10 Business English Expressions You Need To Know | Vocabulary

10 Business English Expressions You Need To Know | Vocabulary

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  1. Emma, your videos are always suggested to me by youtube and I always tried to ignore it! This time I started watching your video…you are not only a great teacher but also a good actress!!

  2. Emma you touch my hard, thank you, Pls give me some tips how can i manage buyer's. I am a bookkeeper.

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  6. What's the difference between idioms and phrasal verbs?

  7. Thanks for helping me understand them
    Your smile made me happy 🙂

  8. I’m in love with Emma 😍 and I have a one track mind. 😳 I practice with her every chance I get. Planned or off-the-cuff. 😘🧸

  9. I love all your videos you are the best ever teacher i watched on youtube thank mis emma

  10. Your teaching was great love it.thank you Emma

  11. 5:37 very funny,😀

  12. your classes are awesome as your beautiful smile, go on girl, learning a lot

  13. audible book

    have you ever been completely forgotten of something significant?

    if you lose your train of thought

    you should get back on track!

    you're off track, man!

    people are distracted!

    they have lost their focus!

  14. if i use these use these idioms and phrases in my local area nobdy gonna talk wi me.. that's t problm 😏.. bt u are fantastic emma.. love ur way of expressing the way u talk, explain.. tq

  15. you are so beautiful…Im in love

  16. Well, I've been living in the united states for a couple years but I've never heard someone saying "flat out". I guess this is not American English.

  17. Thanks for this video, I appreciate you alot ,greetings from Somaliland country.

  18. flat out = incredibly busy

    train of thought = discussion flow

    get back on track / off track

    to bank on = to bet on (somethng)

    to brush up on = to update/improve (skills)

    to bring something to the table = to provide something beneficial

    bring up = to mention/introduce a topic

    to turn down = to decline an offer

    wing it = doing along with an unexpected event

    off the cuff = doing something without preparation while being comfortable

  19. Hi Emma
    Your teaching methodology and the lessons topics are unique and interesting.

  20. I think it would be nicer if you don't cut the top of your head when you frame yourself before recording. The tips are amazing though. Thanks

  21. We love u in Egypt our teacher😍

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  24. In spanish please 😉👍

  25. Gorgeuos teacher💕💕 what is difference between work , job , and business?

  26. that was so useful thank you so much Emma

  27. Hi Emma 💙 , I adore your useful lessons, but i have a question that bothers me a lot it’s : Can the idioms generally be used in a Formal writing ?
    thanks in advance💛

  28. Thank you so much .

  29. Good luck good job

  30. It really helps that you have a very pleasing personality and charm plus you bring clarity to the table which makes learning this rather boring stuff interesting and fun! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  31. to be frank u looks soooo gorgeous.

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  36. I like the way you pronounce the words ! it's very helpful and wonderfull. mmmEnglish is the best!

  37. Emma, this video is really cool and you're beauty, I love you!

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  39. What is meant by under process or wing it, plz clarify

  40. Emma congratulations on your teachings. You are great! we are subscribed and happy to listen and learn with your videos. (Sorry to tell, but your makeup in this video is a little heavy, you are pretty enough and don't need, heavy makeup…sorry I don't want to be critical or make you feel bad, on the opposite….) Wish you the best always! Thanks so much for your great teachings!

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  42. hi emma like u and ur teaching style

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  44. Muchas gracias Emma! These are going to be so helpful to me. I really appreciate people like you that take the time to help others. I am brushing up on my English business expressions so I don't have to wing it later…. 🙂

  45. I don´t think you are a native Australian 🙂

  46. Thank u for making indonesia sub

  47. Thanks Emma, that expression are useful at workplace. I follow all your vids.

  48. Your pronunciation is strangely delicious to listen to 🌹🌹🌹

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  50. Hey emma thanks for this useful are great teacher.the way you teach us english is

  51. Thank you very much Miss Emma we are learned lots of idioms and phrasal verbs great lesson thank you. And ha you are appeared in different getup and great hairstyle
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  52. Muito show, eu comecei a fazer um curso por assinatura mto top to aprendendo demais dobre ingles de negocios. Se alguém quiser deixa o whats aqui q mando o site

  53. please add turkish translation

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  57. Emma, you're the spitting image of Kristin Dunst. At least you totally remind me of her [is meant to be a compliment ^^]
    BTW, much obliged for the info.

  58. Watch in 2x speed.

  59. Omg!! This lesson is so hard today for me don't know why think 🤔 my mind is swinging 😂

  60. Hi Emma, I like your videos a lot, great material!

  61. I want learn English very well in my work but how to be very well I can't keep the words ?

  62. Русские вперёд

  63. You are so beautiful. I am fall in love with you.

  64. Thank you so much ms Emma,Actually phrasal verbs and idioms are the most difficult part of learning but no worries cause you are here with us ❤️❤️❤️

  65. Emma I have almost learn new things from you…Thankyou very much. I love English but the problem is I cant speak better English. From this motivational videos of yours, I know I can improve my English in someway. Any way thankyou very much😍😍😍😍. If you where not married then I would be the first person to merry you.💔💔

  66. Thanks, teacher. I need to practice more of all those expressions.

  67. plz somebody can explain me what "wing it " reallu means?? i didnt understand it well

  68. Iam brushing up on my Turkish language

  69. Omg I like you video you learn me a lot thing until here I love you so much !!keep going like that✨✨🙃 I follow you there's not a long time ago

  70. Flat out -very busy

  71. Train of thought –

  72. Off track different talk

  73. Brush up on – improve your skills

  74. I m out of practice

  75. Bring something to the table

  76. Bring up
    Turn down – refuse something

  77. Off the cuff – outstanding

  78. I did not under stand bank on dear

  79. Useful lesson as usual, I’m lucky to know your YT channel in this period. You’ve been helping me.

  80. Great lesson..! Thank you teacher ❤❤❤

  81. fabulous , I cannot thank u enough , really you have brought great resources for learning natural English to the table.

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  84. What is the difference between “ happy “ and “congratulations “ ???
    Please help me these two always confuse me

  85. Hi Emma! Can you please remove your background music?

  86. I really want to know Technic words because the work that I want is requesting…

  87. According to some sources, the expression off the cuff can be written with or without hyphens. Without hyphens the expression works as and adverb, whereas with hyphens it works as an adjective. Examples:
    I never make presentations off the cuff.
    Paul made a fantastic off-the-cuff meeting.

    So, any native speakers can clarify this? Emma?

  88. You are just magnificent all around. Thank you so very much for your invaluable contribution Emma. Wish you more success.

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