15 Trends in Graphic Design for 2018

15 Trends in Graphic Design for 2018

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  1. Most Important Parts
    1- Disjointed Text 0:40
    2 – Brightness 1:07
    3 – Glitch 1:21
    4 – Colour Channel 1:42
    5 – Sliced Text 2:01
    6 – Integration (type and photo "physically" interwoven) 2:25
    7 – Liquid 2:59
    8 – Font as Illustration 3:27
    9 – Iconification 3:53
    10 – Playbill 4:09
    11 – Text as design 4:37
    12 – Systematic Colour 5:15
    13 – Deconstructivism 5:56
    14 – Photo Masking 6:27
    15 – Transparency 7:15

    Really to make it easier for us to jump quickly to each trend

  2. A lot of these are great and clearly have massive nods to typography trends back in the late 90's. If you look at the Typography Now book series by Rick Poynor you'll see the origins

  3. i love this. hope to see more of videos like this to keep me updated on graphic design trends. thanks!

  4. Trying to get back into the world of design. Love your channel. Subscribing! 🖖🏾

  5. dear Philip please contact me

  6. I am appreciative of this video because I am new to the graphic world because I just started a customization business. It amazes me how many people would rather copy and paste vs. learning to design their own. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. 10 years ago every graphic designer was using Apple products, has anyone noticed designers switching to other brands of computers to do design work?

  8. Can't wait for 2019 Trends video!

  9. Sorry to say but these examples are very weak.

  10. I heard what you did there with Glitch. Very clever.

  11. thank you very much !
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  12. Thank you for sharing such valuable concepts i loved it, the one that really catch my eye was the first image in second point (brightness) time 1:11 could you please tell what its called.

  13. Great contribution, a lot of amazing techniques presented here. Thanks a lot Phil!

  14. so good! good vibes!

  15. Hi Philip are you creating one of these for 2019?

  16. Van I'm now taking interest in Designing to earn some money for my family as Fiverr and some other places allows Freelancers to work. How should I start and what basics you would recommend me?

  17. thank you for this video!

  18. Great video, I learned so much! That's what I like about Graphic Design, different trends tends to appear, I was wondering if You are thinking about creating a video about 2019 trends? 🙂 Have a great day.

  19. Still waiting for "15 Trends in Graphic Design for 2019"…

  20. It's fun to revisit these trend forecast and see what actually transpired throughout the year.

  21. When he says designers know how to follow trends, he means they don't know how to follow actual TRENDS

  22. I am watching this in 2019, so… is this video expired now?

  23. this video was really helpful

  24. Thanks for this Information. That's great. thanks again

  25. Please graphics application do you use

  26. Amazing lecture for my lovely graphics & Designs ..I like it from this guy ….

  27. do you have any preference of which different ones look good combined? like brightness and glitch + disjointed text in one piece?

  28. So great, and it was just about 2018! 😊

  29. it was a big help..thank you!

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  31. I learn something from this value video. Thanks, Sir.

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