12 Things NOT to do in Japan

12 Things NOT to do in Japan

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  1. Well, actually, the Japanese don't like to complain, so you might not realise that you've offended or insulted them.

  2. I'm from Eastern Europe and i would need to change my entire self to fit in.
    We shake hands, hug and kiss even at first meet, tell off other people for sniffing instead of just blowing their noses and getting rid of it. Not to mention ignoring any unnecessary regulation…

  3. That dude waiting for the green light to cross the 2m wide empty road has me feeling a certain way i cant explain but it rubs me wrongly

  4. Who the hell cares about Japan really?? Why do these youtubers talk about Japan like it is another planet.. it is just another country in Asia like any other country.. leave Japan alone and stop making stupid videos.

  5. What about removing the wood from the chopsticks by like not rubbing it and can we play our phone quitely on average trains

  6. It is easy to listen to you even for Japanese thank to choice of easy vocabularies and grammar.
    I agree with your in some points.
    But,do'nt too be worried about differences between Weste and Japan.
    We especially youth tend to understand
    the differences such as body contact.
    However,We Japanese want you to have politeness which you can judge by commonsense such as do'nt speak loudly in a train.

  7. Hand dryers are disgusting. Bacteria and other airborne materia in public bathrooms get sucked in these things when activated. When your wet hands activate these things, all that condensed, clogged residue is poured onto you.

  8. You learned this the hard way didn't you

  9. Hang on! There was a japanese women on my bus (in England) and she was speaking loud. Hmmm

  10. Logan Paul did all of these when he came what a cuck

  11. I’d say the crossing system would be common sense

  12. I agree with allot of Japanese manners. However, with the exception of crying, a runny nose sounds annoying especially when you start snorting it towards your throat. I was thought to just blow it out and be done with it. Also in public it’s a clear sign your sick and should keep your distance.

  13. It just seems a bit too judgy for me, like everything is somehow disrespectful

  14. Tipping dosent exist in asia

  15. Well give me tip and I don't mind

  16. The grandma from your name

  17. Maybe I will eat your food sleep in your bed hhaahhahhhah. With all due respect to everyone in Japan …War is ugly however to make a sport out of chopping heads in China of hundreds of people FACT! They did not see people as humans but as trash to be cutdown… We did use the Bomb on them to make an example and a point to the world.
    Today year 2019 they are different people …ARE THEY?!??

  18. Didn't jake paul already make a video about this, except 20 times worse?

  19. Taking your shoes off, on this one I thought: but what if you have walked all day with sneakers on a hot day and have stinky feet? xD

  20. hello. your boring now. Your done played out. Watched all you had and your bicycle trips. I think your done mate. 🙂 sorry. I got bored. Came to this one old vid to remember the fun times. Hope you come up with some new docu content like you used to do that was great. Just you alone is fun. Dont be mixing in too many guest stars that have youtube channels. That helps kill it. Especially that one girl that goes from Japan to Korea and back. Yotero is not fun anymore and stop promoting Rytoro hes done too. sorry if ive got the names wrong but its all just a total bore. Do something fun again and maybe it will pop up in my recommended watches.

  21. 13) there are no subtitles

  22. I always wanted to go to Japan but I'm scared how to communicate bcs I know things I learned in anime but for example if I went to some food place I would have NO IDEA how to order something. Like do they speak English?

  23. I would have to keep such a tight lid on myself if I ever stayed there for a longer period of time. I barely ever shut up, I've got a fairly strong voice and I'm never afraid to share my opinions. Gulp..

  24. Well i defenetly did the firts one

  25. I literally thought your speaking japanese cuz of your accent

  26. the eating one is interesting. isnt it MORE awkard to have a grumbling stomach and not feed yourself. But in turn not doing it bc of the japanese society. Im so used here in USA for when im hungry whip out a rice krispy treat and eat it. this isnt a problem for me, but kinda weird how in usa when my stomach us howling in agony people would nudge me to eat. while i guess in japan im doing a fucking service for them to hear the howls of my stomach.

  27. Literally, you can't find a bin easily in japan

  28. 13) don't be Logan Paul.

  29. Tipping in Japan is considered offensive as if they are not good enough or meet standards. Same for NZ we don't tip as the bill are already included. Muslims do not shake or touch hands of the opposite sex so that's understandable same for the Japanese that do not like physical contact. Also if you see some Muslims don't bow but put one of their hands across the chest as sign of respect/greeting doesn't mean they are rude or disrespectful, they only bow to Allah only, not submit to humanity, that's their belief/religious.

  30. Omg I see so many youtubers eating and drinking while walking down Japan streets in public. Good to know and it’s crazy they had no clue the entire visit.

  31. People who blow their noses in public make me nauseous! Especially while sitting at a dining table. Ick!

  32. Japanese wear surgical masks in an attempt to avoid spreading or receiving germs yet they usually don’t offer soap or anything to dry hands with in public and school restrooms. Proper hand-washing and drying are incredibly important to disease control and hygiene. Quite possibly the most important. How can they not understand this? So gross and so strange.

  33. Don't Be Logan Paul

  34. 10:27 ya same in America sadly. Even drive into through a red light is a massive thing here

  35. Japan sounds like the exact opposite of NYC in so many ways!

  36. If you don't follow these rules the Yakuza will kill you

  37. I already do most of this stuff and Inam American. It is just respectful. I am incredibly opinionated though.

  38. Yes Tama. Marami pang ibang bawal dito sa japan. And please beware kong pupunta Po kayo. Makakatulong Po talaga tong video na to. May mga vlog Po ako dito sa Japan. Please visit my channel. Arigatou.❤️

  39. They don’t have many trash bins in the public because they’re worried that people will put bombs in there

  40. Been there for a week last January and that phone etiquette is kinda slowly dying with the new generation. Young japanese locals are tied to their phones just like everybody else..
    And, we Asians never take our shoes inside our homes. Always bear that in mind when visiting asian countries *wink

  41. Is it ok to enter a store and go to the bathroom without buying anything ? This may seem weird, but where I live it is normal to do this

  42. Don’t walk & eat well keeping the streets clean… that would be a hard one for me cause I love sunflower seeds.

  43. why the hell do people need to be told not to litter? you shouldn't do that anywhere!

  44. I sound ignorant but the cops probable know some crazy moves so no one fucks around

  45. Holy cow the nose blowing thing drives me mad. Nothing worse than sniffing.

  46. Interesting how I’m watching this being a Japanese person in Japan who was previously in the UK… can relate to both places he mentioned..

  47. – "What are you in for?"
    – "Crossed the zebras on a red"

  48. "Don't do these things in Japan"
    Proceeds to do all these things in Japan

  49. Can you quietly watch videos with headphones on and read ebooks on your phone, though?

  50. 10 days later lol.

  51. Check out my Japan's videos

  52. In quebec Canada we took the road crossing at an other level we almost olway cross in the middle of the raod where there no stop or light.

  53. no.12 doesnt apply to asians that looks like them xD

  54. It’s why I don’t travel to Japan. Hating anyone for not understanding your sensitivities.. that’s petty. I blew my nose in public, now you like me.. the foreigner.. less.. that’s borderline racism. Get over it.
    In fact.. this video is racist.. Japanese people are not unaware.. that we are foreigners and are different.

  55. Maybe don't add chopsticks to funeral rituals, man the Japanese are hung up on things not to do…chill out, that said ones that invade your privacy I'm dead against.

  56. Where is the dont film a dead body and throw pokeballs at randomn people?

  57. 1. I do it, and I will still do it. Sometimes I don't have the time to find a place to sit down and eat. If someone watches me or not, I don't notice.
    2. Never, And B if you do, do it with the other End of the chopsticks at least. You dont want to pass food with your own saliva to no one.
    3. Never.
    4. Never.
    5. IDK, I was given one while I was giving a class, and I put it on my pocket becouse, dont fucking give me a buisness card while im in the middle of a class.
    6. Didn't do it here, but the opposite, Finger blocking one side and blow it out is much more smooth and gets the job done. Just check no one is behind you.
    7. Never.
    8. Well if you are going to tell me that japanese fruits are expensive becouse they are better than in the rest of the world you got another thing coming fam.
    9. Keep fucking up, but I do my best.
    10. Don't. Ever. Litter. becouse someone else will pick it up and put it in their pockets and bring it home. And you will feel horrible.
    11. I did it in mycountry, I do it here, but in more chill areas. I don't cross avenues in Tokyo, but a random road in the middle of nowhere, I do.
    12. You will catch up eventually.
    13. Don't ever, EVER, FUCKING E.V.E.R., EVAAAA, be late in japan. And if you do, bring water, becouse you will get dehaidraterd after 2 hours of constant vowing in apologie.
    14. Have tattoos will never know.

  58. The no tips-rule, the don't cross on red-rule and to an extent, also the no footwear inside is also a thing in Denmark. Don't tip, don't cross on red even if it's clear and don't wear shoes inside houses or schools. Some schools don't mind but my school took it very serious.

  59. Another option to not eating and drinking as you walkis to just take the stuff from the vending machine with you in your bag then stop and eat it later. If possible don't do this with hot food obviously.

  60. 殆どは世界的に常識的なことだと思うけど、、、

  61. 1. Dont be Logan paul

  62. 日本語字幕がほしい 有志の方々お願いします

  63. Umm. I thought this was things not to do in Japan. Not things not to do in Canada.

  64. 2:09 China are the same

  65. 日本語の字幕もつけてよ!

  66. Hi, I'm japanese.

    I have one excuse for toilets.
    I would say, we have hand dryers usually haha (in my city)
    But old public toilets don't have.

    I agree with your most of opinion.
    But I cross the road if there's no car haha
    cus I'm living in local?

    I'll learn english with your channel!
    thank you!

  67. 鼻かむのと体に触れるのは気にしないけどな

  68. 車のない交差点で信号無視は…コッソリとね🤫

  69. ごはんにハシをさすな。これだけ。
    It is not requested except it
    I'm always welcome anywhere.Besides the Korean.

  70. In Serbia u need to take your shoes off too I can't understand people getting in someone house and don't take their shoes off

  71. Love the no tips part

  72. In Japan there is no need for police, the stare of disapointment is enough to restore order.

  73. 可愛い❤️💕

  74. omg I get so annoyed every time someone enters my home and leaves the shoes on! If someone does that, I WILL make them go back to take them off and I WILL take out the mop to clean in front of them. And if someone ever dare to lay on my bed with shoes on, I WILL murder them. It's an deadly Asian sin.

  75. USA and Japan are literal extreme opposites. USA super duper extroverted, Japan super duper introverted. Imagine a nation with a healthy mix of both, it would be the most powerful nation in the world. Extroversion allows USA to gain immense power but also allies, introversion allows Japan to quietly work their lower fat layer off and always make the highest quality and high tech stuff.

  76. In Germany people also don't cross the street when it's red and no car is coming. Funny that your friends find that most shocking about Japan haha

  77. Bathroom hand-driers are very noisy

  78. Don't skip people in lines saying "SORRY I DON'T SPEAK JAPANESE SORRY"

  79. Your intro is hilarious lol 😂

  80. you shouldn't cross the road on a red because you'll get run over by an invisible car

  81. most of the japanese etiquette sounds like what super shy people would do

  82. Never scratch your armpits if you're angry or sweating.

  83. Why so many commercials for short video? Blocked. Waste of time

  84. 日本での旅行楽しんでね!

  85. 10:28 that is one to one the same thing in Germany… That's why we collaborated…

  86. "don't eat while walking"

    good, I can't do that anyway lol

  87. Interesting place. A lot more complicated politeness. And, a lot less simple bullshit.

  88. Is that why many Japanese wear those procedure mask, to hide the fact that they are actually chewing on some food or snack whilst walking?

  89. Don't point with your finger, point with your hand.
    Hand over and get things with both hands.

  90. 99% is here because of anime and wants to go to Japan.

    1% actually just want to go to japan

  91. Don't play your Gong in public

  92. i am japanese

    japanese are tolerant of other countries

    don't worry about everything

  93. U look like elon musk

  94. 6:50. Oh who/when’s this?

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