17 Things To Remember When Dealing With The Police

17 Things To Remember When Dealing With The Police

17 Things To Remember When Dealing With The
Police The police have been a very hot button issue
in the last couple of years, drawing a lot of negative attention. But what can you do if you’re stopped by police? What rights do you have? And finally, how will you be able to survive
an encounter with our police officers? Keep watching to find out how to get through
a run-in with police safely. But first, why don’t you subscribe to our
channel and while you’re at it, hit that notification bell as well. Cause we’re the law here on Youtube and the
law says to like, subscribe and comment. Okay, so where do we begin? How about the fact that way too many Americans
owe their entire knowledge of law enforcement practice to TV cop procedurals. Unfortunately for us, these shows are often
not based on how the police work in real life. So it’s important to know your rights when
dealing with police, as well as all the tricks and traps that they can use to get you to
forfeit them. 17) They’re Not Your Friends. If you take away one thing from this list,
I want it to be this point. Whatever you think of the police and their
function in society, the second you’re arrested or taken into custody, they are working against
you. They’re trying to charge you with a crime,
and everything they do (no matter how nice it seems) is a means toward that end. In other words, CSI lied to us all. 16) Some Police Are Racist. No, we’re not saying that every police officer
is racist. We’re saying that the system is biased against
people of color, especially black and Latino people. A Stanford University study from 2017 found
that, across all 50 states, black and Latino people are disproportionately likely to be
searched if their cars are stopped, even over trivial matters. FBI data shows that black people are disproportionately
likely to be killed by police, even more so when you look at people killed while not resisting
arrest. And a study using body cam footage shows that
police are more likely to use disrespectful language (and thus escalate the situation)
when they’re talking to black people vs. when they’re talking to white people. The depressing takeaway? If you’re black or Latino, the previous
rule is far more applicable than if you’re white. 15) Don’t Resist. It’s counter-intuitive when faced with people
wearing armor and holding weapons, but staying calm and respectful is vital. Running, bad-mouthing the officer, or reaching
for anything in your waistband or pockets are all serious no-gos. This is true even if you’re being approached
or arrested for unfair reasons, or if the police officer is being disrespectful to you. And, like many other items on this list, this
goes double if you’re black or Latino. If they’re trying to charge you with something,
just remain calm. 14) Don’t Consent. Please don’t take the above rule to mean
“do everything the officer asks you to.” You still have rights. If you’re pulled over, the police are allowed
to pat you down (if they suspect you’ve got a weapon), but you can refuse to consent
to a further body search or a search of your car or home. If they do it anyways, verbally say that you
don’t consent, and absolutely don’t volunteer to be searched. If you do consent, it might have implications
when you’re in court. When police are trying to charge you, be cool
but make sure that you know your rights. 13) Ask If You’re Free To Go. If you’re being pulled over or stopped and
the cop is questioning you harshly, make sure to stay calm. They might be trying to scare you with false
charges, but all you need to do is ask “Am I free to go?”. If yes, make sure that you leave POLITELY. If not, then it’s time to call your lawyer
and to keep silent. 12) Don’t Do Anything Illegal. Okay, how many times have you watched a Cop
show where the suspects just get in more trouble by further incriminating themselves? If you’re being arrested or pulled over, just
stay calm and whatever you do, don’t break the law. Not in front of police officers, at least. You wouldn’t want them to charge you with
anything you could’ve avoided. 11) Don’t Run. Once again, this might seem like an obvious
one but attempting to escape the police is never the right thing to do. Running will not only just make the officers
more suspicious of you, but it’ll also make the judge you eventually face very cranky. If you’re pulled over just cooperate, don’t
freak out and know your rights. They can’t charge you with evading arrest
if you stand stoic. 10) Don’t Touch Cops. This rule cannot be stressed enough so we’ll
say it again: DON’T. TOUCH. COPS. Not only is it a felony, but if the police
are truly suspicious of you then you could get yourself hurt. Remember, these guys carry tasers and guns
and they aren’t afraid to use them on anyone who’s threatening their well-being. 9) The Police Can Lie. Seems awfully strange, right? The people who are supposed to be protecting
us can LIE, right to our faces? They can lie to you when they’ve stopped you,
they can lie to you when you’re being interrogated, they can lie to you about evidence, they can
lie that you’ve failed a polygraph test, they can lie to you about having an eyewitness. And if you confess (or falsely confess) based
on the evidence, guess what: it’s still legally considered a voluntary confession! There’s a case that exemplifies this, if you’re
interested see People v. Jones from 1998. 8) You’re Not Allowed To Lie. Giving false information can get you charged
with obstruction of justice, a felony under federal law. However, you can’t be charged with obstruction
of justice for refusing to answer questions because of your Fifth Amendment Rights. Keep in mind however in some states, you do
need to give your name if asked. So if you’re going to give the cops anything,
just make sure it’s only your name and ID. 7) You Can Keep Quiet. Wait, what does the right to remain silent
actually mean? You can’t be punished for refusing to answer
questions, even if the police imply that you will, or that things will be easier on you
if you cooperate. Believe it or not, refusing to make a self-incriminating
statement is way more likely to be helpful to your case than co-operating with the police. The police should give you a verbal Miranda
Warning to remind you of that right, but they may neglect to do so. Just so you know, the Miranda Warning is the
thing they do that includes the words “you have the right to remain silent”. Just say that you’re exercising that right
to remain silent, and nothing else. 6) They Can Still Question You. Here’s the thing, though: the right to remain
silent doesn’t mean that the police need to stop questioning you after you’ve said
you’re exercising it. It just means that you don’t have to answer
their questions. Sometimes, police officers will ask you questions
after you’ve already said you’re going to stay silent. It’s a clever (and legal!) trick to get
people to keep talking. Don’t fall for it. Just see if you can get a lawyer, and then
stop talking. 5) Ask For A Lawyer. Hiring a lawyer doesn’t make you look guilty. If you’re an American, you have the constitutional
right to a lawyer, and you should definitely take it, whether you’re innocent or guilty. Remember: the police aren’t your friends
right now, and it’s good to have someone on your side with as much experience with
the law as they have! 4) Use A Public Defender. The bad news is that hiring a lawyer is expensive. The good news? A lot more people than you might think are
eligible for a public defender. Depending on the regulations in your state,
you may be able to apply for a public defender even if you have a full-time job and are reasonably
financially stable. 3) There’s No Off The Record. They might have turned off a tape-recorder,
they may have assured you that you aren’t on the record. None of that is true. After you’re in custody, literally anything
you say (whether it’s spoken to a police officer or a visitor or a fellow prisoner)
can be recorded and used against you. There’s one exception: you can’t be recorded
while talking to your lawyer. 2) What To Do If Your Rights Are Violated. If you feel you’ve been deprived of your
civil liberties in an encounter with police and you want justice, make sure to write down
the details of the encounter as soon as possible so that you remember everything. Getting in touch with your state’s chapter
of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) can help you figure out what to do next, and
if you actually have a winnable case. If you do, you can file a police misconduct
report. 1) Report Misconduct. Remember, there are places you can go if you
felt at all harassed by a police officer. The best way to get rid of all the bad eggs
in the police department is to root them out one by one. Even though snitches get stitches, is it alright
to snitch if you’re snitching on the police? Hm… Food for thought. Let’s put the jokes aside for a second. The purpose of this article isn’t to paint
the police as monsters, but rather to keep you informed about some of the tricks they
might try to pull on you. Also, it’s an exercise to make sure you
know your rights. There is a lot of prejudice in this world
and the police, even though we hold them up to a higher standard, are also human. The best thing we can all collectively do
is just to be polite, calm and informed. That’s about it! Now, you should be more than equipped to face
off with police one day, although we really hope you never have too. Have you ever had a bad run-in with the cops? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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  1. Have you ever had a bad run-in with the cops? Tell us about it in the comments section below. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

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  4. I had 1 run in. They blocked my dead end street for repairing pipes. I was coming home and just stayed at the end so I could drive up my street. This cop (such a butt hole) started yelling at Mr till he realized I lived on that street. Stayed calm but he didnt even apologize.

  5. The police will lie about someone when under oath in order to get a conviction against that person. All the other cops will support the lies of that cop. Cops do not always inform people of their rights regarding arrest or custody. Cops will encourage you to let them take a written statement from you, telling you that if you co-operate. you will be allowed home soon. Never talk to them and never let them take a statement from you while you're in custody, unless you want to end up in prison. Once you give a statement they can twist it and alter it in order to secure a conviction against you. Cops often throw people into jail cells with the suspect's hands still handcuffed behind their backs and if someone vomits or has breathing difficulties they can die in this way in police custody. If the suspect is under the influence and chokes to death while his or her hands are cuffed behind their back, the police officers will take off the cuffs before they let a doctor see the body. Long story short- Cops are NOT your friends. Do NOT get arrested.

  6. Assume all cops are violent,conservative, Trumptards. Though minorities will be singled out first, bumper stickers that advertise that you are liberal, pro- Democrat, pro- environment, pro-pot, pro-education, are redneck triggers. Also long hair or other counter culture looks will put you in danger. Today's PIGS hate free thinkers as they gave up that right when they turned skinhead.

  7. I was investigated for sexual abuse of my daughter. It was mishandles from the beginning , I had a good relations with the police department due to the area I did security. Things snowballed due to my honesty about having watch porn for years and frequenting questionable establishments , doing bouncer gigs , Legal aid lawyer was going on holidays at the time of my trial in family court and I agreed to a ajornment . I didn't feel right then got a new lawyer . which was a good thing . Crown was not informed of the change and the court had already prepared for me to take sexual abuse counciling until my other lawyer returned , which would have been a admission of guilt . Everything was dropped , by the way, when changing diapers I would hold out my finger and ask what this is she would say a finger and I would respond " no it is a navel destroyer " then poke her in her bellybutton , The lie detector was also a joke , the Dic just kept asking me " have you ever hurt someone ". The worst part of this is one Sargent words still after 25 years ring in the back of my mind., " your father was no good , your no good and your kids will never be good " I am now on disability PTSD , anxiety and I cut myself. My kids never had trouble with police , are married , have children and they both have home baste businesses . I don't have as close of a relationship with my 7 grand kids or close friends. I can't trust anyone. There is always someone out there that will see thing not as they are

  8. I've been pulled over a few times in different states. My experience has always been positive. But….I always smiled, spoke politely, told them my ID was in my purse…and even though they gave me permission to get it, and they put their hand on their holster… I said what I was doing as I did it. I did everything in slow motion.
    I thanked them for being polite. I am of color and they were all white. I'm sure if I had tried to run, called them names, jumped out of my car, or started snatching things out of my purse, it would have been a different experience. I was blessed.

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  10. I have to say if you just talk to the police with respect and voice your opinion in a low tone they treat u with respect back.. I always get profiled .. I’m bald I’m tatted up and I’m driving a nice car with a sound system … I always deal with police so what do I do? I turn off my engine roll my windows down smile and say hi officer how may I help you … you know many times I’ve been stopped and I had stuff in the car??! But I get away cuz I respect the police and they have no reason to search since I cooperated already .. people need to chill and give police a break

  11. Thanks for this video .It is always good to know your rights.And just stay away from trouble!

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