10 tips for dealing with stress

My 10 top tips for managing stress are firstly you need to understand what the problem is because obviously if you can identify
the problem, if you can take steps, adjust it, hopefully your stress will dissipate. Control is very important so try and
prioritize, do the important stuff, leave the unimportant, don’t worry about
things that you can’t control. If you can find a way of pausing, giving yourself a little
bit of space that’s very helpful and people could do that in different
ways perhaps you going out walking around the block five minutes,
moving to a different room just trying to sort of switch off that
pressure from appearing. There are a variety of relaxation
techniques that you can try, one of the important things is that when you’re
stressed you tend to breathe quite quickly and in quite a shallow fashion,
so if you can counter that by slow deep breaths, and there’s also things like yoga which can be very helpful. I know people
can be quite self conscious about this sort of thing but I would strongly suggest you give it a
try. Exercise is a very good way of relieving stress and even moderate levels
exercise can make a big difference and make people feel far less stressed
and more comfortable. Sleep is one of the things
that very often gets affected in stress, it’s important to know how to manage your sleep successfully, regular routine is important, making sure
that you reserve the bedroom for sleeping so don’t take your iPad to
bed and answer 66 work emails and if you’re lying there, worrying
thoughts going through your mind and you can’t sleep don’t get yourself really worked up
about it, stay calm, after 20 minutes or so get up, do something fairly quiet,
read a book and when you feel tired, repeat the process and try and fall asleep again. What’s important when you are stressed is to maintain a sensible work-life
balance, keep enough time for hobbies and other interests because these will give you pleasure and protect you from the stressful effects of some of the other parts of your life. I know it’s slightly obvious but it is
helpful to eat a balanced healthy diet, make sure you drink enough fluid, because that will maximise your physical health and make you more resilient to stress.
One of the most important things you can do is cut down on any unhealthy behaviour so this could
include drinking alcohol to excess, you know, smoking, unwise social behaviour, and it’s not
because of taking a particularly moral stance, it’s because these behaviors can cause significant exacerbation and stress and actually make the whole situation worse. And finally, if you’ve followed through the steps I’ve suggested, recognized the signs, try to deal with the
underlying problem, take steps to mitigate and manage your
stress and despite all of that you continue with feeling stressed then I think it’s time to do something
else and I think you need to go and seek professional advice, perhaps a mental health line or your GP and get professional
help and get it sorted.

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