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Time now for our Arts and Culture segment…
and for that we have our Lee Tae-ho joining us live in the studio. Good afternoon to you, Tae-ho. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Good afternoon to you too, Conn-young And,
I did. Well, now that the work week has kicked off,
let’s get right down to business. So, what’s making headlines in the entertainment
realm on this Monday? The joker from the original “Batman” movie,
“A Few Good Men” and “The Shining” — what, or rather who, do they all have in common?
That’s right, they’ve all been played by one of the greatest living actors of our time,
Jack Nicholson. But has the legend quietly exited stage left? Let’s take a closer look. John Joseph “Jack” Nicholson is a cinema legend. He has been nominated for an Oscar in every
decade since the 1960s, for the last 50 years. The winner of 3 Oscars and 12 Oscar nominations,
he is tied with Michael Caine and Laurence Olivier as the most-nominated male actor in
the history of the Academy Awards. Nicholson earned his first Academy Award nomination
for his role as lawyer George Hanson from the movie “Easy Rider” in 1969, which was
considered Nicholson’s “big break.” His first Oscar for best actor wouldn’t come
until six years later, in 1975, for his role in the film adaptation of author Ken Kesey’s
“One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” In 2002, his role as a man contemplating his
own life after the death of his wife in “About Schmidt” garnered Nicholson another nomination
for best male actor at the Academy Awards that year. His other roles in the 2000s include a list
of movies that were box office hits such as “Anger Management” starring Adam Sandler in
2003, “The Departed” in 2006 and director Rob Reiner’s “The Bucket List” co-starring
Morgan Freeman in 2007. But has the living legend finally called it
quits? Rumors about Jack Nicholson’s quiet retirement
made waves over the weekend, with him an inability to remember his lines due to memory loss cited
as the main reason. IF the news were true, it would not be a big
surprise. Many modern-day legends from the “American
Wave” of the 60s and 70s, such as Warren Beatty and Gene Hackman, are no longer active in
the film world. IF the news of Nicholson’s retirement were
true, it would be a well-deserved final call for a celebrated actor whose career started
back in 1958 and has 72 acting credits to his name. But don’t close the book on this story yet. Maria Shriver of NBC has said that the news
about Nicholson’s retirement and memory loss are nothing but “cuckoo” rumors, and that
Nicholson is actively reviewing scripts for his next project. What a loss it would be if such a cinema legend
decided to hang it all up. However, it would be understandable and, after such a distinguished
career, it would definitely be very well deserved. I totally agree. Nicholson is definitely a
living icon, not only for his acting, but for his impact on the film community. So,
what do you have up next for us today? Now, moving on from Hollywood, we bring it
back right here to Seoul, Korea, for the 8th annual Seoul International Drama Awards. Who
was there, and who took home the coveted Golden Bird? Let’s check it out The 8th annual Seoul International Drama Awards
took place on Thursday, September 5th, with Miss A’s Suzy and actor Lee Sung-jae as this
year’s hosts. Top Korean stars including 2PM’s Lee Jun-ho,
“Lost” and “Mistress” star Kim Yoon-jin, JYJ’s Kim Jae-joong, and actor Lee Jun-ki… arrived
to walk the red carpet and honor the best global television dramas and movies. This year’s SDAs were broadcast live on television
and via the internet to 120 countries, evidence that the Korean Wave of pop culture is truly
receiving global attention. Votes for this year’s Seoul Drama Awards were
cast by the official judges and fans, who voted through the smartphone application MyPeople
and the K-Pop community site 2013 was another tough year for the judges,
as there were 225 entries from 48 countries around the world. The Grand Prize went to “Prisoners of War:
Season 2” from Israel, while the French production “The Jewish Cardinal” took home the top prize
for best television movie. Other winners included the German production
“Generation War” for best mini-series, and the winner of best serial drama went to the
Spanish production “Grand Hotel 2.” Another notable winner was “Mistresses” featuring
Korean star Kim Yoon-jin, which bagged the Golden Bird as the most popular foreign drama
of the year. The award for most outstanding Korean Drama
went to “Arang and the Magistrate,” with the runner-up being the popular drama “Yawang.” Actor Lee Jun-ki was the winner of the outstanding
Korean actor award and Bae Suzy took home the title of most outstanding actress. The competition for the best soundtrack of
the year was again a highly-contested category, featuring 26 of the most popular songs from
13 dramas. But in the end, the Golden Bird for best soundtrack
of the year went to Kim Jae-joong for his track “Living Like a Dream,” featured in the
drama “Dr. Jin.” It seems that the SDAs are becoming bigger
and better each year, with more and more entries and stars from around the world. Indeed, and with the popularity of K-pop and
the spread of the Korean Wave, I only see it becoming an even bigger global event next
year Well, thank you for sharing all the latest
in the world of Arts and Entertainment, and we’ll see you back again tomorrow I definitely look forward to it and have a
wonderful afternoon

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