💰 5 Websites To Make FREE MONEY Online 🌎 Worldwide (No Credit Card) w/ Phantom T-Shirts…

💰 5 Websites To Make FREE MONEY Online 🌎 Worldwide (No Credit Card) w/ Phantom T-Shirts…

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  1. Hi Sarah. Love your videos. You're informative yet down to earth and so positive. Keep up the good work!

  2. Where are the Urls?

  3. Hey Sarah Thank You for all the videos you show, I don't care what other people think, you are very helpful

  4. Thanks for the info!

  5. many almost the same videos sarah….finally which is best to try or try all? redbubble teespring printful amazon merch or all these others? and the most important question..if anyone can create his shirt like he wants and buy it at base price why he would go buy it from another "creator" and pay the profit to him?! i mean why buy any t shirt or any product from another when i can sit 5-10 minutes create it myself and get it ? this is the way most people think now with all these kind of sites. i personaly tried the last couple months 4 of these sites and promote them to social etc…and i m in fact a designer and tattooartist in real life and still 0 sales….basicaly i did it and was expecting it wont bring me anything just i had the time…so i m not dissapointed or something ..

  6. Oh great Sarah! I just got home from shopping and I cleaned my Credit Card out totally! Not even a DOLLAR left! And I would have clicked on your Offer for that dollar right away. I guess my timing is off this time. Boo Hoo Hoo. (Heh Heh)

  7. Hey probably wont see me. I've been trying my best doing the steps that u tought me but I have no luck . I should be more patient?

  8. Hey Sarah when we sign up to these sites, do we need to stay within a niche or can we make a bunch of tshirts in different niches?

  9. I’ve been trying this on Teespring for the last month with paid Facebook advertising and haven’t made any sales. I will check out Zazzle. Thank you!

  10. Does this really work? jk 😁 Thanks for the information…great video. 😎👍

  11. I love you, your videos are incredible greetings from Bolivia.

    ; it costs me a little to read what translated hahaha xD

  12. Sarah your training is abs class as always. Thanks so much. Can you tell us what video recording system you use and which software you use to organize your training in steps. I found the video quality much better than the usual and your training layout so useful

  13. Your Great. just found you and saw lost of videos 🙂 Thank you

  14. Thanks Sarah you are awesome

  15. Dropshipping is dead…prove me wrong

  16. Idk why people have a hard time understanding your pronunciation of "canva". It sounds exactly like what it is.

  17. Great info Thanks Sarah

  18. but i came here for dancing

  19. Thank you so much Sara. My goal is to get off disability and be financially very successful.

  20. I Kiss you Sarah and thank you very much for Sunfrog POD because it accepted my Payoneer paiement. But I live in Tunisia , We don't have PayPal paiement.

  21. The truth is that it’s over saturated, you’d work at McDonald and make more😂If it’s “easy” everyone would do it, even my grandma knows what it is IMAO. How are you going to take minimum $500 advertisement loss if it doesn’t work? Because most likely it WONT. How are you going to compete with Amazon and other already successful websites? Don’t you understand? These type of videos are just for views! If she is “successful” why is she putting so much time making videos that has little views? For charity? What a bunch of brain dead retards😂

  22. What’s the most profitable party during gold rush? The party that sells supplies not the diggers! Always remember that you sheeps

  23. Is there any impact of coronavirus on dropshipping?

  24. Making money without leaving the house sounds really cool. I need to try it.

  25. How do I promote shirts

  26. Sarah the beautiful!

  27. I love your shirt.

  28. I'm not so sure that my not understanding everything you say has so much to do with your accent, as it does with my hearing being somewhat selective.

    One day, maybe I'll be able to check into some aids to resolve the issue.

    Thanks for the info Sarah!

  29. Hey Sarah, I'm strongly considering getting into this industry what design software would you recommend? Canva obviously has a 30 day free trial but I'll need to pay eventually… Should I invest in something more expensive? Thanks for the videos and positivity 🙂

  30. you're glowing, like a millionaire fox

  31. Thank you for another awesome video, Sara. This video has come at the right time for me. You see my wife just lost her job and I am on disability due to ms. While I have toyed with the idea of having an online business but have held back because I was afraid to lose my disability benefits. My wife has been aware of my dream for quite some time and she is now interested in starting her own business.
    I have oftener talk about you and what I have learned from by watching all your videos. As well as doing my due diligence on all the different business models existing online through the Internet, I feel I am well equipped to mentor her while guiding her to study what other Internet marketers are doing. Now she is binge watching all your videos ☺ 😀

  32. What about copyrights?

  33. Hi Sarah, please make a video on coronavirus effect on dropshipping and how to tackle this situation???

  34. What if the text you used is from an old commercial that you saw. I am just wondering if I would get in trouble using that text. It was just a phrase not necessarily their slogan phrase, but just a funny phrase I’m sure most would remember.

  35. I love your content wholesale Ted and I have a vid request if you can. A vid talking about dropshipping during the Caronavirus scare. Given a lot of shipments come from Chinese companies and covid is also holding up goods on the world stage and causing a market decline? I would love your thoughts about it and what to do as it continues

  36. How do you find images for commercial use? If I was to do this I would like to be able use images sometimes but I need images that I can use for selling. So how do I do this? Do I create my own if so then how can I go about doing this?

  37. 1) Zazzle (use with Canva)
    2) Theadless [I think. Mentioned @6:47 but can't understand #KiwiAccents & the font of the name is too small to see on this phone.]
    3) Merch by Amazon (requires application approval)
    4) Sunfrog
    5) Cafe Press (advertise affiliate link)
    (Also use Place It)

  38. It’s important to know most T shirts have up to 5 colours maximum. The more colours the more expensive it is to make.

  39. Hey, I've been watching your videos and have opened my print on demand store on etsy about a week ago. I've activated etsy advertisements but not sure why I am unable to make any sales yet, can you please review and advise me what should be next steps?

  40. That's so funny that you have to spell canva. . I totally heard it right . Im kiwi though..

  41. Nice. That's actually useful info. Thanks.

  42. I think I've binge watched all your videos in a week! So entertaining, fun and educational. Thank you Sarah!

  43. Sarah, can't thank you enough for this content! Since starting in December of 2019, I have made $400+ on eBay & about $150 on Etsy.

  44. For those that think it doesn't work? IT DOES!!!!!!!!! we saw Sarah the first time four months ago and wow we followed what she said about DROP shipping. were making money and its starting to increase weak by weak. CAN't thank you enough, Sarah. Join us on our journey from 0 to a million;)

  45. can we sell jewelry in this side?

  46. Hey Sarah. Big fan of your videos, learned a lot👍. Still got a few serious questions though. I was really excited to get started with Printful, had many ideas for designs. I was ready to start but came across the review page of Trustpilot on Printful. There were mostly bad reviews here (Topics: very high shipping fees, Designs coming out different each time, other issues with logo's, etc) This worries me because I can't check all products before shipment. This has had a big impact on my site because I will have to change from a supplier. Can I please have an honest answer, particularly about designs not being the same in different orders. I'm prepared to invest in higher quality products, but this means nothing when the printing differs.

    Are there viewers here that can give me honest feedback about products they have ordered from Printful/ Printify? This would be much appreciated ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  47. Hi Sarah, how about redbubble? Don't you recommend it anymore?

  48. This looks so hopeful. I’m a new YouTuber and I’m inspired by what Sarah has told us I’m making a website soon and I’m going to give the T-shirt business a go thank you

  49. Are the canva fonts free for commercial use?

  50. Thank you Sarah…. your vlog is super beneficial. Just as usual! I can't thank you enough

  51. If your method works for me I will give you a 50 %of my income

  52. Your videos these days are all about Adsense and nothing more.

  53. "Yes, chicks can indeed be sent worldwide." – Sarah /2020/

  54. New vid by Sarah! Can't wait to watch. You are an angel, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  55. Whoa!!! So much value for just a click!! Thank you Print-On-Demand Queen 👸👸👸

  56. Damn, Amazon taking 74%? That's a lot.

  57. ❤ i love you Sarah , Thank you for Everything

  58. I love your videos! very helpful!

  59. It's not even close to free if you take into consideration that for this to work you have to pay for ads to send traffic to these shirts.

  60. Is there really a $245.00 tax id fee for opening a cafepress sellers account in the US??
    If so, you might want to mention this!

  61. CafePress has an email address or fax # that US citizens must use to submit a W-9 to. Had to reread. Sorry.

  62. Top content! Thanks for sharing.

    following directly in Brazil!


  63. Sarah, I need help!! I have been researching how to group several products under one listing and I can't find it anywhere. Please help a girl out

  64. Can I do it in China?

  65. How is drop shipping doing with the Coronavirus? Is it killing the industry?

  66. I've had a Zazzle account for years. My biggest seller is a pacifier lol

  67. amazon print on demand is crazy, you need an ID and credit card to fully make a profile

  68. Thanks Miss beautiful, definitely will try 🙂
    Who wants to grow together?
    Let's help each other.
    #LIKEcomment ^^

  69. Isn't that how CANVA is pronounced?


  71. Thank you thank you thank you! I'm so nervous about starting something like this on my own… still learning from the best! i love how you add your affiliate links too!

  72. Hello Sarah how are you . i have a question : if am not a US citizen and i don't live in US either ( i am from a different country ) , if i want to work on print on demand and take my income through Payonner , do i need to pay any type of taxes to the US and if yes how to do it . thank you

  73. Hello, what software to tell the stories with these animations do you use?😀👍

  74. I think the question about whether it really works comes from people making shirts but don't realize some places you don't get seen till you make a few sales like at teespring.

  75. You have a new subber 😍

  76. As a sole trader (or self employed), how do taxes work with multiple online stores? For example, can I use one business name but own different website names and collect taxes under that one name? I'm from the UK, but any help would be great

  77. I barely make any money on Merch or Redbubble so far.. do the sellers use FB ads ?

  78. Hi Sarah, first of all, I think your accent is adorable. 😊 Would it be possible for you to make a video about print on demand marketing? I think a lot of people would find this useful. Thank you for everything.

  79. Sarah, I really like and enjoy your videos. Just one thing if I may suggest is that it will be great if you can slow down and talk a bit slower, it will be ideal for someone like me. Thanks.

  80. All I need to make is $1000 a month to finally quite my stupid part time job! Wish me luck guys 😭

  81. I have over 100 tshirts on wish and 40 on etsy and haven't sold a single one. And the designs are good.

  82. When you are pretty and a girl everything is handed to you this lady is very pretty that's one of the reasons she has so many subs. As an ugly dude myself if I went and create my own channel no one will want to watch my videos but pretty people are treated so differently. I am not discrediting her helpful videos am just saying that her looks did contribute to her YouTube success she literally has all the nicest facial features.

  83. How can we find funny phrases and quotes to use on t shirts? It has turned out to be much more difficult than I expected.

  84. Hey Sarah thanks for this video, you rock! 👍I was just curious if this opportunity is just as free with Teespring?? I already have an account there and am going to transfer my ideas over to Zazzle and some of the other sites you mentioned.

    I am good at making people laugh…people have told me I need to do comedy before lmfao. I'm very punny and creative and already have a cross between two popular niches that I know are winners, along with about half a dozen unique and funny phrases. Thanks for the support Sarah!

  85. Hi sarah i have subscribed to your course but didn't get user and password
    Around 4 to 5 days passed
    What to do

  86. Sarah, I have never written a comment ever before on youtube, becaue I never felt like it, but you deserve it more than anyone else. This is by far the best channel I have seen so far on ecommerce and I have seen almost all the " gurus " and bought all the courses. Your course is amazing, almost finished it and ready to crush. Tomorrow I will open an US bank account to be able to recieve payments. The value you provide in your videos is absolutely fantastic. There is no bullshit on this channel, only facts and things that work. This channel really shows how to make money and how to make money work for you. Incredible value in all the videos. I can see the amount if work, thought and money you put in each and every video. This is the best things that happened to me in 2020 and it is finding your channel. Thank you so much for everything, really appreciate it.

    P.S. I love your accent , )

  87. Hi, thanks to Wholesale Ted for all the added value. I need someone from the community to tell me what software you use to make the animations. Thank you so much

  88. Ok hold up! So are you saying we can go onto Instagram and find quotes to place on tees? I thought there was copyright issues with quotes from others..
    The affiliate tip was really cool tho! Double commission! I thought they would take the affiliate cut out of the sellers profit!

  89. Thank you for the video!! Going back to Aliexpress…are there delays because of the virus that is spreading worldwide??

  90. Can you make a video about Corona Virus, I mean by that how is it effecting dropshipping because of dropshipping businesses usually use AliExpress for products and apparently lots of factories are closing down and waiting for things to get calm. Thank you

  91. hey sara , yet another great and informative video, I love the fact you are just as invested in your followers business' as you are your own, I hope to launch my own in a few days and would love to have you take a look at it and see if I'm on the right path

  92. You are the best Sarah. Thank you for sharing. Question: if you say sales tax is removed and we get paid a commission does it mean it is payd on our behalf?

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