Everyone welcome back you with a mirror and this is your daily Reading for the 3rd to the 4th of September 2019 I hope you’re all having a beautiful season moving forward and If you want to join my mediumship Academy, we’re doing psychic training and mediumship at training from September onwards so Join me all the links are here below in the show more section If you’d like to book a personal session or purchase the cards or the links are on my website ok, so let’s have a look 3rd to the 4th of September using my love Oracle deck Let’s see What’s coming up Ok I’m picking up the words winds of change you feel like there’s some sort of like something shifting the winds of change Shifting things chaining themselves around can often happen when you’re moving into a different month as well moving into a different energy Ok So let’s have a look and see Alright Crudup connection Twin Flame, you could be attracting or manifesting or Bringing in the energy of a twin flame or a true love connection who is a twin flame as well the highest level of relationship Or some sort of karmic relationship can be also for some people they find the twin flame some sort of karmic relationship Push-pull energy, etc So, let’s see what else we’ve got here so we’re looking at love alright Mature woman meeting somebody through a matchmaker a friend a lady who might be in involved in the cultural arts courting man man-about-town Could be you if you are the man young female somebody up to the age of 29 or younger than you By more than 7 years and brunette female. Ok, so I don’t go so much into the Underneath cards, but let’s have a look and see Ok, so the outcome here is the money Children beauty queen travel destiny Family and dark male. Okay, so he’s on the outside He’s on the external so that could be you if you are the dark male somebody with dark hair dark eyes not necessarily dark skin or bringing in a male energy around you who is A darker than light a male for his cultural background so he could be the the true love and the twin flame Unexpected things coming up as some sort of thing coming up around the family. So we’ve got children and family You might be receiving some news Through the family there could be a new child addition to the family There could be a new project popping up in and around the family You might be receiving news from a child It could be your child if your child that’s growing up or could be somebody else’s child or feeling like this You’re looking at the world through childlike eyes Some of you might also hear that one of your children if your child is older Could be having you know have a new love relationship happening if you can’t relate to the love relationship Yourself or the true love connection yourself. There’s a destined meeting a destined chance and energy here There’s also Travelcard, which can be a honeymoon Can be goods and services over the seas can be meeting somebody on vacation. There’s a destined meeting something showing up by destiny You might meet this person dancing boobs beauty queen is dancing being on stage being noticed and adored for your talents Being put on a pedestal in a relationship some of you might be finding that children are costing you a lot of money so there could be an internal sort of like pull or a leak there with money to do with children your child or some baby project here could be a child or an actual project a new project could be costing your money or you might be investing in something To do with a new project Innocently, so just be careful with investing too much money into something without really seeing the The full story of it, okay, so without really Researching into it properly. This is what I’m getting from that Okay, so you might be launching something new and it could be involved goods and services over the seas import/export moving things around shipping things that could be also Something to do with an online business. I Feel like some of you are going to relate to the family aspect of this reading so there’s something coming up in and around the Family something to do maybe with children with money to do with the family Others will find that there is a dark male coming in around you if you’re same-sex relationship You could be attracting the dark male in or if that’s you Male then that could be you Unless it’s somebody around the family, okay? There’s a message here with Spreading your word around a bigger audience So it could be that you are if you are in the public eye for public speaking if you have Some sort of a profile that is getting more attention Speaking writing promoting dancing singing whether you’re on YouTube whether you’re on Instagram Whether you are through and working through an agency or something like that you are going to be getting more money Through your talents being noticed and more followers as well and you could be launching a new project to do with a work thing or an interest or a hobby that is going to bring you more money or It’s going to initially cost you money, but it’s going to be a lucrative investment long-term So, let’s see this twin flame true love connection what that is about I’m just going to use the Tarot Okay, so there’s definitely something with the magician that’s working for yourself by yourself your talents being noticed so that’s reinforcing that there could be a feeling of entrapment around a legal contract a marriage a relationship some of you might be trying to break free from a marriage or Relationship could be trying to break free from a contract so if there is a new project coming up just just be careful signing anything legal before you jump into it or Investing too much money before you jump into it because you might feel that you You end up getting bound to that and it’s hard to get out of it. It could be a new idea Okay, the ace of rods is underneath could be a new idea something that is Peeking your interest that you might be indecisive about. So you’re gonna you’re going to put that into perspective The king of Pentacles is money Or a man who has money you could be attracting in a man who has money as well If there is a true true love connection here with this, it could be a man who has some sort of Restrictions around you if you’re in attracting a man in he could be controlling or he might Expect a lot of time from you or He might have Some sort of um Unspoken agreement with you about What he does and what he wants back from you, okay? So it could be you know It could even be just a business partner a boss an agent or it could be an actual love interest or a partner. So That is something to look into before you commit your commit to this situation fully Okay, lots of blessings everybody. Take care until the next reading ciao for now

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  1. My love interest is a dark male & we both want children. Another great readingπŸ‘πŸΎ

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  3. Beautiful reading πŸ’Ÿ thanks so much

  4. Thank you, really Connected with this card spread. Will join your academy soon. Have a good week ahead x

  5. Thanks Amira,good morning, bless you ❀️

  6. Thank you 😊

  7. Am not expecting a dark male….am a brunette with brown skin…that contract..I don't know when it will come to fruition..that man is still in exile and is still needing help,that I cannot do anymore…I have not communicated up to now…thank you for this reading Amira…great Monday…God bless..

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