15 Examples of Japanese Etiquette That Will Drive You Crazy

15 Examples of Japanese Etiquette That Will Drive You Crazy

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  1. Hey there! Do people wear shoes indoors in your country?

  2. Now I know why so many tsunderes😁 ooops is that wrong

  3. Thank you, guy Sensei.

  4. The GONG is super loud! Ouch!

  5. A jamaican could never survive in Japan cause we have no remorse for time and wouldn't even bother following the rules

  6. Why do have a Spanish accent that make me commit deathpacito?

  7. His pronunciation though …. BAHAHHAHAH 😂

  8. Mom: "don't sit like that"
    Me: watches video
    Me: moves to japan

  9. My company sold hardware/software to a Japanese firm. When the unit kept crashing due to a software bug that we didn't catch, they called and basically APOLOGIZED for not using the equipment properly, could we maybe help them? ie; to help us save face for selling them a buggy product, they pretended it was their fault for not using it right and apologized for buying a defective product.

  10. Japan is a miracle, don't mess with it.

  11. If one of my Japanese friend says that why don't you bow to other Japanese mates…. My reply would be I only bow to my Almighty God and parents.

  12. kun for highschool boys, workmate (cab be a girl also), and what you call your male friends..

  13. Not everything is true

  14. Everyone is unhappy and work is false glorified slavery.

  15. this ding sound is to ridiculous taking on my nerve

  16. I cant belive any of this

  17. i waw born in japan but now i lived in pakistan

  18. weeb has entered the chat

  19. is it all censored there?

  20. Ohh it's not allowed to eat or drink while walking, but I think running while eating is allowed, I saw a lot of Shoujo anime and manga protagonist doing this… 😂😂😂
    Touching and staring is not allowed? But headpat is okay… 😂😂😂

  21. They are all pretty normal considering how different Japan is from GUNS AND BURGERS McAMERICA

  22. Waww 👍👍👍👍

  23. You are sensei.. people learn a lot in this channel

  24. By name? Okay… Mr Sauce…

  25. Clicked for skirts left when language lesson began

  26. You don't take of your shoes in my house, you're washing the floor.. Best Regards, from a Norwegian

  27. Well they seem normal in my country.

  28. a quarter dislikes – guess you made your money

  29. Anyone who watches animes can make a much better video than this. Also so many of the facts here are like totally wrong.

  30. That gong sound loud enough? Jesus Christ. R.I.P. headphone users.

  31. Does anyone here know all these from anime :)))

  32. You just had to make it loud the bowannnnngg!!

  33. I think I will pass on card exchanging

  34. Ooooooooh now i get human kun kind

  35. Exaggerated as usual.

  36. A bunch of courtesies that us Americans would do well to implement ourselves!

  37. i need to copy this down on a paper

  38. That one moment when senpai isn't for your crush ;-;

    This is clickbait (I saw the other comments, and I have a Japanese friend '-')

  39. If my brother learns these he wont stop annoying me with them

  40. japan sounds trash

  41. Here in Germany the company will make an announcement if the train arrives in time. 😛

  42. GONG beware of the very load GONG every couple of minutes. GONG Seriously ans ….. GONG

  43. Please use appropriate pictures as kids too watch your channel

  44. The money rule was weirdest
    But I want to try the sitting time; at least practice

  45. Um….. It's not driving me crazy and the rules aren't crazy to me at all -_-

  46. Looking like I'm never going to Japan! Because I didn't like any of these, and chances are, I wouldn't remember any of these things!

  47. I'm not even from Japan or have any Japanese in me, yet I will do most of these myself, bowing, sitting, and a few of the others I do naturally everyday, and would also sometimes cringe when and if others don't, I think this shows how much I belong in Japan now!

  48. That gong is so annoyingly loud

  49. Here's the opinion of some one who's been to Japan but has only got input the bull bull for Gaijins only, the reality is way different

  50. Irritating breaking sound..

  51. Expectation: thumbnail
    Reality: 5:08

  52. What is more crazy than those is anime

  53. To be honest I wouldn’t mind bowing to people.

  54. You forgot about -dono.


  56. Japan is very good country in the world 😀😀😀

  57. ………any etiquette concerning whales and dolphins? Perhaps not slaughtering them might be good etiquette.

  58. A most respectful society. US citizens could use some of the Japanese manners and cleanliness.

  59. Again the thumbnail.

  60. Get rid of that awful gong with the sumo wrestlers. I bailed out after 3 ear-splitting crashes. 👎🏻

  61. I think I'm gonna learn Korean instead now lol XD

  62. Vlog visit to Pakistan once. We welcoming you

  63. Pakistan is a one of the beautiful country in the world

  64. 일본은 아름답지만 무서운 나라에요

  65. Mum is meant for younger people (teenagers), subordinates who have a lower ranking within a company.

  66. Sama is an honorific for those who have earned your deepest of respects. Eg. Mother, Father, uncle, auntie, Grandpa,Grandma, the head of a company, and the current Royalty of Japan.

  67. most viewer probably otaku😂

  68. Change the trimbnile

  69. 0:14 SEA OF EAST SEA

  70. The one about an employee or a long-time colleague leaving would be kinda flattering actually

    It would show that your fellow co-workers respected you on a very deep-seated level and also shows that they wish you well

  71. sanji kun and luffy san??

  72. 6:35 This aint Slippers… This is UWABAKI 🙂


  74. Oh otakus definitely know them (…. Weabs rise up? )

  75. 1. Idk why I’m watching this
    2. After watching this I realize this channel does no research and makes false “fact”.

  76. So anyone to direct me to the sexy legs

  77. Cool videos
    I loved them

  78. School girls 😛😛😛😛

  79. then, sumo wrestler gets away with a lot( maybe that's why it's called"entertainment"!?

  80. foreigners need to say," thank you! I just Love Attention!"!!!!))))

  81. I think about China and how so dizzy I get, an you're welcome

  82. Number 9 is considered unlucky in Japan. That's the reason that Microsoft released Windows 8, 8.1, past over 9, and then released Windows 10!
    And Spock replied "Interesting." ✔

  83. I was stationed there for three years it is a very nice country.

  84. I will never go to Japan

  85. Gusto ko makapunta ng japn kaso walang pera baka pwede mo akong bigyan.

  86. As someone who lives in Japan, most of these are complete nonsense! Where the heck did these people get their information from?!

  87. My lucky number is 4 well I will have bad luck in Japan

  88. The o e I think is point less is needing a enivlop for money

  89. Hate that bell 😫😖😤

  90. The Japanese would be very offended coming to America 😧

  91. Logan Paul shod watch this video lol

  92. most of things I saw I feel any way and i am not Japanese

  93. I like the foods of Japanese ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙂🙂🙂🙂

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