11 Comebacks for Dealing with a Liar. Dealing with liars can be frustrating. Even though you sometimes lie to others too,
it is just complicated when you are the one dealing with lies. It is annoying, and it makes you angry. There is nothing you can do unless you know
some tricks to fight against liars. In this video, I’m going to share with you
11 effective comebacks for dealing with a liar. But before that, please subscribe, click the
bell and watch this video until the end to know the complete information. Here’s the things you can do when you are
dealing with a liar. #1 – Check whether they lie. Dealing with liars should start with the fact
whether they lie or not. Otherwise, they will not admit they are doing
it, making you frustrated or you’ll regret because you accuse people for what they didn’t
do. #2 – Check your evidences. If you are dealing with liars, you need to
prepare a bunch of physical evidence. Otherwise, you are risking yourself to lose
arguments. You can prepare documents, photographs, screenshots,
cut documentation, and many other things. They are important because liars will not
admit even after you show those evidences. #3 – Determine what you are going to do. Sometimes, lies can be tolerated, sometimes
they cannot. You decide what you are going to do with the
person. You also need to consider why the people lay
from the beginning. Is there something wrong that they don’t want
you to know? Or is it because the person only wants to
have fun? #4 – Say it out loud. If you are dealing with liars, sometimes you
need to yell a little. This won’t work well on people who prefer
avoiding conflicts. However, this may work if you think of something
at stake. It can be your reputation or your relationship
with others. You need to say it out loud of their lies
in front of others to let them know it too. #5 – Remember your integrity. When you are faced with liars, remember that
you still have dignity, value, and integrity. You need to have a higher power than others
in order to win the match against the liars. The only way to do that is by strengthening
your position first. #6 – Be calm. You are not a barbarian, and you need to solve
things in calm and civilized manner. If things get heated up, don’t get carried
away because it is probably their main intention to trigger such response from you. #7 – Watch their reaction. The next thing you need to consider is their
reaction. It is easy to see whether they actually lie
or not. When they lie, they usually do weird things. They also show unusual gestures that you’ve
never seen before. #8 – Watch for Another possible reaction. Another possible reaction is an expression
with full of regret. Typically, it is because they are caught of
lying the first time. It is also probably because they’ve asked
by other people to lie. #9 – Send a strong message. You must not lose to liars. You are the victim, and you need to tell them
clearly that you hate what they’ve done to you. However, you need to remain powerful and calm
because it will make you look reliable to talk to. Thus, it is possible that the person eventually
tells the truth. #10 – If you happen to yell, wisely craft
the sentence. For instance, this sentence can help you to
counteract the liars: ‘Well done! congratulation on your ability to create a drama from nothing.’ #11 – Reflect. Most people are originally honest. They don’t want to lie unless they have
to do it. There are some occasion in which people are
constantly lying, but that only happens on compulsive liars. After your comebacks, you should consider
forgiving them because eventually you’ll meet them again. Well, those are the 11 efective comebacks
for dealing with a liar. So, really cool information isn’t it? I hope you enjoy this short video,
if you have something on your mind, please share your thoughts and experiences in the
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  1. I deal with liars in a more basic way, I ask a question, then I ask a question about their answer….. and continually repeat until their story falls apart. When they do something unusual before the the story falls apart I ask "why did you do (unusual action)?"

    I dealt with one recently, someone was making false complaints then the city council threatened me. I asked, "what time do they say I'm making noise?" They reply "in the morning". I then asked, "when in the morning? The morning doesn't finish till noon". The city council were gob smacked and the liars were exposed.

  2. It is way to deal with these lying folks in this world,and have a good one ,thanks for this video.

  3. My husband was a lying ass. When the lie was about to arrive…I cut it right off or shut my eargate.

  4. If the liar is a narcissist/sociopath, just cut them loose and walk away. It's the only way to win when dealing with them.

  5. I just had my trust broken by someone I used to like… life is cruel

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