ビジネスプラン部門③「宇宙から見つけるポテンシャル名産地」 / Business Plan #3

Hello everyone,
I am Shigeta from Team Ten-Chi-Jin. Today I would like to propose potential farmlands to find from the outer space. Do you know all these are produced in Japan? Together with their rareness, trading price of these is quite high and it is said to be a great success for Japan’s agriculture. If we develop the potential of lands,
unexpected product would be very famous and successful. Let’s take detail. Kiwifruits. Many of you might think they are from New Zealand, but in addition to the South Hemisphere, Zespri, kiwi importer, aims at stable supply by securing production lands on the North Hemisphere. But they have an issue, that there is no appropriate lands for production, and the supply has not been successful. For this issue, our potential farmlands will be the solution. Potential farmlands are composed from 3 elements, “TEN (sky)” is satellite data,
“CHI (land)” is potential of lands, “HITO (human)” is the knowhow of farming that human developed. When these 3 work together, we can find potential farmlands and optimize production, making the best advantage of the lands. Let’s take a look individually, Firstly, “TEN” satellite data. Please look at colored thermal data and 3D terrain data. We use these 2 data to find optimum farmland for kiwi production. Kiwi production requires the lands with not-too-hot and not-too-warm, gentle slope to the South and so on. These are the maps identified by satellite data matched with those conditions. And combined together, they generate optimum map for kiwi production over all. Blue parts are the optimum farmlands. You can see options are greatly narrowed down. When we shoed this map to Zespri,
they highly evaluated for detailed information, and also great potential as a practical tool. Once we find a great land, then it is human’s work to make it to the best. Baby leaf producer KAJITSUDO,
agricultural IoT company SENSPROUT and ZESPRI, kiwi producer are our great partners, all in for using the best use of the optimum farmlands. We are planning to propose this business model to new entry corporate companies. Recently, not only retailers, but also finance, real estate and many other sector companies aim at entering agriculture businesses. For these companies, This comprehensive solution from selecting lands to production advices should be attractive. Our business model is firstly to enhance farmland optimization into real estate consultation to find the lands. And as a comprehensive solution, we aim at baby leaf production business. Baby leaf is a vegetable with many kinds as you can see this picture. When we can identify where to produce each kind, we can expect additional production easily. The profit of this model is to get commission from the production. So based on the results with these partners, we plan to expand this abroad to apply as comprehensive solution. This is our roadmap,
first year, we will evaluate the model with partners, We will start baby leaf production from the second year. The third year will be harvest time applying the model horizontally. I, Shigeta, am specialized in agricultural IoT,
Yoneda in production technologies, Hyakusoku and Takayama has rich knowhow in remote sensing and satellite, So I believe this idea will move into action greatly with these human resources. We will cultivate the future with our lands’ vision seen from the outer space. Thank you very much.

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