2 Disturbing Horror Stories

2 Disturbing Horror Stories

Over the weekend about 15 co-workers and myself had our company trip to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Known for being Stephen King’s inspiration for The Shining. We took an 8 p.m ghost tour where we joined about 15 other people to get guided around the property and Told stories about its history and creepy things that are said to have happened. We were told to take a lot of pictures I’m sure to try and capture orbs or ghosts Many green orbs were caught in pictures but I don’t think anything is as creepy as this photo taken by my coworker A little girl in a hot pink dress who was definitely not on our tour And apparently years ago a young girl who was 12 to 13 by the name of Lucy Was squatting in the basement of the concert hall Which is where this photo was taken and she was discovered upon plans to begin some construction She was forced to leave and the night got below freezing. So she froze to death Everyone on my tour has vouched that this girl was not on our tour I mean who wouldn’t remember someone wearing hot pink? The man pictured is our tour guide No one would have been in front of him. I am convinced that this is the ghost of Lucy Just one more added note though I doubt anyone would believe me But there was only one time throughout the tour where I fell any strange energy or feeling And it was right there headed down to the basement of the concert hall MORE!!! What’s that? Plain white sauce Plain white sauce makes your teeth go grey ARGHHH!!!! 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Okay good This happened a few weeks ago when I was walking home from school Excited that my freshman year was coming to an end It was a Tuesday night when I was turning in my last essay for history I left it to the last minute and the teacher actually made me complete it before I could go home I hated my teacher for that Around 8 p.m. I had finished that goddamn essay and was walking home. The rain had stopped and there was a beautiful sunset Suddenly, I noticed something there was a red 2016 toyota camry right behind me. I got goosebumps thinking it was following me I didn’t look back and started walking in my apartments direction I wanted to go to a busy road to feel safer Just then the car sped up stopping right next to me A middle-aged man asked me where I was headed and suggested to drop me off I said no, thanks, but the man wouldn’t leave and insisted I wanted to tell the man to just fuck off, but I took off running instead I heard a loud noise and at the same time felt something I can only describe as a sharp Vibration hitting my flesh. I fell to the ground not knowing what happened out of adrenaline I was about to get up and run again as I felt a heavy arm grab me by the mouth Then the pain set in I realized that I was shot. There was another man next to him that searched my pockets He grabbed my phone and threw it on the ground as he tied my legs and taped my mouth They quickly put me into the trunk of their car and then started driving I could feel that we were going very fast, and I’m sure that we hadn’t stopped at all for a good thirty minutes. I was feeling my blood soaking into my shirt which scared me the most I was certain that I was gonna die I was thinking about my parents and what they would feel when they heard that I was missing Then the car came to a stop By some miracle. I heard a police officer asking for IDs and driver’s licenses I wanted to yell for help, but nothing came out Just then I heard three to four gunshots. I heard another cop yelling. I was begging the cop to find me Then I heard the cop searching the car. I was feeling joy as my pain was growing worse seconds felt like hours The officer then opened the car’s trunk in suddenness started firing at me out of a fight-or-flight response Thankfully the bullets missed The officer quickly caught up to the fact that I was kidnapped and injured he called for backup immediately And it arrived in minutes They placed the injured officer onto a gurney and drove off in an ambulance Finally when the scene was saved they called another ambulance for me. I woke up in the hospital The news media was everywhere I was fine after a few days, but later learned that the officer that was shot didn’t make it I don’t know if those men are still alive or rotting away in a prison for killing an officer. I don’t want to know what would have if those officers hadn’t stopped the car Thank you to Quidd for sponsoring this video download Quidd using the link in the description below

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  1. Get Quidd here My username is LlamaArts if you want to add me. I’m trying to get all the Cartoon Network stickers if you want to trade 🙂
    Finally! a video with 'stories' in the title that actually make sense!

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  31. Lucy was a girl who ran away from her family for some unexplainable reason. She decided to hide in the basement of the concert hall and when they discovered her, she was forced to leave. It was freezing outside and so she froze to death. People have claimed to see her ghost when they go around the basement of the concert hall.

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  75. Plain white sauce makes your teeth go grey

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