10 Theories About Nickelodeon Shows That Will Ruin Your Childhood

10 Theories About Nickelodeon Shows That Will Ruin Your Childhood

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  2. I grew up with Blues Clues, my childhood is ruined😁

  3. Timmy Turner has gotten abused

  4. Is the movie in question Coco by any chance?

  5. I don't really believe the iCarly

  6. They are cartoons. It's not that deep

  7. So Jimmy Neutron boy Genius is a animated version of the Truman Show?

  8. The only theory that makes sense is the one where ‘Drake and Josh’ is a reality show inside their respective universe.

  9. danny phantom is smart, and not a total brat so the 1st theory cannot be true :(. plus, they both have different identities and how danny phantom became a ghostly powerhouse was an accident

  10. I actually still watch Blues clues, Steve was always a fun character that made talking to kids easier.

  11. There just TV shows

  12. I thought the emoji was scooby doo.

  13. You ruined Nickelodeon for me. I hate you

  14. Dude I told you a thousand times those emojis are from the Emoji Movie are you blind😡

  15. the emojis mean coco?

  16. just saw the end. i was right.

  17. Two brothers having the same name isn’t proof of a theory, my dad grew up knowing a family with six boys all named Robert.

  18. Idk why but the Clarissa Explains It All/Ned's Declassified theory makes sense to me and I REALLY don't know why 🤷

  19. yes thats why i clicked

  20. I know why you clicked ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  21. IT's jUSt A THeOrY

  22. The rugrats one is pure bullshit. Two reasons. 1) Angelica gets lost too im the 1998 film and the grown ups went desperate to finding her and the babies. And 2) Co-creator Arlene Klasky confirmed the theory was false

  23. The emojis are from Coco! I'm mean a boy, a skeleton, and a dog! (I'm a big Coco fan) 👨🏽💀🐕

  24. Yo men or ladys when was spongebob first aride

  25. "How else would you explain his House coming to life" Idk maybe ITS A KIDS SHOW

    I hope none of you watch these thinking there real…They are just kids shows…Don't read to much into it! Besides that they are pretty entertaining

  26. Then what's poof?

  27. I thought Steve had a son and got smarter LOL

  28. Good thing i wasn't born in the 90's….

  29. 2:11 u mean season 4

  30. The emoji is Coco

  31. ᴅAɴNʏ ʜAʜA

  32. Just had a flashback of all these shows I haven’t seen since I was a little kid 😦 that alone..thumbs up!

  33. You do you do this to meeeeeeeeee

  34. Hey can you come up with a bunch of insane theories… Super easy barely an inconvenience.

  35. So we all going to avoid the fact that this nigga jus said crazy Steve kidnapped Carly😂

  36. Why would you make the video in 18:9/19:9?
    You're cutting some content.
    If its 4:3 or 16:9 we can zoom in if we like full screen.

    I see this more often on YouTube the last couple of weeks very annoying

  37. What about Poof.

  38. Mom: what are you doing?
    Me: watching videos that will ruin my childhood.

  39. But SpongeBob and Patrick wew brought back to life

  40. Guess what this is 🎑🎃👻

  41. Loved the Pete & Pete theory

  42. Well Hello 👋 😘to the So Sophisticated Grown up that's Bright, Strong, Brave, Scrolling through the Comments…Your Amazing the way you ARE and don't bothered to change for Anyone. NOW.. Would you like Some Yumi Delicious 😋Chocolate 🍫?? I Promise Its Sweet Baby👄👅💦

  43. Why did he say that everyone from fairly odd parents was a younger version of people from Danny phantom

  44. Exposed remember if Carly was kinapped why would she say that little girl is good at pranks why would she would be talking about herself also Spencer is so loving to Carly in that show also remember zoey101 they would watch iCarly in that show sry for the lack of puncuation

  45. Brodjdkdisbeksosjd

  46. …or, just enjoy the shows

  47. Dan "get in the van" Schneider

  48. The symbols mean cocoa

  49. Nickelodeon shows I do believe some of these theories. Icarly, Pete and Pete and the theory of The Rugrats (not featured), Are you afraid of the dark, and Clarissa explains it all. Nickelodeon is not necessarily a "kids" station, but for teens. The content in these shows are things teens can find funny as I used to.

  50. A dog's purpous?

  51. My family created Spongebob

  52. I like that Steve's on drugs

    Now I have a reason to tell my parents that Steve's on drugs and no my imagenery friend🙄👏👏👏🌲🚬🖤

  53. Waves goodbye at childhood

  54. The 2nd one is fake. Stephen Hillenburg left the show in 2004 so Paul Tibbitt took over and made him much more childish.

  55. Dude he did get the manager card at the krusty krab and became Manager

  56. That crazy Steve theory sounds pretty crazy

  57. How do some of these even ruin a person's childhood?

  58. I used to think about tthe timmy theory as a kid

  59. Jerry Trainer is the m

  60. Do you think Bill Nye the Science Guy looks like Woody?

  61. Don't do that to jimmy!

  62. The Jimmy neutron movie

  63. My childhood is already ruined

  64. 20,000 people are just miserable 🗣️🗣️

  65. Trixie & Paulena belong to different races

  66. Who want really a sponge Bob untill now?

  67. I don't believe these theories are actually true, but ther most interesting to me was Timmy Turner's Antidepressants and Jimmy Newtron's Goverment Conspiracy~

  68. The answer is coco

  69. The AYAOTD theory is impossible, seen in the closest to a movie you can get, consisting of 4 20 minute episodes that are all about them trying to get the silver thing (I don't remember what it's called lol).

  70. Who else is watching this laying down

  71. The movie is hatchi

  72. (Rip Timmy Turner died from being depressed) 🙁 1 like = 1 less Vikki babysitting night

  73. Fairly Odd Parents-in the last episode Timmy wishes to be 10 years old forever.

  74. I always watched fairy odd parents but it never ruined my childhood

  75. My theosir is that all spondge bob cartorrss are in the LGBTQ club

  76. Why are "dark" theroies always either lazy or just terrible. Oh Timmy is Danny because reasons. Cosmo and Wanda are drugs, not creative at all nor intriguing to me

  77. What Vicky kiss 5immy wtf

  78. josh used to be thicc

  79. Cozmo:IM A PILL
    narrator:*sighs* yes cozmo you are

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