming up in September and I wanted to focus on that, but I decided I would do
this drama as well.” Ji Sung’s newly married castmate Bae Soo-bin
said the wedding plans had brought he and Ji Sung closer together. “Because Ji Sung and I were both planning
our weddings, it was really easy to talk to each other and get to know each other. I think
we both started communicating by telepathy as well.” The other weekend wedding news comes from
overseas. This time it is the long-time couple of John
Legend and model Chrissy Teigen. The two met in 2007 while Legend was filming the video
for his hit single “Stereo” and they have been dating ever since. The nine-time Grammy award winning singer-songwriter
popped the question in December 2011 in the romantic setting of the Maldives. The couple married on Saturday in Italy where
the two had fallen in love. Good luck and congratulations to the newly
wed couples and we look forward to what is sure to be a beautiful ceremony for Ji Sung
and Lee Bo-young later this month It seems like fall is wedding season. Exactly, but is there anything you’ve noticed
about not only the weddings we talked about today, but marriages that have taken place
lately? Well, if anything, there seems be a growing
age gap between the bride and groom. Yes, I’ve noticed that, too. Take actor Lee
Byung-hyun and actress Lee Min-jung, for example. They’re 12 years apart. Another example is the legendary K-pop musician
Seo Taji, whose bride is 16 years his junior. Yes, and now that you mention it, it seems
like it’s not only older men marrying younger women but the opposite as well. Yes and a good example of this is singer Baek
Ji-young and actor Jung Suk-won, who are nine years apart. This is very “out of the norm”
here in Korea, where people consult the Chinese zodiac in marriage relations, as a four-year
age difference between a prospective husband and wife bodes well for a trouble-free marriage. Perhaps in the face of love, age is but a
number? Thank you Tae Ho for your segment and we’ll see you tomorrow. Thank you Conn-young. See you again tomorrow.

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