13 Core Business Principles to Start IMMEDIATELY | Auckland Keynote 2019

13 Core Business Principles to Start IMMEDIATELY | Auckland Keynote 2019

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  2. Think we have to start auditing Netflix
    (Me: okay good I don't watch Netflix)
    And Fortnite
    (Me: okay good I don't play For-)
    And Gary Vee Videos
    …. Damnit 😂

  3. @garyvee 12m16s: "Kindness is the ultimate strength in our Society" RIght on GV!

  4. 23:15 is everything! Don't fear the thought of "wasting" time or money!

  5. First off, parents want to not circumsize their baby son.

  6. That was so Zen Gary "laugh when a plate breaks."….

  7. 17:24 The Solution is : "DO / MAKE / PRODUCE " …
    to our problems … stop over thinking & being lazy … START
    NTM note to myself 🙂

  8. Excellent as always!

  9. LinkedIn for gamers?

  10. POTUS, the ultimate side hustle?

  11. Phew, i've been following gary for almost three years now, since i changed fields to become a musician… it's been a winding road to say the least, but dammit Garry! it is cool af to learn from you as time goes on, to see you serve up what you preach and witness what new shit you're learning, like in this vid!!! Ya WANT so much for everyone to SUCCEED, and you give away not only ever-changing entrepreneurial advice ahead of the curve.. but furthermore, a frame of reference for how to put the best of yourself into the real world, however sticky and strange it is. The spirit of creativity, togetherness, and evolution will ever prevail and ultimately make humanity better…Thank you for this content!

  12. He sucks lol but at least he's loud

  13. remember…..environment shape peoples behavior

  14. It I could get paid double time for skipping lunches and breaks and just work through them I'd do it. 👍

  15. darn tootin!!!!

    get er done

    cause work

    its lots o fun!!!

  16. 25:00 That girl is embarrassing. I have 2 questions, can you go on my podcast and can I have a selfie? That’s a joke.

  17. Hahahaha selfies, pitching they’re own businesses – too funny

  18. Hi Gary, thanks for the video and info! I'm hearing you talk about about Tik Tok, and LinkedIn. As a music entertainment channel doing musician interviews, not sure how LinkedIn makes sense for us? Would you recommend Tik Tok instead, or if still LinkedIn, how best to use it for us, and overall what best social media sites to be on? We're currently on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Thanks!

  19. 20:11 – 20:38 is so powerful!

  20. I respect when people have balls to ask from Gary… But that girl, for example, is exactly who Gary says he isn't very receptive to – the "asker" instead of just presenting value.

  21. This is sooo damn good I liked the video very much.

  22. So many advise but still a millionaire

  23. Business advice for mistakes 40:00
    Dont make mistake that puts you out of business.

  24. I'm asking myself, How da fk did I miss his event here in Auckland 😭😭😭😭😒😞

  25. I couldn't even finish the rest of this video comfortably without making my first TikTok video! Let's see how this goes!
    I post art TikToks @katie.lazo if anyone is interested in checking it out. More to come this week.

  26. 54:00 the happiest person in this room.
    Awesome one……

  27. 55:00 5 plats in the air and 2 breaks. So laugh when plat breaks.
    People wanna play with only one plat.
    They dont like it when that plat breaks.

  28. Fuck the ppl asking for a selfie…just sit the fuck down n shut the fuck up

  29. Self=awareness. Giving on what you're passionate about👌

  30. I like lot of things and I'm creating content about some of them, should I do content on everything I like (am good at most of them) or do same amount, but on fewer staff I like…

  31. How does someone produce 25 pieces of content on 1 platform a day? what would this even look like? Do you repeat some of the same stuff? there's only so much you can say, seems crazy. I get contextualizing your content to each platform, but to produce in mass daily and for it to be unique is very burdening.

  32. This QaA was fucking amazing Gary I would love to see you get into survival skills . Your mind would love it

  33. That backdrop makes it look like Gary was doing an appearance on the Tonight Show back in the day!! 😂
    (Brilliant content as always GV!! That talk was absolute 🔥)

  34. "If you have 5 plates in the air, and 2 break, you still have 3" ❤❤❤

  35. They like…take lunch and shit…. ahahaahahahhahah nice one brother <3

  36. you inspired me thanks

  37. I see your video on cell phone while working out in the gym you are king

  38. Absolutely love when you've begun to add a video vertical of the Q&A askers!

  39. But the most important question is can I get the selfie with you ?

  40. How i can connect with you ? .. I really need Your advice ¡¡

  41. I see why the millennials are pressured. Everything is at scale. Businesses have figured out how to sell you and me a hamburger.

  42. Your like a waterfall Gary. The value just keeps coming and coming. You've really drove me to pursue my TRUE PASSION and that is ANIME! Thank you for helping a young Mississippi boy to be honest with himself and pursue his dream of one day OWNING DRAGON BALL Z! I honestly can't thank you enough for all this free gold! 🙏🙏🙏👏

  43. Excellent content 👍👍

  44. Gonna skip this one. 13 mins in and all I’ve heard is Gary Mee tell everyone how good he is and how shit everyone else is. Getting a bit old

  45. Seems like Gary is the only one of his generation who understands this new world of technology and social we live in

  46. Love how blunt you are

  47. 1:13.18. SOLID! Advice skip back about 30 seconds or so for context

  48. Gary inspired me to start on social media(dance channel) and expect failure along the way. But its a part of the PROCESS of success

  49. I wanna have this TRIPLE LIKE feature.

  50. When B2B post 25 pieces of content on Linkedin what must B2C do?

  51. Alexa will open up completely new doors to access customers in very personal and direct ways. Imagine people follow 3-5 brands that they wanna listen to every single morning while sitting at breakfast instead of just listening to the radio. It's an enormous opportunity to build customer relationship in a different and very in-depth way. A true chance for lots of brands – start a podcast, do an alexa flash briefing or feel free to join our voice social network where we are in the journey of combining a mobile app with an alexa skill. would love to help you creators out there find more ideas for the voice space. let's chat 🙂

  52. This advice is solid gold, you're the best Gary! I followed your advice and started using Authentic views com to get my views up and have doubled my leads to my etsy page, you're the best Gary!

  53. Hi guys can someone please help me translate what the question was on 59:30 please.

  54. Awww bless the guy at 28 minutes ❤

  55. GUY is a fn beast and will only and always keep rising above the rest! good shit brother good shit

  56. Gary, your advice is ammazing…….

  57. Love these picture in picture formats 😁

  58. 52:24 the best advice for the youngsters! Thank you a lot Gary for all stuff that you make!

  59. Love the Mari's question!

  60. NAILED IT. Needed this refresher, thanks Gary!

  61. >You get to 100 episodes. I'll do episode 101.
    This guy is a fucking genius

  62. Gary doing ASMR would be fantastic lmao

  63. Thank you for your advice Gary! I recently left my executive position at an amazing company to focus on our content marketing agency. The ability to fail freely and "die by your own sword" is what will allow truth growth and experience. Time to implement these principles 110%.

  64. a jogdijam változatlan 900 milliárd euro/havonta/csatornanként 13 év re +késedelmi kamat +80 % minden ertékesitésbol :))))))) számolási alap 170 csatorna /13 évvel:))))))))))) és igazán leszarom ha mégis túl sok nektek:))))))))))))))

    és egy centet nem engedek el belole:)))))))) idóm rengeteg van. örülök hogy megoszthatatom AI val:)))))))))

  65. Appreciate the videos. thanks Gary. what are the 13 core business principals? Gary has stock in Tik Tok, does this relate to the recommendations. Maybe Gary sold stock for Insta Facebook

  66. Anyone know who the girl at 50:10 is? I want to check out her eco friendly active wear

  67. When you genuinely love what you do, you will love the process! 💣

  68. hot damn, can I just say that the editing with the overlapping of the people asking the questions is FANTASTIC, great job teamgaryvee!

  69. well done to the lad who gave +garyvee the ABs jersey with #5, I gave him my ABs jersey too when he came last year, and I'm hoping that was the shirt he wore on his IGTV episode where he talked about cross genere music with hiphop and rock, and kpop in the future. Thanks GaryVee for all that you do for the world

  70. 1hours and 23 mins of the TRUTH

  71. The native New Zealand accent is sooo cool and chill. Love it!

  72. It's really nice that you guys also film the people who ask the question.

  73. I never believed i could make so much money @guerro_williard11 on Instagram helped me a lot, best hacker.

  74. Gary Vee= The People's Champ

  75. Gary is tops Just get busy and enjoy and stop thinking about the big bucks – it won't make you happy – do what you like doing

  76. Good nice video Super Brothers

  77. timestamp for people debating college: 45:00

  78. "Kindness is the ultimate strength in our society." "Producing content on a daily basis at scale is the answer to 98% of the questions about business." "Understanding how a photo, video or written sentence works differently in every platform is the unlock. Do not post a photo or video on all platforms. Understand each post must be unique within the environment it is delivered. Context matters. It is the context, not just the content." " Be self-aware of what kind of communicator you are. That, plus the ability to post produce to the places where people are paying attention is what has been going on for 100 years. Be an important voice. Understand how to story tell." "Produce yourself." "Have a thought. Make. If it works…great. If it doesn't…even better. That should be your framework. It is what is working for every brand in business."

  79. Cutting the phone in for the questionnaire is straight content fire 🔥🤣🎬

  80. Love the content always love the energy thank you team GV ❤️❤️❤️

  81. Best use of one hour I’ve had in a long time.

  82. love watching Gary Vee in front of a live audience. The advice about TikTok and Linkedin is great. But the rest of it was pure gold as well.

  83. "If you have five plates in the air and two break, you still have three." -GV Time to step out and step up my game!

  84. Gary, you no doubt have said it before, but it just did not click for me. I had to stop this video at 39:45 after you answered a question. I had to take it in. For years I have been held up by the fact that I did not have a singular point of passion other than my family. I love my family utmost. After that, I am passionate about and can expound on many topics. I love truly helping others in business. I love public speaking. I love lifting people up and encouraging them in their everyday lives. I love backpacking. I love bicycling. I love sailing. I love my religious convictions. I have been white collar, blue collar, and no collar. I am just in the infancy of writing my first book. My hesitation on making content is what to focus on. The question, then your answer, leading up to me stopping it at 39:45 totally clarified that I don't need to have a singular focus. Just start producing for all my areas of interest. Thank you

  85. I realized something today, Gary is the new, positive Eminem. Just think about it. Wow

  86. Color of the middle!

  87. 28:40 This guy sounds Northern Irish? Unless he's Scotish…

  88. Hä? He says: Are you giving or are you manipulating? I don't get it. If you are an Entrepreneur and you sell stuff, why wouldn't you create content to sell stuff? Why create tons of content without mentioning you're product or service? Make no sense to me. Also I think you can make great content and mention in the end or so your product or service if its related? Also he says make content without the intent of taking. GaryVee says are you giving or manipulating. But he sells him self speeches and social media marketing. So is he himself a manipulator?

  89. Min 30:30 makes no sense to me…if you're an entrepreneur you have to do things you don't like, in fact most the time you have to do things you dont like. Also Entrepreneurship is about money, why wouldn't you focus on money? Makes totally no sense. If you don't have what ever it takes, then its gonna be hard. Also I don't believe him when he says he loves everything he does. And if it's true it's not true for most people. If you're in Business its about what ever it takes. If you don't do it? who else is gonna do it? Right you're competitor. Don't get fooled if you're in business to seek only out things you love. You're gonna go bankrupt. Business is about making money. Then if you're rich, then you can do the things you "love"

  90. Good lecture, but im confused its me i know but i cant get to start. I still dont know what to do there are so many ways thats why its so difficult

  91. The gaming guy was the best part! Once in a lifetime opportunity and he seized it!

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