Hi everyone, we’ll come back you with Amira. This is your daily read for the 7th to the 8th of September 2019 hope you will let’s have a look at the cards using a Miroslav oracle cards and Let’s have a look and see what’s in the cards today. Alright, ok, if you want to check out my free Card reading course it is on the on this video if you like to check that out at the end of the video, you’ll be able to see that and Join my mediumship Academy as we’re doing psychic training and mediumship training From September on what’s let’s have a log Ok 7th to the AIDS Ice King and gift surprises coming through a mail. He could be a man in authority an entrepreneur a father boss boss figure somebody who is Giving you gifts. It could be a boss literally giving you a bonus It could be a man coming in when you’re least expected if you’re looking for a man it could be you if you are the Ice King an entrepreneur father figure can be you know The ice cream doesn’t necessarily have to be an older male can be also a young entrepreneur as well Surprises and gifts things coming out of the blue when you least expect it Pandora’s Box opening Hopefully they’re good surprises and not alarming surprises. So let’s have a look and see what else we have I always read the cards up, right so Gossip could be the surprise young female past love Mmm, not getting anything there specifically. So let’s have a look money Courting man karma So they could definitely be a gift of money coming in. Alright can I control brunette female and destiny and obstacles Okay So you could be taking back your control in a situation there could be Something going on around somebody some gossip going on around someone you could have a cording man come in and Surprising you with gifts or spoiling you with gifts, but there seems to be some sort of obstacle in the outcome So we’ll have to check that and see what that’s about It could be something around him if you are wanting to be with a male or attracting a male energy in Whether you’re same-sex relationship or not, it doesn’t matter The brunette female is having focus Having a lot of focused intention about what you want Destiny will unravel itself. So if you’re finding yourself in a hot spot is what I’m getting The destiny will kind of unfold and unravel itself. There could be blocks or obstacles around money money blocks you might want to download my audio and much of removing money blocks and There is a man here I feel like if you are not the ice king yourself then it’s somebody coming in He’s going to help you to maybe Unblock an obstacle around something to do with finances It could be some sort of a benefactor. So here we go So feeling like fingers up in the air around your finances and then you get some sort of like Hallelujah judgment coming up. So you’re feeling you know, like you’re awakened this a definite shift I feel like there’s a shift there. Something is getting unstuck unblocked unplugged It’s like this is going to be a revelation okay, you’re going to reap the rewards of what you’ve been sowing and Even though it might feel to you like things that up in the air. You’re trying to keep things in control it’s it’s it’s not There’s not a bad outcome here. So the emperor is also can be the boss. The father figures somebody in authority So it could be your father coming to the rescue. It could be some sort of older man. Who’s helping you out could be You know somebody that you’re working for Or just authorities in general could even be a banker Because the cording man is often a man in uniform a banker a man about town. He’s coming in when you least expect it He might offer you a new job and you role in your position. He might offer you a new opportunity of some description Cue of swords and the seven of swords so you you’re attempting and and planning something Something new you’re attempting and planning something new you you’re kind of running off in it in a slightly different direction The unexpected things that will come in here is the cording man and the destiny So whether this is a business thing or a personal thing? It will be different for everybody because it’s a general reading. So the cording man can be somebody who works in banking finance Somebody who? Could be dating you taking you out a man who wears a business suit to work or a uniform He can be in the military the airlines He can be in a sales rep Pharmaceuticals. He could be a doctor or a dentist something like that, so Whether it’s personal or business, there is a surprise coming in that will be a destined kind of surprise So if you feel like there’s been doors shut around you there’s a door here that’s opening And that’s the Commodore So the doors opening with karma and destiny flowing Will bring in new opportunities through those doors and then you know something when you’re least expected it’s going to happen So it’s going to be a surprise and it’s going to benefit you in more ways than one but especially in an abundance and Financial level so that is looking really really nice really good. So it’s about Taking back control of the things you can control and letting go control of the things that are out of your control and just focusing on your Objective focusing on your target focusing on Clear clear intentions of what you want to bring in? Manifesting is also there as well. So that’s looking good. Lots of blessings everybody. Take care For now until the next video

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  1. Mam, is this reading for everyone in general no zodiac in specific?

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  3. Wow! From your lips Amira.
    Today at work something unexpected happened and your reading was a big wake up call for me.

  4. Reading is so positive…to whoever resonates,so happy for them..Thank you for this reading my dear Amira…happy weekend and God bless…

  5. Thanks Amira for your reading, bless you ❤️

  6. Beautiful message! many thanks 🌷

  7. Definitely need that surprise ✨liked this reading

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