Hi there, welcome to TOKYO VEG LIFE! Today, I’m going to share changes I made and experienced after I decided to deal with my anxiety over money What do I mean by “deal with anxiety over money”? When I was a student, I didn’t have much money In my college days, I had an apartment I paid $300/mo which always had some rats running around and kept my living expenses under $100/mo so I was living with a tight budget But more than that, my family’s financial trouble caused a lot of tension and conflicts within my family so “money” became like trauma for me A lot of people with a similar experience get super motivated to make lots of money but for me I became a bit scared of money and it became something I didn’t want to think about After grad school, fortunately I got a job that paid my bills and as long as I was living a normal life I didn’t really have to think about money After I quit my company and started freelancing my income wasn’t very stable so at times I had anxiety over money where I get consumed by feelings of worry over money so I decided to really face money First, I thought that my worries over money came partly from not understanding my spending so I started to look at my credit card bills and bank statements carefully I know some of you may be going What? You weren’t even doing that? but I think a lot of people actually don’t really understand what they are spending their money on In my case, I reviewed my cash balances and learned 4 things about my spending First, I was spending money on things I wasn’t using What do I mean by things I wasn’t using? For example, a gym membership I got because I thought I would go 2-3 times a week but actually went only once a week monthly subscription for magazines that I hardly ever read I had Wifi at home but I also had a cell phone with unlimited data plan and also services I signed up because first month was free but it kept renewing itself automatically even though I wasn’t using the service So I terminated all services I wasn’t using switched to a SIM free phone service provider and from there, with services that required monthly payment I decided not to sign up unless it was absolutely necessary for my business Second, I was using money on “one time” things One time spending is like travelling buying electronics or moving that you think oh it’s just a one time thing so I just have to do it But this kind of “one time” spending was happening quite frequently so when I converted into monthly payment, it was a quite bit of money so I stopped just letting it go as a one time thing and really thought about how much I would be spending per month over how many years before I made spending on big items Third, I was “treating” myself a lot To treat myself, I would go to a spa or get massage but some of you may go to a fancy restaurant or go travelling or go shopping etc. For me, I was going to get spa or massage treatment quite frequently, yes, quite frequently With things like massage, you are paying for the feeling that you are treating yourself but really it doesn’t have much effect on your body So after trying various treatment, I have an acupuncturist sensei who gives me the only treatment, in my opinion, that actually works for me so I go to him when my body is really tired so when I really need healing for my body Fourth, I was spending money on cheap things Cheap things are small miscellaneous items and cheap foods Cheap small items are cheap so without thinking I would buy them and these things accumulate very quickly taking up a lot of space in my home and having negative effect on me mentally and at the end I had to call a waste management guy to get rid of them which obviously cost me money In terms of foods, before I used to grab foods at convenient stores or microwave frozen foods Those ready-to-eat foods are cheap as well as quick and easy to eat so it seems great at the moment but they do contain a lot of additives or artificial flavoring which can’t possibly be good for your health so if you think about long-term it will come back to you as health cost So with cheap things, what you pay right then may be small but down the road, a lot of them come back to you with a big price tag in a different form so I became careful about spending on cheap things After I became aware of what I was spending money on I felt control over my spending so my feelings of worry over money were greatly reduced In terms of income, after I became a freelancer there were times I missed having stable income and actually I went back to work for a company once but for me, I really couldn’t stand being bound to stay at the office all day so I didn’t last there for a long time With freelancing, income may be unstable but depending on how hard you try, you can increase your income and for me, as long as I have enough income to cover basic needs, anything above is not really that important What’s really important for me is being able to live freely doing things that I find meaningful Now I’m doing YouTube and since I became a freelancer people kept telling me I should do something more scalable meaning I should hire people and make a big business so I can make more money But for me, hiring people and making a big business is like when you’re working for a company, you’re bound by the company and now you’re just bound by your investors shareholders and employees There is a study by Princeton which found that if you make more than $75,000/yr, anything above doesn’t increase your happiness level People who make a lot of money tend to want to make more and more money but I think it’s more important that you find work that you find meaningful and you find a life that you feel happy with So today, I shared changes I made and experienced after I decided to deal with my anxiety over money We all have different levels of income and living conditions so I don’t think that my story applies to everyone but hopefully it gave you some perspective on how to treat money See you next time!

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  1. 動画投稿お疲れ様です

  2. 8:27〜かわいいです💕

  3. お早うございます!枯れ葉の秋模様美しい景色、その中でお金の話合う!私の娘達孫に聞かせたい、私は、大丈夫無駄は、好きじゃない~出来ない朝からイイ話今日も主人2肉を出さない料理を続け喜んでいます。有難うございます〜

  4. Good ideas. Thanks for the English subs! 😊

  5. 同感です!足るを知る生活を知って仕事をはじめ、必要ないものを手放し最高に幸せな生活を過ごしています!暮らすことに自分の時間を費やすのは生きてる実感もあり家族との時間も十分あり幸せです。

  6. ごくごく最近、「お金と向き合う」

  7. 75000ドル以上からは幸福度が上がっていかないっていう話はとてもよく理解できました まぁ物価にもよりますが今の日本なら特にその数字は当てはまるのかなぁと感じます

  8. ドイツ人と日本人のハーフである門倉多仁亜さんの考え方と同じですね。友人でドイツ人の方がいるのですが、無駄のない生活をしています。例えば何かを買った時についてくる“おまけは”はお断りする、何か一つ購入したら必ずその分一つ手放すことをしていると。合理的な生活です。私もそのような生活を実践しています。

  9. ミニマリストに向かうんですか!☺難しいですよね!いまの社会では。

  10. 確かに。無駄な安売り買ってるな。子供服なんか特に。すぐに大きくなるからね。アメリカのようにリサイクルショップがあるといいな。寄付して安く売るスタイルがいいなと思う。

  11. お金と向き合うことで、それまでの自分の価値観との向き合いになりますよね😄

  12. 「足るを知る」ことができるのは素敵ですね。

  13. 落ち葉がバックの動画っていいですね。

  14. I totally love your honesty about your life and circumstances money will stress you out it’s always yeah we just get by but life’s too short let’s live a little or we have to treat ourselves once in a while you have to be budget conscious and stick to it easy to say I know I don’t lol but I adore your independence and determination of we will be okay we will figure this out ourselves great inspiration and motivation thank you 🙏☀️💞

  15. お金はいい友人にしたいね!😃あと距離感も大切にしたいね。僕は一人旅してよく学びましたよ。いい経験をさせてもらいました。今はシンプルライフを楽しんでいますよ!先生!無駄なことはないよ。無駄に気がついたら無駄じゃない。僕はサラリーマンでよかったよ😃!人それぞれだね!人生は明るく楽しく人に親切にね。先生!ありがとうございます❗今が一番幸せですよ。今朝もちびちゃんがどんぐりをくれたよ。😃!いまから、コマを作るよ‼️またね!ごきげんよう🎵

  16. はじめまして。お金の話は共感しました。9月からパワハラで休職し、ムスイ鍋料理で検索した際、はじめてYouTubeをみるきっかけになり、とても刺激を受けています。しっかりして凄いなと。また、主人が糖尿病のため、ビーガン料理は参考になります。糖質OFFのビーガン料理を教えていただきたいです。

  17. 普通の感覚の方だったので少しホッとしました😅好きなことをし自分のペースでストレスなく生きたいですね。ワタシはお金より自由な時間が欲しいので自分の器の範囲で暮らしています。キャリアウーマンなのに仕事セーブしてるなんてカッコいいです😎枯れ葉旦那様が揺すって落としてるのかと思いました😁

  18. 「不安」=「向き合うこと」の大切さを教えられました。

  19. 勉強になります。ありがとうございます。私も今フリーランスです。こういう話もっと聞きたいです。

  20. You are awesome! You simplified things in a second..

  21. 貴女らしさが好きです

  22. Thank you very much for your great content. Your videos are very meaningful to me and I learn something new everytime I watch them.


  23. シェアありがとうございます。とても参考になります。お金との向き合い方は、ものが多くなって、有り余っている社会だからこそ、考える意義があるテーマですよね。今まで、辿ってきた道のりや行動を淡々と、ありのままに話されていて、尊敬します。僕は、まさに、今、自分が好きなことをして自由に暮らせる生き方を目指し、歩んでいる最中なので、とても共感できました!

  24. ライフスタイルの変化でお金の流れは大きく変わりますよね。

  25. いままで色んなお金の話しを聞きましたがいちばんわかりやすくて共感できるお話しでした。私もひとつづつでも解決していきたい課題です😌

  26. 葉っぱさん達のダンスが可愛い〜。
    いつも参考にさせて頂いてます。Thank You❦

  27. Merci beaucoup pour ces paroles sensées

  28. 내면이 매우 아름다운 분이세요. 당신의 인생철학을 영상을 통해 멋지게 펼치세요. ^_^

  29. 前にも書きましたが、ストイックなイメージがあったので、結構似たようなあるあるがあって親近感がわきました笑。わたしもきちんと向き合わないといけないと思いました。

  30. 弟子にしてくれー

  31. こんにちは。私も安い物ちょくちょく買ってしまうので、気をつけようと思いました。やり甲斐がある仕事は見つけられた人は本当に幸せだと思います。最後の方、落ち葉が沢山でしたね。

  32. とても良い生き方ですね。ナチュラルで素敵です。❤️

  33. 確かに安いから買ってもいいやぐらいの気持ちでお金を使ってしまいます💦本当に必要か考えてから購入しないと駄目ですね‼️

  34. Tokyo Veg Life さんは本当に、自分・環境・人・健康・お金・ヨガなどに真剣に向き合って生きていて、それってみんな考えたくないから避けていることが多いので、勇気のいることだし、なかなかできるものじゃないと思います。



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