General reading for the 5th to the 6th of September 2019 I have been guided to do another picot card for today So I kind of feel like sometimes with the general readings You know, they’re either, you know, spot-on or people can numb Or sometimes there’s multiple messages in the general readings Okay, so I’m going to do a pick a card one two or three just to see what is coming up So just tune into a number one two Or three the decks one two or three for the 5th to the 6th September moving forward You might want to check the picker card also for the first two the second the New Moon energy also that will cover September as well to a certain point. Okay. So we’re doing the 5th to the 6th pick a card and Checking that out Okay fifth to the sixth Okay, number one Number one we’ve got the ice queen Okay, so she’s using her discernment about a choice and decision She’s taking back her power and control in a situation So this is for you whether or you’re male or female? It doesn’t matter. This is about you choosing wisely Setting your sights on What it is that you can control and what is what it is that you that’s out of control you could have choices and decisions between two different people places and things You might be dating more than one person you might have You know a direction to go in and the queen of swords is very much also the The ice queen and The two of swords is often, you know the triangle because you’re indecisive about something so there’s a lot of decision here indecisive energy indecision Feeling like you’re pushed and pulled between two different people things people places things There’s justice here with whatever it is that you feel that you need to do. So there’s balance and justice There’s finding the equilibrium. There’s also a choice and decision that’s going to make you feel good Okay the Sun so it’s about your own vitality. It’s about your own health So choose the healthier option choose the option that is going to make you feel That it’s working for your own Well-being and wellness and That it’s going to it maybe go towards if some of you might be looking also at marriage or a contract So something that is going towards marriage So if you’re feeling like you have a choice and decision around two different people You might choose a person that feels to you that is more on on the long term path than the short term path Moving forward but you definitely going to be making a decision around this time. So You know, you’re you’re looking at the pros and cons with everything that’s going on here. So that’s looking interesting. That’s number one Okay, number two Children looking at the world through childlike eyes. You might be focusing on children. You might be working with children You might have children yourself be thinking about having a child. There’s a lot of passion chemistry Situations around you there could be an innocence here as well meeting somebody through friends Introductions groups you might have a past love trying to come back in or you’re healing yourself from the past from a past love past love energy You might be feeling that you’re missing this person You’re missing the chemistry, you’re missing something that you had with this person that may may or may not have been You know may or may not have been something that is Healthy for you So it could be that you were the innocent party hearing this past love kind of didn’t do the right thing by you and you got caught up with the connection the chemistry or Friends introduced you and you thought they were above board and they weren’t okay So you definitely got the lovers here. So the love is coming in. You’ve got passion and chemistry coming up as well So you could be having a new relationship surfacing Or coming about that is going to be an interesting connection It looks like this person has a lot to offer you you’re in alignment with them. You’ve got the ten of cups You’ve got happy endings at the end of the rainbow New journey and decision you’re going off on it could be somebody with an element of fire in their chart. So somebody with fire sun moon rising or Venus Could be a fire energy Aries Leo Sagittarius or just Letting you know that there’s a new journey coming out for you. There’s a new vision That you’ll be looking at putting your mind to looking out towards Taking it off it on some sort of adventure with somebody can also be a romantic adventure. It can be a Lover’s adventure with somebody as well this whole adventure might actually heal you from this past love energy that you might you might be trying to get over and it could be You know Just something, you know disappointments in the past it might not necessarily sort of be one person it could be general disappointments in in your You know heartfelt energy towards your life in general. It could be just disappointments So this is coming together with somebody interesting could also be a Libra the lovers somebody under the sign of Libra or Libra rising or moon and It looks like there’s a you know, it’s a nice feel to it. There’s a nice feel here So I like that one number two. So let’s have a look at the next set is number three Those who chose number three Gossip blonde female and work Okay So there could be work around gossip around a blonde female at work could be you if you are the blonde female somebody who? wears a wig dies their hair a different color blonde red Sometimes here is underneath. Okay, so there could be a work event there could be gossip around somebody that went out, you know at work or That was seen out at an event Gossip around this person You might be hearing about something through the grapevine regarding this person at work a work relationship She could be somebody who was being scapegoated or talked about or she might have had something to do with a boss She might have been involved with with a boss She might have been seen somewhere that she wasn’t meant to be or she could have been underaged and she went somewhere that people are talking about that, so if it’s not a work situation, it could be also a college or you know a high school situation where you know Somebody might be have been seen out with somebody else Whether they’re a senior or whether they’re a teacher or a professor or something like that Or an older person around them An alternative message here is Reaping the rewards of through Being in charge of something Feeling like you have a man who has your back he might also be very generous you Could be also working on him in some way there could be, you know fun times with him working on him in some capacity could be a man who was a sponsor who’s Who’s who’s helping you in some capacity? It could even be a father father figure as well Who’s assisting you in some way financially? He’s trying to make your dreams come true He’s also maybe offering you a cup of happiness a cup of success a cup of Making you a very good offer it could be a work offer there’s a, you know could definitely be a work a new job offer so you might hear about something through the grapevine at work about a new job offer coming up or a Person who is looking for somebody specific. It could be a new opening a new position within the company that you’re with or something from outside from people that you know Could be making you a new offer. I feel like if it is a new job offer then I think it’s going to be very beneficial Lucrative and it’s going to make you very happy because you’ve got the love here and the money the happiness Overflowing the ace of cups, so overflowing success abundance and happiness with this particular offer coming in this man could also be a Taurus Capricorn or Aries or just somebody who’s in charge? The charge of a company the owner of a company a boss of somebody who is at the head of a company So hope that makes sense everybody lots of blessings. Take care. Ciao for now

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  1. Thank you so much for all the good things coming to me for the Group 1 reading.

  2. Thanks Amira! I asked my pendulum about which number to pick and twice it picked number 2. πŸ₯°

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  4. Good morning Amira, thanks for your card reading I picked card 2, bless you ❀️

  5. I choose #3 on!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  6. Number 3 I need that goodness ✨

  7. Thank you Amira!!πŸ₯°πŸ₯°#3

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