05 simple tips to help you DE-STRESS. ( Stress management techniques & Personality Development)

Hello everyone! Welcome to Skillopedia- The
place to learn skills for the real world. Here with me Niharika and in today’s session
we are gonna have a look at some stress busting techniques. Now are you constantly irritated,
frustrated or very aggressive with people? Means that you are stressed. Now let’s face
it stress is a part of our life and doing nothing about it can make it worse. There
are several reasons you can be stressed about family problems, job related issues. So just
relax and follow these stress busting techniques. So the very first way to release your stress
is to exercise. Yes people, it’s important to be active. Any form of exercise can make
such a big difference. Well stress will not just disappear but yes, it will pump up your
feel good endorphins. So exercise like yoga, aerobics, a 40 minute brisk walk or even some
laps in the pool. Friends you will feel the difference. Well what are the results? You
concentration on yourself and not really paying attention to all the worries and stress that
you’re facing. Also things like a fit body, calm mind and optimism. So what you waiting
for, go ahead and exercise. Be active. The second stress busting technique is connecting
with people. Now it’s important for you to connect with the right kind of people.
Imagine you surrounded by negative people, that not gonna work. You have to be with positive
people. The people who give you these positive vibes. So be it your friends, your colleagues
or your family members. Someone with whom you can share your problems, because when
you share your problems trust me you get a better perspective of things. People will
give their option, their views and this will help you to think in a different way. So why
not share your problems. Imagine god forbidden you face any problems in life and you do not
connect with people, theirs is nobody who is gonna support you. So support of friends,
family members and colleagues is extremely important. So start connecting people, don’t
stay in a corner or don’t get busy with life so much that you don’t have anyone
around you, so start connecting. Also try to do some activities with your friends that
would help you to relive your stress that will also help you to laugh. Because laughing
is such a great medicine. So start connecting. Well the next tip that I have for you is avoid
unhealthy habits. You know I have come across people who end up saying, I had such an exhausting
day, I am so stressed, I need a drink or I need a cup of coffee right now. Well that’s
not gonna help you. Why do you need a drink, well it’s just gonna provide temporary relief,
it’s not gonna solve your problems like this. So why do you have to rely on alcohol
or on cigarettes or even on caffeine, too much of coffee or too many energy drinks are
so unhealthy. So stop relying on these things. Instead eat healthy, eat nutritious small
snacks or small meals because dehydration and hunger provokes anxiety and stress. So
people stay away from alcohol, smoking and caffeine. Instead eat healthy food. So what’s the next stress busting technique, Well – Be positive. Yes people, are you one of those
who are always complaining and cribbing about your work, about your family, about the people
around you? Stop it right now. Start being positive, well start appreciating the things
around you, that’s gonna help. Well I have a great idea, what you can do is, at the end
of your day note down three things that went really well for you, the things that you are
really grateful about. Well this would help, because if you’re extremely stressed and
by the end of the day when you look at the positives, Yay! You would love it. You’ll
feel a little relieved. So start being positive, start being very optimistic rather than cribbing
and complaining about everything. The last tip that I have for you to relive your stress
is reward yourself. You had a awful day, a terrible stressful day. Well relax yourself
with a hot water bath or just half an hour of reading a book or even watching your favourite
T.V show, well this will make a difference. Do not spend this time worrying about your
family or doing household chores. Well, spend this time for yourself. Yes, I am talking
about the ‘Me Time’. This me times is so important in our life. So do not waste
your time by doing different things or planning or scheduling for the next day. Well enjoy
your time for yourself and it’s time to recharge yourself. Just like your phone, because
your phone needs to be recharged, right? So you also need to recharge yourself, energize
yourself in order to be well prepared to face the next day. So people it’s time to reward
yourself. Alright people so this brings me to the end of this session today. Well always
remember in life there is a solution to every problem. So don’t be stressed way too much,
just start enjoying your life and I’ll be back with a new session soon. Till then you
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