🔴How To Get the Chase Sapphire Reserve LIVE Plus Free Gift Card GIVEAWAY

🔴How To Get the Chase Sapphire Reserve LIVE Plus Free Gift Card GIVEAWAY

what’s going on everybody David here
back with another live stream travel explorer click live so we are here it’s
giveaway day Saturday giveaway so this is the first Saturday giveaway that
we’re gonna be doing so I hope that you guys are all in the bit in the building
and we will start the raffle in a little bit I’m not gonna start it right off but
we’ll probably wait about right about 30 minutes and then we’ll start the the
raffle so you guys can get it on the raffle and then we’ll see who wins all
right we’ll see who wins so I’ve been working on this for a little bit and so
hopefully this is this is gonna be good and we’ll be able to do this every month
I had to clean up some stuff just a minute ago David so I was actually
watching Wohlers wallet he’s doing a livestream right now really good
livestream don’t go over there though stay here but
I’m just saying he has a livestream going on and I guess David wrote
something in the comments about hey go over to travel explore clicking 14
minutes he’s got a live stream but uh yeah that’s not good I mean in Waller
EEE actually he he took it well and you know gave me a a plug and all that but
yeah you know wanted to do that that’s not goal because he’s got people in the
room he’s gonna had like 50 people in there and you don’t want to pull his his
viewers away so yeah David don’t do that Wow and plus I want to have our on the
show too so I you know we so I had to clean it up just wrote a little
something at after just letting him know hey I have a superfan here David who
it’s a little overzealous when it comes to promoting my channel
I appreciate it David I do but just not like that yeah that’s a little yeah
that’s a that’s a little too little rude I think that’s like going over to
somebody’s house and you know you know you get you get what I’m saying okay so
today we’re gonna talk about the Chase Sapphire Reserve I want to talk about
how to how to get the card so I put out a video last week maybe about a week and
a half ago and like we can have to go it did really well it was how to get it is
the is the thumbnail title and basically I was just talking about how to get to
Chase Sapphire Reserve and I’m gonna talk about my experience but this is
like we have a great community here a really good forum we have people who
have the the card already so I want to know how you guys got the card like
where were you as far as your status you can talk about your FICO score if you
want I’ll share mine with you guys at the time when I got the card I’ll tell
you the cards that I had at the time when I when I got the Chase Sapphire
Reserve and some of my thoughts when it came to getting that the Chase Sapphire
Reserve because there were some things that were going on and I was I was at a
point in my in my travel credit card game where I told myself I would never
pay $450 for annual fee anything over like the 95 dollar annual fee that that
was that’s out there so yeah so I want to talk about that a little bit today I
think that that would help a lot of people out a lot of people who are they
might be on the fence about getting the Chase Sapphire Reserve or they might be
just starting out and they don’t really know okay should I get this Chase
Sapphire Reserve first or should I get some other cards first and then move
into the Chase Sapphire reserve so that’s why I want to do the video the
like I said that the the that’s why I want to do it on this topic
the that I put out a week and a half ago it
was really doing well people are really responsive to it but I had I have had a
lot of comments about well I got it you know this is how I got it and this is
how I got it so I thought you know what let’s open it up to everyone and we can
all talk about how to how we got the Chase Sapphire Reserve and would we do
it all over again and so I think it’s important to know like you get to chase
after our reserve is it a good enough card to to keep for years and years and
years down the road okay guys so if you guys are in the building just let me
just give me a thumbs up first off first off so give me a light for the video and
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are here now let’s let’s talk a little bit about the giveaway okay so I know a
lot of you guys have come here you guys want the giveaway I get it’s gonna be a
$50 Amazon gift card okay so we do a poll or we did a poll I will do a poll
every every month okay that poll I’ll put a series of different
gift cards on there and you guys can give me an idea of some gift cards that
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next is take the Amazon giftcard off and then
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us have gotten the cart okay let’s see oh we got what’s what’s this rear deck
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do the we’ll go ahead and do that right now and all right Nate and Jess thank
you guys for stopping by flashpoint what’s going on brother thank
you for stopping by Jessica how you doing thank you for stopping by let’s
see here we’ll move on down technology what’s going on brother thank you for
the super chat thank you for the super chair brother peace and love thanks
brother he was on he was just on our on our show on Thursday this brother has so
much information I’m telling you you have to go over to his channel and check
it out check out the livestream that we did and it was on it was on Thursday so
it was the last live shooting we did he’s got so much information if you have
a business if you’re getting ready to start a business you want to go over to
his channel check out all the information they has on business credit
lines and and getting credit cards you know have a business legit business and
have get credit cards and stuff like that with the business so you want you
want to check out his infirmities got so much information I mean I was just
sitting back and he was doing all the talking and just putting it all out
there I mean he’s a real good real good I’ll call ya
youtuber cuz he just started out but I would think he considers herself
considers himself a youtuber but he’s really good at captivating the audience
getting you guys the information that you need answering questions and stuff
like that so check out his channel it’s cake allergy go over to cake ology
technology with a tie at the end okay and we’re gonna happen back on the show
so he’ll be back on the show and then check out the live stream that we did a
couple of days ago was really good okay let me finish my shoutouts here let’s
see Dali what’s going on how you doing David what’s going on thanks for
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David Ruffin how you doing man and let’s see move on down the Wil
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how you doing I lost my place ciara what’s going on Paul what’s going
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who else we have here technology we gave him a shout-out
thanks Kay ecology for the super chat and I think we’re down to the end fine
I’m Tommy Tommy what’s going on I hope I said your name right I apologize if I
didn’t Vic what’s going on nice to see you all right guys thank you guys all
for stopping by like I said I really appreciate all the love that you guys
are giving me the TEC family actually actually k ecology and I never even
thought about this but I kind of liked it he was calling me tech alas on our
last live stream I kind of like that I mean my name is David of course but for
the channel tech if you want to say tech that’s fine if you want to say Tec
that’s fine but if you do have questions
specifically for me just put at T at Tec or at Tec if you want to say like that I
guess it’s the same way you say it but you guys get what I’m saying alright
let’s see okay so I want to talk a little bit about the Chase Sapphire
Reserve okay I’m gonna just gonna give you my story of how I got the card and
and then we will I want to open it up to you guys so I want you guys to put in in
the chat how you got the card how many points did you have at the air points
I’m sorry how many credit cards did you have at the time wasn’t one of the first
cards you got was it one of the like did you wait and you had a few cards maybe
five or six cards and then you got the card what was your strategy what did you
think about it when you got the card because I or what did you think about it
when what did you think about the car prior to getting it like were you were
you all on board or were you kind of skeptical like what was your was your
mind frame okay so I’m gonna tell you my story now when it came to the chase fi
Reserve this is the first year that I started getting travel credit cards okay
so I got a few cards I had the first card that I jumped and got was the the
city premier card I know I know the city premier car why did I get that card
first I have no idea I didn’t know what I was doing and that card looked like
the best card to me and looking at all the the the the urn
possibility and everything with that card it seemed like it was the card to
get looking back on it no it probably wasn’t the first the best card to get
first but I did I got it anyway so I got that card and then I got the city
advantage card and then I got the Chase Sapphire Preferred card so those are my
first three cards and I got them in that order and in the way it worked is I got
that city premier card first and then I realized you know what the Chase
Sapphire Preferred is a better card to get and so then that’s why I went with
the Chase Sapphire Preferred so then once I got the Chase Sapphire Preferred
it was about probably about four months later then the Chase Sapphire Reserve
was announced and it was in August of 2016 and so when they announced that
card initially I was like no I’m not getting that card
that’s a $450 annual fee card there’s no reason for me to even want to there’s no
reason that I need a $450 annual fee card and so at the time I was so focused
on the annual fee the annual fee not focused on the benefits that the card
would would get give you I was focused on the annual fee and I remember when I
got that the city premier card I was like oh great you know they waived it
for the first year the annual fee so I didn’t have to pay it then I got the
advance the city advantage card waited for the first year I didn’t have to pay
that 95 dollar annual fee then I got the Chase Sapphire Preferred waited for the
first year so I got these three cards I’m thinking this is great I don’t have
to pay any annual fee then I could see if I want to keep the card and if I
don’t that I can get rid of it and so when the when the Chase Sapphire reserve
was announced it was a $450 annual fee but it wasn’t way for the first year so
I had to really think about like wow I am I – should I get this card but I
started doing the reviews getting on the points guy boarding area listening to
all the different blogs and stuff like that and it got to the point where there
was I was like I’m just gonna do it I’m gonna get this card it’s gonna be 450
dollars out of my pocket right off the bat but I think I’ll be able to do it
and so that’s what I did I went ahead and
got the card and in August so as soon as it was available I signed up for it got
the card and I’ve been happy ever since and the great part about it is you got
that three hundred dollar travel credit right up front so I got the card got the
three hundred dollar travel credit and then I got the $450 $450 bill that I had
to pay but it was a hundred thousand signup bonus that’s another thing that
kind of pushed me to is like okay a hundred thousand signing bonus and then
the fact that you know of course they’re gonna tell you it’s a limited time it
was but they tell you it’s a limited time so you need to get on the card so
you can get that signup bonus and so that’s what I did got the card and at
the time let’s talk about my status I guess my FICO score at that time my FICO
score was around seven twenty five seven thirty so around that that area and like
I said I didn’t know anything about like what credit what FICO score I needed to
even get the card but I knew I had already gotten the Chase Sapphire
Preferred so I thought maybe I had a good opportunity to get the Chase
Sapphire reserve and this was back when you could get the chase that like I had
to chase tough I preferred already so you can have that card and still get the
Chase Sapphire Reserve when they announced it they were letting everyone
get that card regardless if you had to chase a fire I preferred or not so I had
my said my FICO score was was about 725 730 something like that and at the time
I had three other cards so I wasn’t even close to 524 because I had three cards
that were open and or I guess I was closed 24 and this was a time yeah this
was a time when 524 wasn’t people weren’t talking about it so I don’t know
if Chase was using that that metric at that time but people weren’t talking
about 524 this was prior to that but at the time I had three cards and this was
gonna be my fourth and so got the car like I said got that $300 $300 travel
credit and that was great like getting that that credit and being able to use
that credit was great then I paid the annual fee and then I started here I
were at the time I was hit the minimum spin got to the minimum spin got the
hundred thousand signup bonus and to this day like that’s the last card
that I use usually I use other cards use points with other cards or what I’m
doing is I’m transferring points in to the chase after I reserve and then using
those points but I still have like 70,000 points all my taste after I
reserve because I’m just kind of funneling my cash back cards in through
the Chase Sapphire Reserve but I’m still keeping points there so so that’s kind
of where I was and then the good thing about it like I said you got the travel
credit when you got the card but then I got the travel credit credit again in
January so I got the card in August got another travel credit in in January and
I used that travel credit when I when I travel to to Paris so that was part of
my my flight back I was flying first class on British Airways for those of
you who don’t know British Airways taxes and fees are ridiculous it was like $600
for the taxes and fees but it was a first first-class 747 experience it was
the best flight I’ve ever had as far as you know big flight experience I’ve ever
had period and so it was worth it in a sense
but that $600 still kind of you know grabbed me but the thing is I had the
$300 travel credit so I had $300 that was taken care of I only had to pay 300
out of pocket so that wasn’t too bad so that’s kind of where I was I got that
card and then from there from then on like I to this day that’s my it’s my
daily driver I used that card for pretty much all
well anything that’s a restaurant related anytime I’ll go to a restaurant
I’m using that card when I when I travel I use that card that the card has really
good travel protection so I like to use it for that that purpose although now
you know if you guys have been watching me for the last like month I’ve been
really talking about travel insurance and why I think it’s important and
that’s the way I go now so I will like this last trip that I just booked to
Columbia I’ll be going to Columbia in October I got travel insurance it costs
thirty thirty seven dollars and it just gives you so much more when it comes to
to to benefits like I mean just gives you so much more now
necessarily that like lost baggage and stuff like that they don’t really focus
that much on that but they do focus on your medical emergency insurance and
that’s something that that’s very SH we should all be thinking about when we
travel so that’s why I wanted to go with a third-party I can still use the chase
Fi reserve if I need let’s say the Chase Sapphire reserve has some pretty good
benefits when it comes to like if your flight is delayed or if they lose your
luggage or if they cancel your flight even if they cancel your flight I would
have to look at both but now I have two options to pick from and I can pick the
best one if I if I’m in a situation like that so it just makes it an overall
better experience travel experience because I want to be comfortable I want
to be able to go to another country and not be stressing out of our oh if I get
hurt I’m not going to be able to afford to pay the medical bills and all that so
just having that I think is really really important
so that’s where I was when I got the card and I know there have been people
talking and I want to get get you guys to chime in too when it comes to this
when it comes to the the 10,000 minimum okay so that we and I and I put this out
when I when I put the video out you need like they’re gonna approve you but it’s
gonna be at a 10,000 minimum so like you’re your credit limit it’s gonna be
at least ten thousand or higher so you need to be able to know that you can get
approved for a car they that will give you a credit limit of ten thousand or
higher so I tried to explain that in the video some people were kind of like I
don’t know what you’re saying like I don’t get it but I guess that’s what
that that’s the information that I was given now I when I got the card yeah I
got over I don’t even know what my credit limit is on that card
it’s kind of sad but it is over 10,000 I know that because I remember when I got
it it was I remember looking at that and saying okay yeah yeah I get it
but if you’re kind of borderline or if you if you if you can’t get that credit
limit that’s higher than 10,000 for whatever reason if you’ve gotten cards
in the past and they haven’t been that high then maybe maybe it’s a situation
where you need to do a little bit more research into it or maybe contact
chase and see what they say when it comes to that but I do want to know your
experience is anyone in this build in this building anyone in this room if
you’ve gotten the chase fi reserved with a credit limit of lower than than 10,000
let me know I’d like to know that I don’t know everyone’s experience
obviously and I’m just telling you mine so that’s kind of how I’ve gone about it
alright Dali thank you for the super chat I missed out I missed your super
jet I don’t know if you just put it up or you put it up a while ago I’m going
to just babbling off at the mouth so I’m not even listening here I’m not even
paying the digit to my screen but thank you very much Dali Dali has been a
support since the go I mean she has been here since she’s come into our our
family here the TEC family she’s very supportive she’s always out there trying
to you know promote the channel and get people to like the videos and all that I
really appreciate that I know she wants to start a channel but she just know she
has it in there but we got to talk offline I think I’m always I’m always
promoting people I want I think I’m always I always want to promote people
if they’re interested in getting a YouTube channel because I will tell you
YouTube is a very good platform for you to for you to help others and for you to
get out there and share your stories and I think it’s just an amazing platform
and I mean sure you have good you have bad but overall it’s it’s it’s a real
good experience and and I and I always encourage people if they’re kind of on
the fence about starting a channel get out there just do it just get a channel
going and you can do live streams like I was telling there’s Jason Jason’s not
not a not flash boy there’s another guy Jason and I still I haven’t talked to
him lately about this but I’m really trying to get him to do a channel
because he has so much information when it comes to Columbia he’s been to
Columbia so many times and there’s so many people who are interested in going
to Columbia Americans interested in traveling to Columbia he could start a
channel and just it would just blow up because of all the information that he
has that he could share with people that are potential potential travelers to to
Columbia okay so Daleks and I just wanted to say it means a lot to me that
you always recognized your subscribers I believe that says a
lot about your character keep up the great work
you are the man Thank You dolly I really appreciate it I really appreciate that
very much that means a lot and I I like doing this
now and some people don’t some people don’t like doing live streams that’s why
you don’t see him doing live streams but I really like doing this because I was
putting out videos for YouTube for a long time different types of
videos and finally I got to the travel credit card stuff and I really saw a way
to let’s face it I wish I was talking about camera equipment before a camera
equipment okay it’s kind of its kind of techie and it could be boring at times
and and we all have our own different you know like we all have our creative
space and we see things differently when it comes to that but with with travel
credit cards and with travel I’m able to get out here and just express the things
that I like about travel the things I like about different travel credit cards
and there are a lot of people that have been able to learn from that and I and
that’s what I want like I want people to be able to learn from from the stuff
that I say and the stuff that goes on in as a group in the on the channel where
we can share our experiences and then you can go out and take these these
amazing trips and fly first-class and business-class and do things that you
would never have imagined that you could have done in the past and you’re not
paying anything extra like you’re not paying anymore as a matter of fact in a
lot of cases I’m paying a lot less and I’m and my travel experience has gone
from zero to a hundred and the the luxury travel that I’ve been able to do
and sitting in lounges and and just I mean doing things that I would never
imagine and and I told this story I told the story on Thursday where I when I get
on a plane and I had always you know yeah we all do this right you get on the
plane and you walk and you’re walking and you see these right at the front of
the plane you see everyone in business class or first class and I used to
always think like up until like three years ago I still always think how do
these people for these seats and like I would always think okay you know what
they’re either rich or they’re flying on business like the their company
paying for their business class flights which in some cases it’s true right but
there are also people like me now who earn points and use our points to fly
business class or first class so you don’t have to make any extra money you
don’t have to have a company that’s fronting you the the the business class
seat you can do it with points and so it’s one of those deals where now like
when I’m walking on the play like I I’m usually not always not always but I’m
usually sitting in that business class seat if I’m flying out in the country
usually I’m in a business class seat or a first class seat because that’s the
way I like to travel when I’m traveling outside of the country I’m traveling
within the US yeah I’m fine with the economy I like flying JetBlue if it’s
within the US because I can do the even more seats so even though I’m not flying
business class or first class and some of those planes don’t even have business
class or first class I can still fly even more seats I had the legroom that I
need and it’s a 6-hour flight usually there’s no I can’t think of a flight
that’s longer than six hours within the u.s. so it’s generally not that long of
a flight so alright guys so yeah I want to know what you guys think though so
we’re gonna go in the chat in a second here I just want to know you guys think
about Chase Sapphire Reserve when you got the card what if you want to share
like I said if you want to share your FICO score what your FICO score was and
what did you think about it prior to getting it like were you were you really
amped up about getting it or was this one of those things where you you you
got it just for like a lot of us like I was amped to get it because of the
signup bonus I’m gonna be honest with you and I didn’t really know where I was
gonna go with it if I was gonna be keeping that card after the first year
so yeah I want to know what you guys think about that so please let me please
let me know in the chat and then we’ll start talking about it and hopefully the
bot is working hopefully but it looks like it’s open let’s see how to get an
800 credit score thank you for the super chat buddy thank you very much man I
appreciate it good evening Tec everyone happy Labor
Day weekend thank you man I appreciate it
he’s got a channel too how do you got it you gotta check his channel out so you
got a long title meg yeah we just need to we
need to go by it by name and my first name because so how to get an 800 credit
score he has a channel and he talks about how to get your credit score up
right a lot of us we talk about credit cards travel credit cards and some of
those credit cards are going to most of those credit cards are gonna you’re
gonna need to have a decent credit score in order to get that so he talks about
about how to build your credit so you want to check his channel out he does
live streams as well so he’ll get on there and he can answer questions and
really help you I’m not an egg well I’m not an expert in anything less but I
know a lot about travel credit cards but I don’t know that much about like
building your credit I will tell you there’s certain ways to bill your credit
that I’ve know just from learning along the way but getting like travel credit
card are getting credit cards in general that will improve your credit over time
not getting a bunch of credit cards at once but if you get a credit card you
get a ten thousand dollar limit then you get another credit card ten thousand
dollar limit now you’re raising your credit available to you and hopefully
you’re not maxing those credit cards up you should never you should never be
doing that anyway you should be paying it off every month but over time your
credit utilization will drop and if your credit yields that utilization drops
your credit score will increase so that’s one thing that I’ve learned and
then authorized users is another thing so let’s say you have a friend who has
are not a friend let’s say a family member it could be a friend but let’s
say it’s a family member they had a long credit history really good credit they
can bring you on as an authorized user and if you’re brought on as an
authorized user guess what you’re gonna inherit their credit so that that’s a
that’s a real quick way to to improve your credit there okay guys let me let
me know what you guys think about the Chase Sapphire Reserve how you got it
when you got it all that good stuff and we’ll go ahead and start looking at the
chat now and now if you guys want to check your points we are gonna open up
the raffle I’d say probably in the next 15 minutes I’ll open the raffle up so
you guys can start getting your raffle tickets you’re able to get up to 20
raffle tickets the raffle tickets are 50 points each
okay so just just so you know that’s that’s pretty much where we’re going
with it and then and we restart so neck our necks
tomorrow we’re restarting all the points so David everybody’s coming after you so
we’re gonna restart everything and we’ll see where everyone ends up next month
but every the last Saturday of the month that’s when we do the raffle and it will
be today it will be that $50 gift card so should be pretty exciting I’m happy
I’m excited hope you guys are okay let me go ahead and look in the chat here
and see what’s going on okay okay seven says I got I got all three Amex platinum
Chase Sapphire Reserve the city prestige I’m gonna close the prestige with all
their changes okay yeah the prestige is still a great card I think you just have
to have a strategy now and your strategy your strategy has your strategy needs to
be now to get like travel insurance third party travel insurance that’s the
strategy I would I would say now but it’s a really good earn card I mean you
can earn a lot of points with that card so it’s I think it’s still a very viable
card okay let’s see pretty far I said you just got home from work see let’s
see here we’ll move on down if you have questions specifically for me just put
at Tec and I know I’m way up I want to drop down a little bit because I know
some of the stuff is probably not pertaining to the topic of the day just
because everyone’s greeting everyone and all that good stuff
which is great David he said I’m sorry for supporting
you on other channels he’ll have it again now I just how can I say when
they’re doing their livestream it’s just I don’t know it’s kind of one of those
tricky things like you don’t want to put that out there when they’re on their
life cuz he’s got people on his live stream it would be it would be like
someone came in from you know that wanted you to go over to Wohlers channel
and so they come in and they say hey well he’s gotta live she was started 40
minutes jump over to his live stream yeah it’s a little little poor taste
in that sense and I get it David I mean you’ve been a supporter from from day
one when I started doing this live streams you were in there you’re always
in the building every time and I really appreciate I really appreciate that but
I don’t I also don’t want to like you know put people in spots like that
Waller and spots like that words like what I’m doing Elijah being here I got
50 people in the room and you’re coming in they’re trying to take my people out
you know so that that’s all yeah yeah that’s all I’m saying there all right
let’s see now if it’s one of my enemy now I’m just kidding it’s one of my
enemies and we could talk okay here we go alright alright so guys please if you
could hit the like button so we can bring more people in
I have about 33 likes we got about 54 people in the building so please hit
that that like button so we can we can really promote this out to others here
okay flashpoint says I’m gonna go watch for
mobile now got to go work gotta go get gotta get the workout in oh god yeah I
need to get a workout in – oh really you really need to see alright let’s keep on
moving down here okay so Brian Sanchez fi Reserve was my
first annual fee card spent ten years earning one point or one times on my
Amex blue heavy sigh yeah years yeah and that’s I mean realistically
Brian that was the Chase Sapphire reserve was the first time that I
actually spent like the well yeah it’s the first car that I paid annual fee on
because the other three cards that I had prior to that they had that annual few
waves so I did I didn’t feel it yet but that Chase Sapphire reserve was the
first card that I felt that annual fee and it but it was worth it like I said I
I can’t say anything bad about it even to this day and this is what three years
later I love that card I use it all the time so I I think it’s a real good card
and and I just I wanted to find out how other people got the card and when they
got it in their in their travel because I think most of us when we get travel
credit cards we kind of start off and and some people will start off well you
know I’m gonna give an airline branded card because I like flying on American
or I like flying on United I’m gonna get one of those cards and then then they
move into like then they understand like okay I have this card a United card but
I can only use that to fly in United but if I get one of the Chase Sapphire
Reserve or the preferred or the Amex platinum Amex gold or the city
prestige or city premier I can use those points and fly on
different airlines I don’t have to find just one so I think I think we first
kind of start off slow and the easiest way to go is
probably to get an airline branded card because we all need to fly somewhere
right so I think that’s kind of an plus when we fly what do they do after at the
end of every flight at the end of every flight they’re always pushing their
product right pushing their credit cards and it’s comical for me now because I
say because I sit there and I have some knowledge when it comes to travel credit
cards right so I know what’s good and what’s not and it’s it’s pretty comical
when I hear them do their little spiel and they’re talking about oh and you get
60 thousand points and you can do with that you could do this and it’s
equivalent to you know five flights in the US and then telling you all this
crazy stuff and I’m thinking to myself yeah you know what that doesn’t sound
right like the Hawaiian Airlines card is a perfect example I think they said as
far as Island hoppers and it might be true but it’s not something that I would
really experience unless I’m flying to Hawaii a lot but 60,000 sign up bonus I
just heard this the the spill a couple months ago when I was in Hawaii but yeah
60,000 points and I think it they were saying like five or six round-trip
tickets anywhere on the islands or something they were saying like that
which I get like I said it could be true but it’s not really gonna help me if I
need to fly somewhere else other than Hawaii so yeah for the most part I’m
probably even if I am gonna fly somewhere else and braveheart you’re
saying is not in sync oh hopefully I just saw that right now
is it really bad or is it I don’t know sometimes it does that or it’s not in
sync let me know if it’s in sinker or if it’s
still dropped off that’s interesting I’ll have to work on that again the
audio video I’m not in sync okay all right that’s what one of my pet
peeves when I’m doing a live stream and I’m like oh and I love when you guys
tell me this stuff so if you see stuff and it’s not working right make sure you
let me know but yeah I don’t know why that is I think sometimes what happens
is the the internet is not working like it’s not going as fast as it should or
whatever it’s you know there’s a lag on that end and
so then that causes a problem I’m hoping that it catches up to itself so it won’t
be an issue but yeah let me know let me know the progress on that if it’s still
doing it then hopefully hopefully we can figure it out and get it on track for
the next live stream but yeah it’s kind of hard I don’t really know how to do
anything on the fly right now so and it was it doing this this whole time or did
it just start doing it because if it just started doing it it has to be the
the the internet and and hopefully it will it will catch up okay let’s see alright alright let’s just move on 7cn
you might get 50 likes today by the way hit the like button we’re at 35 so hit
the like button so we can get up over 50 likes let’s go for 75 today we’ve hit 50
plenty of times and we’ve hit 62 I think on our like last week we hit 62 so let’s
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giveaway this is 75 likes guys so please if you’re in the building all you need
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to me is by hitting the like button because that will promote it out to more
people and that’s what we’re trying to do here trying to get everybody in on
the on the on well we’re trying to well I know you guys aren’t trying to get
everyone in on a giveaway but we’re trying to get everyone in on the
discussion when it comes to talking about travel credit cards okay and don’t
least cnk ecology you killed it on the livestream yes I agree he did a really
good job really good man he’s got so much knowledge and like I said offline
I’m gonna be talking home a lot that I’m gonna bring her back on the show too
because I want to want to really pick his brain about this whole business
credit and stuff and you got to think about it like this too if you do have a
business the fact that you can have your personal credit cards earning points and
then you can get a bit have a business LLC or wherever however you want to go
with it not not like a sole proprietor but like a legit having its own entity
you know this business is its own entity and then this business can get credit
cards and this business gets credit cards and it has points and then you use
those points for your travel right so it’s amazing because now you can double
up on on some of your credit cards and yeah I can’t say enough good stuff about
that and the potential there right okay and hip is saying Kay ecology I bench
watched your channel and your awesome cool cool I’m glad you went over this
channel means like I said I started watching and this is the funny thing I’m
tell your stories he sent me an email and he was just like hey you know I’d
love to love to collab with you and so first
thing usually when someone sends me an email and they’re there another content
creator the first thing I do is go over to their channel and check it out and I
saw que ecology and I’m thinking wow what kind of collaboration we’re gonna
do I don’t you know we’re gonna eat cake or what’s going on and I hadn’t watched
his channel yet I just saw the the name so I went ahead clicked over there went
over to his channel and started watching some of these videos or probably watched
two or three videos responded back to him said yeah you know what you get some
really good content I’d love to do a collab with you and then I went back and
then started watching all of his videos and he’s got like I said there’s a lot
of good stuff out there a lot of good information okay alright alright let’s
keep on moving fixated TC a were channel surfing NASA I
saw Vick on Waller’s channel keep them both open if he’s still I don’t know if
we still doing a stream right now but keep on both open okay so David saying
here I applied for the taste-off I reserved with the 725 credit score I
applied in branch at the same time when signing up for a chase checking account
a promo let’s see my first account with them I was over 524 at the time cool so
really good information David I’m glad you shared that with us because he’s
saying a lot of things here right so 725 that was his credit score and then he
also said that he was over 524 but he went in branch he had and they always
send you these checking well they always send me these because since I have some
chase cards now they send me these these open up a free checking account or open
it I don’t know if it’s free open up a checking account get $300 or get $500 or 602 307 in branch with that checking
account probably the checking account mailer and
signed up for the checking account and then oh you know what about the cheese
sapphire reserve can I get that too and he was able to get that as well so
something to think about and you should always start a relationship with some of
these companies if you want to do if you want to get some of these cards it
doesn’t hurt to start a relationship with them Chase has a bank so you can go
in and sign up for checking account it gives you opportunities to find out like
to get the pre-approval letters and stuff because they’re going to keep
pumping stuff at you like if you have a checking account they’re gonna start
pushing the credit cards and we all know it’s just like the the like the bank
that I’ve inked with they always push stuff at me but they don’t have good
travel credit card it’s and so I don’t I don’t go I don’t go with them but
they’re constantly pushing their credit cards they’re constantly pushing stuff
or anytime I go and branch or any you know I get these mailers and all that
stuff or I get the emails or I sign into my online account and I get all this
information so yeah it’s it’s a good thing to have a
relationship with them because that will help you out in the future okay
all right let’s see I see what’s going on do you know if chase pulls from
Equifax specifically I believe they do I believe it’s Equifax that they pull
from I’m not a hundred percent but I think it’s Equifax okay let’s see here
now everybody check your points if you haven’t already done so just to make
sure that that’s actually working I see the stream labs bot in here but
I’m hopefully I’m hoping that you guys are able to get points I guess I haven’t
really been I see it’s about giving people points there’s anyone checkpoints
let’s see yeah okay you guys are checking so it looks like it does work I
have to scroll all the way down there to find out who’s checking who’s that all
right guys I’m gonna move through rather quickly because I want to start the the
raffle and as a matter of fact why not start it right now okay so we’re gonna
start the raffle now it’s it will cost what 50 I said 50 points I think it will
explain everything to you guys again so we’ll have it open so you guys can start
now by its exclamation point raffle and then how many tickets you have to put a
space in between so exclamation point that’s one one word and then the then
you put a space and then you put the number of tickets that you want to
purchase and then that should that should work and yeah I should I should
actually should probably should have started when we started the show just to
make sure everything was working but we’ll go ahead and do it now so if
there’s any glitches or anything we can correct those glitches and then at the
end of the show that’s what we’ll do the raffle okay let’s see here and I see for
the first one in with the ticket I actually get to see when you guys put
tickets in that’s pretty cool all right okay all right let’s see okay so credit card
maestro same patiently waiting for the chase fi reserved I’m at 8:24 right now
okay yeah you got a little waiting to do well it does it depends you might have
gotten a few cards all up at once so you might be waiting for a little bit but
maybe try the aren’t the in branch thing just like David did go in there maybe
see if if they can work something out with you to get the card Wayne what’s
going on thank you for stopping by okay so hip saying no no chase cards yet
I’m beyond five twenty four by two years all right you guys are still doing the
votes I think that bot is still showing that huh I still have that open all
right so we have some hats of people I don’t want to discourage people but
David has 20 David has 20 raffle tickets already
Jessica has seven because three Brian has ten so it is working I’m happy to
know I’m happy to see that it is working so keep on getting the raffle tickets
guys make sure you get them because I don’t want to close it out on people and
they’re not have an opportunity to get them Natan Jess I see you guys on the
board there okay let’s see here jae-hee are hilarious dude David saying
that my Chase Sapphire Reserve verse grace great it works great as an ice
scraper for my windshield in the winter whatever man
whatever you know you like that card oh okay so brain farts in that I ordered
uber eats and it wasn’t subtracted from the travel credit
I have never or I’ve never ordered ubereats but I would say well over uper
is is is subtracted so I don’t know why you beruete wouldn’t be that’s
unfortunate very hard if they didn’t but yeah I’ve never I’ve never used uber
eats before I don’t know that that whole thing but yeah that’s unfortunate but
just think of it this way you still have travel could use it for something else I
guess I don’t know if I would be $300 of food like ubereats might be good every
once in a while but I like me personally I like to use those points for other
things so yeah that’s that’s how I feel about that okay let me know guys about
my audio if it’s still lagging because I just thought of something I might need
to change or I might be able to change and let’s see video webcam all right I’m
gonna switch my audio up real quick okay yeah we’re not going to do
yeah I’ll have to I’ll have to work on my audio if it’s still if it’s still
doing that if it’s still behind then I’ll have to work on it later I just
thought I was thinking of something my hair was like hey you know what maybe I
should try that never got to work but yeah it’s not working so I’ll probably
have to reset my my system here later not now okay let’s see okay so thick is saying let’s see if you
already have the MX platinum gold blue chase freedom chase Inc preferred and
the chasing cash is it worth it to get the Chase Sapphire reserve or something
like a world of Hyatt or United card man that’s a mouthful so Chase Sapphire it’s
all it’s always worth it to give the chase after I Reserve that’s in my my
opinion you have a lot of good cards already but the the the Chase Sapphire
Reserve is going to give you a better earn than some of the cards that you
already have so with the restaurant credit you get the three points for
every dollar spent I like that the gold gives you four points every dollars but
I get it but you have Chase ecosystem and you have a Mexico system and they
don’t work together so because you have some American like that you have the
Amex Platinum to the Amex gold great cards on in their own right they’re
great cards so they work together so get some cards that work with your Chase so
chase chase fi Reserve and then use the other cards that you have like the
chasing business you said the tasting preferred and it was a chasing cash
those cars all will work with your Chase Sapphire Reserve and in certain
categories you’re gonna be able to really maximize what the chase fi
reserve where you you might not get that with some other card so I would look at
that card world of high card is not a must it is not a must the the it’s a
good card if you’re staying at high its religiously every so often if you’re
staying at highest you’re gonna get nine points or every dollar spent so that’s
good but it’s not a card that it’s not a must I much would prefer getting the
United card I would get the taste out of I reserved first off but if I were
looking at the two cards I would probably get the United card over the
world of high card even though I really like the card there are a couple of
things I don’t like I don’t like the tiered bonus so I don’t like how that
set up where you have to spend what is it is it three thousand three thousand
or yes three thousand dollars within the first three months you get twenty five
thousand then you need to spend another three thousand in the next three months
and then you’ll get another twenty five thousand so they’re stretching things
out I don’t really I’m not really a big fan of that you do
get a free night so that’s good but what the United card it’s I don’t I like
staying at Hyatt when I can but I need to fly any warden any pretty much
anywhere that I go if I’m going out of the country I’m flying right so a United
card is just a little more valuable in that sense because it gives me the free
check bag and it gives me the the priority boarding those things are
really value okay so even if I don’t have the world of high card I can still
transfer points over and and redeem them for a free night if you want to do it
that way or use points plus cash or something like that
so I can get a very similar experience without having the world of Hyatt card
whereas with United yes I can transfer points over to United but I’m not going
to get a free check bag and I’m not going to get priority boarding just by
transferring points over to United so I have to be like you know one of the
elite up in the elite status with with United in order to get that that stuff
so that’s the way I look at that now both cards in my mind are the world of
high card and the United card they’re not cards that you’re really going to
use every day they’re just not they’re not they’re not designed that way really
I mean the world of high card is good in the sense that okay your gym membership
so once a month I use a card to pay for my gym membership two points every
dollars spent so that that’s decent but like as an everyday card
neither card is a good car for every day because I have the Chase Sapphire
Reserve and I use that card for everyday stuff and it’s some of the same
categories you get three points every dollar spent compared to two points
every dollar spent with the world of height and the and the United card okay
so let’s go ahead and move on down all right wow we got a lot of people in
there in our raffle here that’s good okay alright alright let’s see what we have mr. choco what’s going on buddy all
right so Jeremy Sam I am a huge Amex fanboy
and I have both the Chase Sapphire Reserve and the Amex platinum but I used
to chase after I reserved much more yeah you know the image platinum is a great
card but it’s not a great everyday card it’s a great travel card so if I’m using
it for air book and airfare and stuff like that it’s a great card but when it
comes to every day you’re getting one point for every dollar spent why you use
that card it’s not good that’s why you have the AMEX gold because that
complements your your Amex platinum so my the way I look at the whole Amex eco
system is you have to have both those cards in order to really if if you
travel a lot and you spend you know you spend a lot on restaurants and grocery
stores then that tandem is just unbeatable and I’ll say that to this day
I love the Chase Sapphire Reserve but the Amex gold Amex platinum tandem that
card those cards are really good I can’t see a better tandem that’s out there okay so Jessica saying the Sapphire
reserve was my ninth credit card that I’ve gotten then the freedom started the
chase game right after we have wherever we had our first child in April because
you wanted let’s see okay because we wanted ways to travel and see family all
right sorry butcher debts I butchered that
whole paragraph Jessica I apologize I’m reading and I’m thinking about something
at the same time okay so yes Chase Sapphire Reserve she said was her ninth
card that she got so it was well into the game of credit cards right for her
and that’s what I was interested to know to like our people getting this car
right off the gate right you know right off the bat because like now when I got
it I couldn’t I mean you didn’t exist when I started getting credit cards so I
couldn’t get it right off the bat but for someone right now just starting out
a beginner is this one of those cars that you’re getting right away and I
know I pushed this a lot when I talk with people and they say okay what what
credit cards should I go with like first my first credit cards I always tell them
chase right but now I’m telling them more and more hey go with the cheese
stuff I reserve ultimately you’re gonna get that card anyway so if you get to
Chase Sapphire Preferred and eventually you’re gonna be wanting to get the Chase
Sapphire reserve so just you might as well get it get it right up the path
which is a lot it’s it’s a lot for some people to think about like wow $450
angle fee I don’t even know if this stuff works like do these points work
does how does this you know so I know it’s a lot it’s a lot for some people
but I’m just wondering are people getting this card are they actually
getting it as their first card let’s see alright guys let’s go ahead and work on
down alright guys yes please please hit the
like button we’re almost at 50 likes this is the soonest we’ve been to 50
likes so please hit the like button and so we can get up to 50 and then I want
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well I don’t know no I was going with that you know when you start saying
something here like where am I going with this so that it would really help
the channel and basically we were gonna be doing these giveaways and I really
want to promote this out to everyone who is not watching now so in the
rebroadcast I’ll see you oh wow they do giveaways on on the last Saturday of
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about travel credit cards so that’s what we’re all about so please hit that like
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video live streams are pretty challenging to get people to watch
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and guys like I said if you’re new here if you have not signed up or if you have
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today and get your 50 points so you can get your raffle ticket here and I want
to check something out real quick I just want to see where we are
let’s see okay all right so we’re good just wanna check something real quick
okay all right guys checking your points
that’s cool so 70 see just doesn’t like editing videos streams is fun yeah you
know I do like I actually do like editing the videos but I like to have
like how can I say this the interaction is not there and I like to do premiere
so if you guys notice even when I when I put out a video like I launched a video
I always do it in a premiere I never do like just some people will just put the
video out there I always do it in the premiere because I want to chat with you
guys back and forth while you’re watching the video so I always do that I
like what I like about live streams and what I miss when I edit a video and I
put it out there is the the instant gratification you can call it or just
the instant response so people have a question you can address it right there
and it’s just it’s more of a community to me because you bring in people and I
see you guys every week and I get to know you guys even though I don’t know
you I still know you you know what I mean and so there it’s a sense of family
and I like that whereas I didn’t get that prior to doing the live streams I
was just putting videos out I’d have people comment and stuff like that and I
answer those questions but honestly I’ll tell you the truth I don’t remember the
majority of the people I won’t remember them because I don’t see them enough as
far as in the in the comment section but now I’m seeing people every week and so
that really helps build that whole family and that’s what I want that’s
what I like I think we all like we all like travel credit cards and we all use
them in different ways and we all have stories to share and all that good stuff
so that’s why that’s why I like the live stream so it’s not about editing like I
like editing I think that’s it’s it’s it’s good and if I could do a live
stream and just show videos that way I would do it in edit videos but the
closest to that is doing the premiere and I can chat back and forth but I like
the the the back and forth that’s what I really like okay let’s see it’s a flash
point is asking a question would you say the chase chase fi reserved is best
starting out with points for someone with good credit I would say so now yeah
I would yeah Jason III think it’s a good card for for
anyone just starting out I think it’s a good card it’s your it’s a it’s like and
I I know I can pair a lot of stuff to the camera world because I mean I’m
Tania and for the last 10 years I was been really really deep into photography
and you you always learned that you want to get stuff that’s that’s future proof
and a lot of people think and I’m going in the camera where I’m going Tech right
now so just bear with me but a lot of people think oh I’m here yeah I need to
get the latest and greatest camera that’s what I need to get but
realistically it’s not the camera that you want to get that’s the latest thing
or it’s not the camera that you really want to focus all your money on
it’s the lenses because the lenses have they they they have what do they call
they have longevity so that lens that I bought
can last me 10 15 20 years if I really take care of it that camera is gonna
it’ll probably last me three to five years and then technology is going to
change and I need to get another camera and technology with cameras or it keeps
changing but with the lenses the technology is pretty much there it’s a
piece of glass that’s what it is and if it’s a good piece of glass and that does
things well it will last you for four ten twenty years and so you invest money
and they tell you a photographer you invest money in your glass don’t invest
money in the cameras invest money in the glass and so that that is kind of like
the way I look at this travel credit card stuff like you want to invest in
credit cards that you can keep for a long period of time that’s the way that
I look at it I don’t want to get a card that’s just gonna be good for a couple
years or good for a year while I hit that sign up bonus and use the points
and then I can’t do anything with the card after that I want to get a card
that I know is gonna last for a long long period of time
and so yes I would tell people if you’re just starting out get that Chase
Sapphire reserve that card will outlive a lot of the cards that you that you
that you might want to get or you might think you might want to get because that
you have to look at it to you Chase Sapphire Reserve that’s the top tier
when it comes to chase just like the Amex Platinum I mean when I say top tier
of course there’s a higher level of credit cards but I’m just saying for
most people that are able to sign up and get a credit card that Amex platinum is
the top tier and Chase Sapphire Reserve is top tier those cards really aren’t
gonna go anywhere they might do some devaluation and stuff like that but
they’re not gonna go anywhere there’s pretty solid cards and they’re gonna
stay they’re gonna stay on top for the most part they’ll pull a little bit but
then they’ll give you a little bit and so they’re good they need to keep those
cards as their flagship cards so that that’s that’s the way I look at it even
even the prestige card they pulled from that card before I go I’m not gonna get
the gun am I gonna get the card they will still be around because there are
ways around the whole travel insurance and maybe that’s you know good good
thinking on their part where they were is like they were like hey we need to
cut back on something what can we cut back on that would be the that would
give us the the least amount of damage and travel
protection maybe that was the best route to go because like I said you can do
third party and it’s even I think it’s better do to do a third party and you
can use I don’t I would think this is something I need to look into I just
thought about this right now could you use your travel credit to put to get
travel insurance and if you could and that could help you out as well although
you’re not using it for travel flights and stuff like that you can still use it
to to get some travel insurance okay let’s move on down here okay you guys talking about I lost here James
what’s going on what’s going on man thank you for stopping by and James is
saying let’s see here I’m seeing more and more live streams on points and
travels yours is the best I have learned a lot from you also like Dalai Lama you
had ko recognized everyone in the chat cool James cool man
I still can’t find James you need to hit me up in what’s that I can’t find your
name on the and the whatsapp thing so hit me up in the whatsapp group just
like offline or whatever I just need to see your profile because I wanted to
give you some information alright let’s see David Singh and new to the channel
and new to the credit game what score do you need and which Bureau do you do they
pull from okay so I don’t know the exact bureaus that they pull from to be honest
I can tell you at Capital One polls from all three so that if that helps any but
if you’re new to the game I think first off thank you for coming to the channel
in enjoying our family here and please consider subscribing to the channel but
when it comes to two credit cards and I think we kind of talked about a little
bit like when you’re getting started I would start with Chase Chase is probably
the best ecosystem to start with because they have a 5:24 rule you’re limited in
how many cards you could open up at one time within a 24 month period so you
might want to start with Chase get a couple of those chase cards and then
move into the American Express and city if you want to do that but I will tell
you the chase fi Reserve although the four and 5000 fee is a little scary to
some the Chase Sapphire Reserve is probably the best card overall I would
say it’s the best card that’s out there and I say overall because you have like
the Amex platinum has some really good benefits and you get five times with air
travel but it’s not an all-around card the restaurant you’re gonna be lacking
and some of the other some of the other categories are gonna be lacking so
it doesn’t do it’s not the the it’s not a good all-around card where I think
Chase Sapphire Reserve is a card I can use over and over again every day spend
where Amex just doesn’t do it but yeah I don’t really know who pulls from what
maybe some other people in the room can help you out when it comes to that but
yeah I I don’t know I just apply for the credit cards and I get it all right
don’t forget but I I’m not really I don’t really know and I I don’t know if
there’s a reason why you’re asking that question credit score’s though i would
say if you’re getting the Chase Sapphire reserve you want to be around you have
to be I would say be at least seven hundred but it’s even better if you’re
around 720 this 7 when I got it it was like 725 7:30 so you want to be around
that area and you’re probably safe but at least be 700 or above okay all right ninjetta saying your life Shipman’s the
best thank you guys I appreciate it I just want to have fun here I want to be
able to get out you know get the information out to you guys and and have
you guys help out when it comes to you know questions and stuff like that and I
I am I’ll be the first one to tell you I don’t know everything when it comes to
travel credit cards but I will tell you my experiences and I’ll tell you the
mistakes that I’ve made I’ll tell you the things that I did right and
hopefully you can learn from that and and and be able to take those trips and
like I like I said before I like to do the luxury travel that’s just me I
travel solo so it’s it’s a little different so because I’m traveling solo
yeah I can fly business class first class and not really feel guilty about
it where it’s like I was talking to a friend and she she had the what car did
she get the Chase Sapphire reserved yeah she had to say stuff I reserved and she
was all happy about it and everything and she booked her her airfare and so
she booked her through the portal and so I was just asking a little bit of
information a key what did she go I only remember where she went
I can’t remember where she went and Spain maybe I can’t remember anyway
but she booked her through the portal if she just pretty much put in all the
information and booked it didn’t think too much about how much you know the
points and the value and transferring points over to transfer partners and all
that good stuff and so and so when I was asking her these questions she didn’t
know like how many points she used and all that and so it was a little straight
because I’m like oh my god you probably missed out like you probably could have
used more points I’m sorry you probably could have used less points and then had
points for another trip and you might have been able to fly business class or
first class but she was like you know I’m travel with my friends I don’t want
to go on first class and and then be back in economy yo coach so yeah I
travel I travel solo for the most part and when I do travel with friends
usually we’re flying to the destination getting there at the same time so and
that that’s generally the way I do it anyway like I go to Colombia a lot but
I’m not traveling I’m traveling to Colombia solo but I’m meeting up with
people in Colombia that that are also traveling there and that
that’s generally how it works when I go to Colombia but some other places like I
went to pay myself had a really good time
I’ve traveled to rubra and Costa Rica but I’m traveling with friends we just
meet at the at the destination so it doesn’t matter that I’m flying first
class because they’re on a another plane coming from another part of the country
but yeah so I just tell you my experience is if you want to fly first
class business class that stuff is all attainable if you have credit cards I I
will guarantee you that you will have an opportunity to fly business class fly
first-class I’m talking true first class business class I’m not talking about
when you get you know when you go to some of the smaller planes 282 a320 a321
x’ and the you know the smaller planes where you walk in you see okay there
these business class seats and they’re kind of like the size of the seat that
I’m sitting well you guys can’t see the whole seat but they’re like the size of
a normal seat but they’re a little more cushion than all that stuff I’m not
talking about that I’m talking about like a full life flat seat where you get
the nice fancy meals and and they give you all the you know the pajamas and all
that I’m talking that kind of first class business class experience that’s
attainable that’s attainable with two credit cards if you get to travel credit
cards that give you fifty thousand sign up 60,000 sign up bonus if you have two
of them you get around 120 100 120 thousand you can find a way to or I can
guarantee one one way you can fly business class first class but you might
be able to if you really work it out right and you go on to award hacker comm
you might be able to find out a really good deal where you can use points and
it’ll be less than than 120 thousand in order to fly round-trip business class
so just something to think about it’s there it’s it’s attainable I mean
you anyone can do it alright let’s move on down let’s move on down I’m so glad
this raffle thing is working about it I was nervous I’m like oh my god I just
when I say working I mean you guys are able to buy raffles because it was it
was okay so it looks like the entry closed
and I’m gonna resume it just because we’re still talking here so we’ll open
it back up so if you still want to buy raffle tickets you can and then we’ll
get to the end and then we’ll close it off again and then do the raffle okay all right so yeah I opened it back up
and it looks like we have a pretty full house here we have a hundred and ten
tickets that are out there so that is that is good that is very good and like
I said don’t worry about it if you have not been able to get a raffle or get a
raffle if you have is it now is it deducting your raffle tickets that’s
something I didn’t know let me I guess it doesn’t deduct I know it does
oh yeah it does okay yeah it does deduct the points right yeah cuz David isn’t up
there anymore so it does deduct now I will be
resetting it so it doesn’t matter these points are good they’re not gonna be
there anymore so if you uh if you don’t if you don’t use the points they’re just
gonna go to waste so it’s probably a good opportunity right now for you guys
to jump in and get the raffle tickets Braveheart I see you in the building i
raffle 20 and were you able to get those 20 you can’t get 20 you don’t have
enough you don’t have enough points Braveheart you can get out and see
what’s my math you can get 16 Braveheart yeah try to do 16 Braveheart
okay so yeah guys if you’re in the building right now you want to go ahead
an get your points Dali you have like you can still get more points they’ve
actually show you guys this leaderboard so you guys know what I’m talking about yeah so if you it’s 50 it’s 50 or 50
bucks a point or 50 bucks 50 Tec points to get a raffle so let’s see giveaway all right I’m just doing a little just
looking in here all right all right okay all right I just wanted to see make
sure everybody’s there so it does take the points off you want to give as many
points as you can you can only you can get up to 20 I’m sorry
points it does take the points off so we will reset it so you’re gonna be able to
to start off fresh starting tomorrow and I might come on tomorrow so be aware of
that I might come on tomorrow and and do do another livestream that’ll be the
first so that you guys will get on the right track if I do come on if I do come
on just understand if I’m coming on I let
you guys know I will put it in the Facebook group so be a part of the
Facebook group and all the links are in the description here but I’ll be on the
face but it in the Facebook group I’ll also put in the whatsapp group so links
to both of those places are in the description so you want to join they
face the whatsapp group if you want to talk with me one in one on one or a
personal level talk to everyone else on a personal level more personal level
then what that group is better for that it’s just it’s a big group group chat
and then you can also talk to people in private so if you have a question for me
that you want to talk in private you can do that as well yeah David you can’t
pull your points you can only get 20 20 tickets okay so I’ve kept it at 20 so
that last 200 you’re not gonna be able to redeem for this one or actually it’s
gonna reset so you won’t be able to redeem those maybe I should change that
now thinking about it’s because there’s no incentive next next time maybe we’ll
just have it open since we’re all starting fresh we’ll just have it open
so there’s no maximum I put a maximum on and only because I had we had a few
people you being one of them that just had a bunch of points and so now
everyone’s starting off fresh and they know how that the whole thing works then
I think I think we’ll go we’ll go with it along those those lines where will we
just won’t have what you can buy as many raffle tickets as you want
yeah dolly eye point let’s see you have 713 so you can still get points looks
like you can get 14 but I guess yeah they’re not gonna let you
by raffle tickets if you if you’re over like if you put over like you should put
irath wool or exclamation point raffle 20 then they’re not gonna let you get
that because you don’t have enough points and I don’t even know if they’re
telling you don’t have enough points but yeah they won’t let you do it okay
all right guys any other questions any other questions you can go and put in
the chat yeah just yeah put it in the chat what’s going on Walters wallet
thanks for stopping by buddy and you guys already know we talk we talk a well
all our we were talking about you earlier man he does have a channel as
well and he talks about travel credit cards he was just doing the livestream
as a matter of fact so you guys want to go over to his channel check it out I
mean I’m really excited because we have this community and we’re all kind of
starting together so it’s exciting to me you know we’re starting to do live
streams and we have our videos out and we’re doing collabs and by the way water
I want you on my channel so I’m gonna reach reach out to you I’ll see you know
I’m gonna send you an email after this after this show but I definitely want to
get you on and then if you want me on the show whatever we’ll talk about that
later but I definitely want to get you out for an interview but yeah I think
it’s exciting because there are a lot of people because there was kind of a wave
and the way that I looked at it I started 3 years ago so back when I was
started like it wasn’t that long ago but the travel credit card travel credit
cards as far as YouTube was concerned you had Brian Kelly so you had the
points guy he was putting out some some videos you didn’t have that many people
putting out videos travel credit card videos and then a sebby and credit shifu
they started credit sfe i don’t know one credit chief who started but i said he
started like two years ago where he started his channel and obviously his
channel blew up credit shifu’s channel blew up and then i think there was a
little bit of space in between like timewise and then now you have some
other people that are kind of really catching steam I guess you can say so
we’re all trying to like we’re all we’re all trying to grow together now but yeah
I just I really enjoy see new people that
have channels and credit card maestro he was on here earlier he’s got a great
channel as well but yeah it’s pretty exciting to see that so and definitely
like I said what was wrong I want to get on credit or credit card maestro I know
you guys talked about him last week that you guys want him on I want him on as
well so I will be reaching out to you guys with with some emails and hopefully
you guys respond it’s always head thing like sometimes I put stuff out there you
guys know you guys know my stories but not everybody responds okay alright so
we are getting all the points yeah Rashad saying we got to get a step
beyond I’m gonna reach out to him again like I told you I did reach out to him
once I will reach out to him again yeah absolutely and you know another
thing too is you just have to understand like and I get it and and Waller was
wild I’m sure he could tell you there’s a lot of work that goes into this this
is not my full-time job like I have a full-time job and I’m doing this YouTube
stuff on the side and I enjoy it I enjoy a lot I like it not doing live streams I
like putting out videos but it does take a lot of time so I can imagine and I
don’t even know what s Emmys like if he’s doing it full-time but I know he
has a channel that’s at a level where it it takes a full time commitment in order
to keep it going he does a blog too so I know he’s busy I know he’s busy with
with YouTube stuff so you know it’s one of those deals where you want it you
want to reach out to people and you know hope that they that they’re that they
accept and they and they want to do a live stream or just do a collab or
anything but you do have to understand yes there’s only so many hours in the
day and hopefully they can fit you in so that that’s the way that I look at that
but it was it was interesting because he some people in the whatsapp group they
are a couple in the whatsapp group they they met a semi there in Houston he just
put out a video – about Houston the Centurion lights they were in the
Centurion lounge excuse me and they met him and took the picture
with them and they had it on the Facebook group so I thought that was
cool and they said that he actually started talking to them about points and
stuff like that so I thought that was really cool that you know and I don’t
know like I’ve had this happen to me before not if it was it was more of the
photography so because like I told you I was doing photography stuff for the
longest on this channel and so it was interesting because the I got approached
by someone and I was at a convention and it was a little it was a little weird it
was a little weird because I don’t know and I’ve been approached a couple of
times but this time was a little weird and I remember thinking to myself like
why is this person like they’re like how can I say I’m walking out of the
convention I’m going back to my room my hotel room and I go every year I would
go to this it’s called WPP I so wedding in portrait photography convention and
so I’m walking back to my room and I see this this guy standing like standing off
he’s probably 20 feet away from me and I could see that he was looking at me as
I’m walking I could see he was looking at me because as I’m walking he’s kind
of following me with his you know with his head and so then he makes a beeline
he’s like walking like this guy over here and so you see what’s going on you
know he’s all excited serious stuff oh hey what’s going on but it’s just it’s a
weird I don’t know for me it’s weird like when people recognize you and he
recognized me from from my channel like from the videos that I put out and
started talking to me about you know at the time I just I switched over to Sony
cameras I start talking about Sony cameras and all this stuff and it’s a
coolest thing I love it I mean if any of you guys ever see me like out at an
airport or in the lounge or whatever it come up approached me I mean it’s cool
like I like it but it’s just a little weird because
you’re kind of like like wow alright like even this is this is even funnier
like my friends like people my co-workers and stuff like that when they
when I know that they’re watching my channel that’s still weird like I know
them already but then when they’re like like saying stuff that I talked about on
my channel then it’s kind of like wow they watch it’s weird like they’re like
as a few people are telling about credit cards and stuff like that and they don’t
know anything that much about travel credit cards but they’re telling me some
of the stuff oh yeah I remember you talked about that on your livestream I’m
like what do you watch my so it’s pretty funny all right guys let’s see here if I
was not missing anything here I’m just telling you guys all these stories let’s
see alright okay and how to get a credit score
either okay I’m just gonna call you 800 kid ain’t under I can’t read that whole
thing every time man I wasn’t butcher it let’s see so he’s saying that he saw the
the savvy Centurion lounge video interesting yeah I thought I you know I
thought you did a really good job in that video I thought he did a really
good job you don’t see too many videos like edited by well I don’t say edited
but like kind of in the field kind of thing with him he does some but the
majority of his what he does is kind of like what I do is just sitting in front
of a backdrop and talking so yeah I think I thought he did a really good job
on that alright Schatzi he better not see me see me in the street I’m giving
you a hug kidnapped see oh let’s see all right guys all right
has everybody got in the raffle tickets going once going twice that see is this
refreshing or not all right I hope everybody’s got their their tickets we’re gonna wait like two three minutes
just to make sure everybody has an opportunity to get their tickets if they
want to get them and then we were gonna move into the raffle and how should I do
this should I open up I should probably let’s see I’m trying
to think of how I should have this showing guess we could do it this way so
here are the people still on the list who have not gotten their tickets so I
don’t know if everyone’s in the building Julio I don’t think I saw Julio earlier kay college did you get all your points
I don’t know if he used all of his but yeah let’s see where are we with the
with the giveaway here okay so here’s our all of our participants one hundred
and fifty two tickets are out alright and so what will happen we’re gonna
we’re gonna once I close it then we will pick the winner and then I need your
email okay so I think I don’t know exactly how this works
I’m still I’m still working out all of you know the kinks and everything but I
believe like Justin we did the trial and Justin was able to put stuff
for me in the chat in this chat here so I think it allows you to do like a
separate chat where you can you can put stuff out there so I don’t want you to
put your email hidden in the regular chat
I want you it hopefully it will give you some type of indicator where you can
write in here so it’s in private so I’m the only one that can see it and not
everyone will be sending you emails it’s about random stuff so yeah I hope that I
hope that works out and please one thing that I also should mention – you need to
be subscribed to the channel too so if you’re in the raffle right now if you’re
not subscribed to the channel make sure you do that right now so go over
subscribe to the channel and then if for some reason the email thing doesn’t work
then reach out to me I’ll be sending out the the raffle ticket either later
tonight or tomorrow morning so if you have not received anything by that time
make sure you you you contact me but yeah make sure you subscribe and and
then you’re when you give me your email then we’ll go from there and I might
even be able to send you a test email right after you send that email out let
me see if I could what am I missing here find out let’s see that do that yeah
I’ll probably I’ll send out a test even I just want to make my whole thing I
want to make sure that the email works I don’t wanna you know try to send you the
email with the with the link cuz it’ll be a link gift card link I don’t want to
send that to the wrong person and they’re like hey guess what I got $50 I
got 50 Amazon bucks yeah yeah so we don’t want that to happen so I will send
out a test do a test run here alright guys we’re getting ready to close off
here and I really appreciate this I’m glad you guys are all you guys are all
here participating it makes me feel really good
let’s see Corey thank you for the super chat buddy thank you for a super chat
man I appreciate it we all appreciate it it’s great for the
channel and thank you for all your support man I
really appreciate it okay Kay college you have a couple more points I don’t
know it looks like he could buy let me show you guys all the points here guess
you guys don’t need to look at my email looking at all my emails here let me
show you guys the points so you guys just have an idea of what what’s out
there so if you’re on this list like a college you have 285 so you still have
points to buy that if you want our raffles to buy it’s $50 or 50 Tec points
each raffle ticket so you still have a few that you can get now if you go over
20 20 is the max so you can’t go over 20 so if you go over 20 raffle they’re not
gonna let you get any more but people who are under 20 you guys can still get
raffle tickets up to 20 all right so we are almost there okay five more
minutes we’re gonna leave it open five more minutes and then we’ll go ahead and
do the raffle and then like I said well reset and when we reset then we’ll reset
on Sunday or tomorrow and then for the next month we’re gonna do the same thing
it’ll be up to the last Saturday of the month that’s what we’ll do the next
raffle so it’ll be fun we’ll do another raffle we’ll figure out what it is at
some point I’m gonna start reaching out to brands companies that have products
and so I reaching out to them hey we do a livestream every Saturday and we do a
giveaway once once a year once a year once a month and we would love to be
able to promote your product and if you could promote your product
we’ll give you a commercial for your product and we’ll do it throughout the
month and that last Saturday we’ll do a raffle and we’ll we’ll raffle off the
the product so travel related stuff is where I want to go with it
so I will be reaching out to some companies if you guys have any companies
in mind I mean let me know I’ll see what I can do as far as reaching out to him
but I’m looking at like luggage or just stuff that we would use for travel I
want to keep it travel related because obviously that is the the company that
we keep here so it would be nice to to keep with that when it comes to
different sponsors and stuff like that so well but don’t don’t worry if we
don’t get anybody that’s fine we’re gonna still do that we’ll still do the
gift cards so okay and David saying let me sponsor a month yeah if you want to
what are you gonna sponsor what are you gonna give there David now I don’t want
I don’t want the community to sponsor I want like different companies I don’t
know maybe you have travel code I don’t know what you I know you travel a lot
but I don’t know what your product is let’s see alright guys so we are getting
ready to close it off two more minutes two more minutes and we’re gonna close
it off so if you guys last-minute people here you want to get your raffle tickets
before we shut it down and then we will do the raffle I wish it was more there
was more suspense to it I mean it’s just pick a winner boom there’s the winner
I wish it was a little more of a suspense but I guess I guess not
I guess I could make it more suspenseful I don’t know but then I want you guys to
know that it’s fair and I’m not just picking like typing in a name so I mean
I guess I could just say hey the first name is a first letter than a I think I
can’t wait you know what maybe I could put a box in front of it oh yeah
actually that I won’t see it yeah all right maybe I’ll have something in
the future where I can make it a little more they’re a little more suspense to
it but right now we’re just gonna have to go with the pick a winner and they’ll
just show the name all right we’re closing the entries in
30 seconds 30 seconds to entries are gonna close Jessica a raffle won all
right yes please smash the like button thank you Jessica for reminding everyone
smash the like button guys we gotta get people we want to get more people in so
if you could smash the like button that would really help out really help
promote the channel there we have 54 likes thank you guys very much for 54
likes please so please if you’re in here and you haven’t I hit the like button
please do so all right we’re closing the entries now
it is closed we are closed for business 23 so what we’ll do next month it’ll be
unlimited amount okay so that’s what we’ll do and that hopefully that will
push more people to say okay I’m gonna get as many points as possible because I
do realize that these are the things you have to think through like I didn’t
really think through okay if I have 20 only 20 well what about the people who
get over that amount now they can’t they have raffle tickets that or no you know
they can’t they can’t do anything or they have points that they can’t use to
purchase raffle tickets so we want to make sure that we allow everyone an
opportunity all right guys so here we go here we go here we go so you guys can
see that all right so that it’ll come up right here this is where it’s gonna come
up and then please hit me with the chat I’ll go off this screen so then that way
when you put in your your email then I’ll be able to to reach out to you all
right so I’m gonna go ahead and do it I’m gonna go and do it all right so if
you win make sure you contact me because if you don’t you’re not gonna get it all
right here we go joke chuckles the winner actually didn’t show
the other it is yeah all right joke oh you win man you win
hopefully you’re still in the building all right so let me uh let me move down
off here so you guys see the winner here is choko choko wins and let’s go ahead
and move away from that screen so congratulations choko you win and
you’re gonna get the $50 gift card now you need to send me an e-mail okay so I
need to be able to contact you so make sure you send that email out and then I
will as soon as you send the email then I’ll go ahead and send you the link so
you can go over to Amazon and and get your $50 so hopefully you guys enjoyed
that I do want to find a way to make it a little more more what’s the word
dramatic great you just push a button there just shows I want something a
little more so we’re gonna work on that I can’t really change this platform so
maybe I can change it by some other some other means but anyway it’s chaco-sphere
cuz if he’s not there somebody could wake him up all right so yeah I did so
I’ll need to get his email and then we’ll work it from there as far as
getting reaching out to him alright Joko so send me uh alright cool
so you put yes and are you able are you able to chat oh it’s just showing you
there okay yeah I don’t want okay okay cool cool yeah that works so no one can
see that but I do see it they do block email so that’s cool wait did it open up
hopefully it didn’t you know $50 alright cool cool okay
we’ll send you an email real quick just to make sure that that emails working
properly so just respond to it and then I will I’ll reach out to you with your
$50 gift card so thank you guys all for participating I really appreciate it
this is gonna be fun so every month you guys have something I mean I’m excited
and I don’t give it money away like I don’t know it it’s fun it’s fun just to
see the the it’s fun to see the fact that people are really supporting the
channel and we have a large group of people who have earned points by
watching and biking by chatting and you know getting out there so yeah I just
really I really appreciate it like I said it’s in Bob from Kate ecology was
talking about this in the last livestream it’s hard it’s hard to get
out put yourself out there and it’s it’s people I don’t know it I’m pretty
private when it comes to like my personal life and stuff like that and
I’m not one to be like jumping like the the the life of the party you know have
to be like the center of attention and all that that’s not me that’s not my
style and it’s hard to get into this area where you’re doing live streams and
you’re putting out YouTube videos and you become like the center of attention
right if I’m sitting in a livestream yes we have everyone in the chat and all
that but you know the lights are on me so it is hard to do that and so I really
appreciate you guys make me feel like home I feel like I’m at home when I come
on live because I see all these familiar faces and yeah I don’t know I just thank
you guys all for being there and yeah that that’s it this is me giving back to
you for for for helping out so I really appreciate that
and I don’t want to go too far with that but when I say that I don’t want to you
know I don’t want to get too mushy so well we’ll leave it at that but yeah
like I said we’re gonna go ahead and end the show thank you guys for all stopping
by hit that like button on the way out please hit the like button on the way
out so we can get more people in for for the next livestream or further I’m sorry
for the rebroadcast and then yeah Brian actually you brought that up by hat stop
talking about this okay so the the 10,000 subscribers and Brian saying this
channel will for sure at 10,000 by the end of the year so the goal the goal
here is to hit 10,000 subscribers by the end of the year you guys see over my
shoulder here I have the the my little reminder there and I haven’t been
talking about I need to talk about it more but we’re on the road to 10,000
subscribers we want to hit 10,000 subscribers by December 28th December
28th happens to be my birthday so it would be a really good birthday present
for me too for us to hit 10,000 so I really really focused on that so please
if you know people that would get some you know get something from this channel
please have them subscribe share this video with other people share some of my
other videos with other people I have some really good videos out right now
that are that are doing really well so share those videos with other people and
we want to get to 10,000 so that that is that is the goal as a goal by the end of
the year we hit 10,000 by the end of the year we can start off 2020 on the right
track and and I tell people all the time or I’ve told on this channel before when
you hit 10,000 10,000 subscribers you’re you’re allowed to do different things
okay there’s a there’s a YouTube space in Los Angeles which is about 45 minutes
from where I live they put on workshops and all this stuff about YouTube all the
time so youtubers go there and they learn how to be better youtubers right a
lot of good information there they do a lot of collaborations it’s an actual
studio so you can go there and shoot your videos there and they don’t it’s
free of charge as long as you have 10,000 subscribers so it will allow me
to do that so allow me into that space where now I
can go somewhere in videos and do collaborations with other people it’s a
lot easier everything is already set up you bring your cameras and you go and
they even have cameras or if you want to use theirs but it just gives you a
better opportunity to to really do the the club’s that you would want to do and
learn learning is that the hardest part learning what YouTube wants is the
hardest part because when you’re sitting in like a YouTube space one of the
YouTube studios they’re gonna tell you hey yeah you need to do this this and
this and that’s gonna help your channel and if you follow those steps and you’ll
be able to really improve your channel whereas right now we’re kind of it’s
trial and error like I jump out I do a livestream okay that didn’t work I do
this live stream okay that didn’t work and then I do this one Oh what you know
what this one took off why did he take off so then I have to kind of backtrack
and try to figure it out but if you’re working with YouTube and working
learning from YouTube it really helps out so just some stuff I wanted to kind
of share with you guys but yes ten thousand that is our goal we want to hit
10,000 by the end of the year and right now we are on pace I’ll be honest with
you are on pace for about 9,200 by the end of the year so we have some growing
to do so that’s why I’m saying if you reach out and I I kind of I think I if I
get I think forty more subscribers every week then I’ll easily go over that
something like that I think I do the math but anyway so it’s not that much it
could be four or five new subscribers every day so it’s not that much when it
comes down to the big scheme of things but right now we’re on target for about
9,200 so we’re in that space where we can we can easily get there to ten
thousand but I need your help and so that’s why that’s why I’m asking for
your help ten thousand subscribers just I tell people all the time go home you
know your family members they all have YouTube
get on their phone just subscribe to the channel subscribe for them
they won’t know and they’ll just see that they’re getting stuff from me
they might start watching then all of a sudden oh-ho you know what they’re
getting travel credit card because a lot of getting a lot of when
it comes to travel credit cards a lot of it is trust right you might not trust
just me but if there’s a group of people telling you hey we use it and it works
we use it it works then that’s when you start saying okay well yeah you know
I’ll get one I’ll see where it goes and then you get one of you see that it
works and then you get another one yeah and you just keep getting them and then
before you know it you have we have 15 credit cards all right all right guys
okay so we’re gonna go ahead and take off let me just see here make sure
there’s no other pressing questions that people have okay ain’t just saying I
agree like the live stream or live streams thank you guys thank you very
much and David say and stay safe the hurricane Braveheart yeah Braveheart you
are out there in Florida yeah man stay safe I know it’s supposed
to hit land tomorrow I think I think that’s what they were talking about
there okay so Justin thank you for for joining the Facebook group and let’s see all right guys
okay we’re gonna go ahead and take off thank you guys like I said I its from
the bottom of my heart I really appreciate it and we will be doing this
again I’m gonna jump on tomorrow at some time so just be aware that I will put it
out so you guys will know so you guys can start your points start your points
tomorrow for for September alright guys let me see here everything good okay
all right guys we’re gonna talk to you tomorrow please on the way out hit the
like button subscribe to the channel if you’re new and we’ll be back on tomorrow
talk to you later bye

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