2012 Far East Film and Entertainment Arts: Misled Terrors

No! No! No! Help! 911, what is your emergency? Yes, I heard a scream
coming from the room next door. I don’t normally call
for these kinds of things, but there was something
about this scream… Ma’am, please stay calm.
What is the address? I’m at the Parkinson Hotel,
room 1806. Please try not to get involved. We’ll have a squad car there
shortly to investigate. Thank you for the call.
-Thank you. Hurry! Hi, I’m home. How’s the investigation
been going honey? It’s hit a dead end. There hasn’t been a murder
in a couple of days now, but once the killer resurfaces,
we’ll catch him. I know you will dear,
after 15 years in the force you’ve never let a criminal
slip through your hands once. I’m not planning on it.
-Jane says you’re getting close. Just last night she said
there’d be another murder. Mary, I don’t know how
many times I’ve said this, but Jane isn’t real. This is Peters.
Okay, I’m coming now. There’s been another murder,
a break in the investigation. Hopefully this time
we’ll be able to catch him. Should I wait for you
for dinner? No, it will probably be
another late night. Okay, that’s tight enough.
I’ll see you after dinner. Another murder,
this time in the park. Hair color? -Blond.
-Left ear? -Half missing. Fingers? -All missing,
except for the pinkies. It’s them again. -I know,
but this time they were sloppy. What do you mean sloppy? They found hair on the bodies,
brunette, but we all know that the killer likes his victims blond.
-Blond, right. And where is the hair now?
-Forensics have it down in the lab, they’re analyzing it right now.
-Good. I want to go down to the crime scene,
check it out for myself. So what do you see
at first glance? The usual from this killer,
a clean scene. The only thing different is that
they left the body in plain sight. Well if they left the body
in plain sight, and the hair from yesterday,
what else did they screw up? John, John,
Johnny over here! Mary, what are you doing here?
-I don’t know. Jane said to follow her here,
so I came. Well, there was no need
for you to come, why don’t you go home
and get some rest? Okay. Hey Lee, I don’t know
what she’s doing here but can you take her home,
make sure she gets home safe? No problem,
it will be my pleasure. Alright, and I think I’ve seen
all I need to see here. I’ll go back to the station and see what forensics
has come up with. Alright, but before you go,
creepiness over there has been staring at us
this whole time. I think he followed us here
to the park. Yes, I noticed him too.
I’ll go check it out. Who are you
and what do you want? I’m not your enemy.
-Then who are you? I know who you’re looking for.
-Yeah? And how would you know that? I have my resources, but you’re not
going to like where this leads. This is Peters.
-John, it’s Captain Smith. Something’s happened
to your partner Carol. There’s been a car crash.
-My wife and Carol, are they okay? We found her car but they were
nowhere to be found. Oh Jane,
why did you do it again? I don’t know Mary,
it’s just so thrilling. But I don’t want to do it
anymore, you can’t control me. But don’t you see Mary?
I am you.

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