15 Best WordPress Theme Providers | Theme Marketplaces [2018]

15 Best WordPress Theme Providers | Theme Marketplaces [2018]

In this video, we show you where to find the
top premium WordPress themes to use for your website or blog. We’ll share with you our pick of the best
WordPress theme providers, and best WordPress theme marketplaces for 2017 & 2018. A few that made the list include CSSIgniter,
Elegant Themes, Themefuse, and Themeforest, just to mention a few. We’ve created a post that you can follow
along with on the OHKLYN blog at OHKLYN (we’ll add a direct link in the description
below). All the links to the theme providers and marketplaces
covered in this video, can be found in the description below and on the OHKLYN blog post. We also have a number of free tutorials you
can access to create a website or blog using themes from these providers. So, without further ado – let’s get to it. We’ve broken this review down into two separate
lists: The best WordPress theme providers, and the
best WordPress theme marketplaces Let’s take a look at the best WordPress
theme providers Up first we have CSSIgniter
There is no doubt about it, CSSIgniter comes up with some of the most beautifully crafted,
practical, and complete themes you can find. Olsen, is one of their flagship themes, and
a top 3 finisher in a one of our WordPress theme review articles. Most themes make excellent use of whitespace
and padding to feel spacious and lighthearted. You really can’t go wrong with CSSIgniter. You can buy individual themes, subscribe yearly
for unlimited access, or pay a once-off lump sum for lifetime unlimited access to all themes,
support, and plugins. Next is ThemeIsle
Themeisle is one of the biggest theme providers out there. They focus heavily on providing themes for
you to build sites which can be monetized through ads, an online store, or affiliate
partnerships, hence the pirate treasure theme. They have some great looking themes, and the
support is excellent. You can’t buy individual themes, but $89
gets you access to all themes, a year of updates, and up to 3 Domains. $149 gets you 2 years of free updates, and
a once off payment of $249 is the price of a lifetime membership with perpetual updates,
and up to 5 domains. We then Themefuse
Themefuse is built on the premise of quality over quantity. They don’t have the biggest catalog of themes
to choose from. However, the themes they have feature fantastic
and unique designs, and a good amount of functionality. They also cover some interesting niches like
not-for-profit sites, events, religion, and automotive. Check out ‘The core’, which is their flagship
offering. The personal plan gets you one theme, the
developer plan gives you unlimited themes and sites on a yearly subscription, or the
lifetime access plan can be purchased for a once-off lump sum. Next is Elegant Themes
Over 470,000 people can’t be wrong! Elegant themes are one of the most popular
and highly-rated theme providers out there. Although you can probably find better-looking
themes elsewhere, there is one thing unique to them: Divi. Divi is a comprehensive multi-purpose theme,
that features the Divi Page Builder, which is one of the best page builders around. If making a site with WordPress wasn’t easy
enough, Divi empowers you to create beautiful, responsive, and unique layouts with its simple
drag and drop interface. Their payment options are simple. $89 per year gives you unlimited access to
themes, plugins, and support while a one time fee of $249 provides lifetime access. We’ll then take a look at Tesla Themes
A word that keeps popping up when we talk about Tesla Themes in our theme reviews, is
‘striking’. They certainly do create some of the most
visually striking themes of any other provider. Examples like Montblanc, a blog or business
theme, and Wrap, a theme for movie enthusiasts or vloggers, come to mind immediately. If you want to stand out in your niche they
are the place to go. You can purchase a single theme for $58 that
comes with support and unlimited domains. Other options include access to all themes
for $99 per year or a once off fee of $189. In the next spot we have Lipode
Lipode is a new, up and coming theme provider. For now, they only have 4 themes available
but are growing. Most of their themes focus on the viral news
niche, something often skipped over by other providers and marketplaces. This means they are AdSense and SEO optimized. All the themes are simple, intuitive, and
extremely easy to use, and perfect for someone who wants to get a site up and running quickly
with zero fuss. All themes cost $59 and come with support. We then have StudioPress
Minimalism, this is the mantra of StudioPress. All their themes are beautifully designed
and easy to use. Depending on the theme you choose, it can
come packed with an extensive list of features, or striped right down. Each theme also comes with their Genesis framework
that’s built to be search-engine optimized, secure, and easy to update and customize. Themes are priced individually from $50 – $150,
with most themes costing around $100. For a once-off payment of $500, you can get
a lifetime of unlimited access. Up next is MyThemeShop
MyThemeShop’s themes all vary dramatically from a design perspective, and come with a
promise of being easy to use, intuitive, adaptable, and responsive. Themes usually come in packages with four
or fives different layouts that are aimed at different niches with a common underlying
structure. On top of that, all themes are extremely easy
to customize with different color schemes, and typography. They have completely free themes but you won’t
have any access to support. Alternatively, you can either purchase individual
themes or get unlimited access for a lump sum plus a monthly fee for as long as you
want access to support and themes. We then have Template Monster
Template Monster is a bit of both. They not only create and sell their own themes,
but other developers can also become vendors and sell their themes on the Template Monster
marketplace. As a result, they sell themes and plugins
for other platforms like Joomla, MotoCMS, and straight up HTML sites. Because they are both a WordPress theme provider,
and marketplace, prices tend to range from $50 to $200. You can add-on extras like plugins, installation,
hosting, and stock images. You can also buy exclusive rights to the themes
for a significant amount. In the next spot is Themify
Themify is a friendly and approachable theme provider. What’s great about Themify is that they
have a wide variety of themes that cover very specific niches and industries. Their flagship theme Ultra, is a good showcase
of all the features and capabilities built into their themes. They also want to create a productive community
of users, and you can look at sites others have built using the Themify theme builder. You can purchase Themes individually, with
or without Photoshop files. There are also three different yearly subscription
plans. You get access to all themes and can add-on
photoshop files, or plugins for a higher price. There is also a lifetime, unlimited access
plan. We’ll now look at WPZoom
If you are looking for modern, intuitive, and easy to use themes WPZoom should be one
of the first providers you go to. Although they don’t cover very specific
niches, those they do cover, have some fantastic themes. Their portfolio and photography themes will
allow you to showcase your skills and work in a professional and accessible manner. WPZoom has two payment plans. You can either pay $99 for all themes, or
$149 including their accompanying Photoshop files. Each comes with one year of support and updates. And you can renew yearly for half the price. Individual themes are usually $69, so their
all themes packages are a bargain. Up next is RichWP
RichWP is committed to simplistic designs and lean code. They prove that oftentimes, less is more. Most of their themes are minimalistic, elegant,
and interesting. You can also enquire about extra services
such as a developer to individually customize your theme or dedicated installation and troubleshooting
support services. Their pricing is just as straightforward. You can either purchase individual themes,
or an all access package that comes with support. We’ll now take a look at Best WordPress
theme marketplaces Up first is Mojo Marketplace
Mojo marketplace, while not the biggest, has over a 1,000 WordPress themes, and offers
a wide range. The site caters for a variety of CMS’s,
including Joomla, Magento, Prestashop, and even Tumblr. As a useful free service, they offer free
one-click installation scripts for all these platforms. And the store itself is very simplistic, and
easy to use. Most themes are of a really high standard
and priced between $50 and $100. Mojo Marketplace also offer live support services
for a monthly subscription. We then have Themeforest
This is the biggest and most popular premium WordPress theme marketplace out there right
now. It forms part of the Envato Market, that has
different marketplaces for all kinds of digital content. There are over 10,000 WordPress themes alone. As a result, you can get themes for as low
as $13, all the way up to $1,000. If filtering through all those themes seems
daunting remember to check out our theme reviews where Themeforest is regularly featured. Envatostudio also provides a range of WordPress
support services starting at $50. You should check the individual theme for
author support. Lastly we have Themejunkie
In addition to being a WordPress theme marketplace, Themejunkie also create their own themes,
and know a thing or two about how to spot a good theme. They are one of the smaller marketplaces,
but that also means that every theme has been vetted. Of all the providers and marketplaces on this
list, they probably also have the most generous pricing. $49 gets you access to all themes, updates,
and support for a year. And only $99 gets you all that, for a lifetime! Well, that completes our review of the best
WordPress theme providers and marketplaces for 2017 & 2018. If you liked this video, hit the like button,
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