「Nightcore」→ None Of My Business ♪ (Cher Lloyd) LYRICS ✔︎

「Nightcore」→ None Of My Business ♪ (Cher Lloyd) LYRICS ✔︎

this video includes lyrics on the screen

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  1. Hey remember 10k before 2019 now you have 60k congrats!! Also anyone 2019!! 💖😛

  2. im gonna sing cHer LloYed

  3. ╔══╗


    ╔╝ (⁀`v´⁀)

    ╚══` .¸. [ Nightcore ]

  4. Speech for those girls going into middle school!….Be yourself stay out of drama respect yourself the teachers and your classmates no matter what…crushes or boyfreind might get in your way with learns so stop seeing them or cut them off. ..periods ._….are sometimes hard sometimes easy…depends really. Make a SOS KIT for school….items: pads or tampons makeup (if you were it) Chapstick under wear and Pills forgot the name sorry…

    If people talk about you dont talk back to them….just ignore them and be your beautiful self!

  5. Hope u hit 100k soon u totally deserve it 🙂

  6. This isthe story of my bestfriend and Crush
    Me: but baby this is
    None Of My Business

  7. this isnt my typical cup of tea but i have to give credit, this is amazing.

  8. How 2019?
    I 💖 Nightcore 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘

  9. bruh this is awesome you have 20 millon subs

  10. "I wish you the best, I hope she can fix you." Honestly iconic.

  11. I love this music :3

  12. hi i love this song yassssssssss

  13. MEH : none of my business 😁

  14. This is good!! 😍 Lol I feel like this sometimes

  15. Ur songs fit my life thanks u help alot

  16. Roses are red,

    Ketchup is too,

    I just got a like!!

    …but why is it blue?

  17. non of my businees

  18. Me: Damn I've heard that you've been having problems. A random baby: DADDY COULD YOU PLEASE JUST COME AND WIPE MY BOTTOM!! Dad: Started at the top and now your at the bottom!! Baby: Wipe my bottom…. Me…..

    Me and baby's dad: We don't care… Baby: I WANT MY MOMMY ;–;

  19. ☻/
    /▌ This is bob, he loves nightcore.
    / Copy and paste him on the nightcore vids
    so he can enjoy it.

    ^w^ I hope u will do it ^w^

  20. Can we make this to a lyrics?
    I go first: damn i heard that you and her been having problems

  21. Uhh sorry to tell you but this is 2019 now and you don't have 100 t likes sry

  22. ☻/
    /▌ This is bob, he loves nightcore.
    / Copy and paste him on the nightcore vids
    so he can enjoy it.

  23. Me gusto la canción y la puse en mis favoritos

  24. This is so gooooooood cant stop hearing
    JuSt OnE m0:00Re TiMe

  25. I love none of my business, because it has a good response.

  26. Oh baby this is none of my bussness~

  27. just went down reading the comments i must say how you have gone and like almost all the videos very nice not many would do that 🙂

  28. My classmates: Today our teacher is not here so Emma (Me) gonna teach us today!
    Me: None of my business

  29. Bad memories that ended well*

  30. This is legit my fav song! 😀

  31. Can I change the word 'Damn' into 'Dang'?
    Cause Im probably gonna have another "Talent Show"😧

  32. me encantó esta canción

  33. Cmon… This channel have 63k subs… Man u need to have 63m… Epic song <3

  34. this girl it's preety!!! Im draw she 😉 PS. Im from Poland. Don't Look at the words Xd

  35. Me: yay i get to listen to a great song
    Rallies commercial: sad panda with only one sandwich
    Also me: what the

  36. Begin is like the begin of lily-Allan Walker


  38. <33333333 I LOVE This~~~~~~ Tank you~~~~ =3

  39. this song is stupid becaouse she says "none of my bussines" but literally sings all song about that XD

  40. I want that on spotify

  41. ☻/
    /▌ This is Bob, he loves nightcore.

  42. Most songs sound so much better in nightcore. 🙂

  43. 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷

  44. Thats good for the cheater for the lesson but it was cooler

  45. You hate me everyday ¿Why? Mmmm None of my business

  46. ex texts me talking about his girl me: its none of my business baby

  47. Iiiiiii in saw in feed look like me


  48. damm.. This song is just….wowwww, luv it

  49. ☻/
    /▌ This is Bob, he loves nightcore.
    / Copy and paste him on the nightcore vids
    so he can enjoy it.

  50. how have you been? B)

    This song is a cudo xd I listen to it 5 hours today :'D

  51. yiee cute ni arapeee

  52. Um.. I'm going to siong Cher loud by Cher loyd

  53. (-~-)
    | |

    None of my business

  54. I wish we can give many likes as we like, I like this 3000

  55. From far away you see her looking at the lyrics, but When you look Better And closer, she actually looks at you…

  56. Que hermosa canción 😊👍

  57. a week from now is my birthday if anyone could make a video like this for me id be very happy… just sayin… 😉

  58. Wow 😍 ❤️
    Thinks ❣️

  59. This entire song is AUTOTUNE but its good.

  60. THİS İS AMAZİNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Reply to my comment [Bet you won't now that you have so many subscribers 🙂 ]

  62. Eva María vasgez Rodríguez 😅

  63. Congrats now you've got 66k 10k adé ❤🤩👑

  64. when its 2020 everyone is gonna be like ''2020 anyone''?

  65. It's none of my business
    But u caused this
    And u can't fix this cause I love this song

  66. Yo, 3094? Anyone?

    Edit: oops, i forgot that i time traveled to 2019 .-.

  67. Canadian National Anthem

  68. ╔══╗


    ╔╝ (⁀`v´⁀)

    ╚══` .¸. [ Nightcore ]

  69. 😙😘😚😙😚😙😘😚😙😘😚😚😙😘😚😘😘😘😘😙😚😙😘😚😙😘😚😘😚😘😙😚😘😘😙😘😘😘😙😙😘😚😘😘😙😘😚😚😘😙😘😘😚😘😙😘😚😘😘😙😘😚😘😘😚😘😙😚😘😘😘😘😘😙😙😙😙😚😚😚😚😘😘😘😘😙😙😙😙😚😚😚😚💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💝💘💗💟💓💕💖💜💛💙❤❤❤❤❤

  70. La la yas i loveee 💗💗😆😆😆😆😆😆

  71. 3 things that happened today:
    1. My sister said she doesn't like this song
    2. My sister got hit by a bus
    3. I lost my bus driving license

  72. damn you good at making ppl u better than me im trash like a god i tried doing that but i suck so i did a stick man LMAOOO
    :3 also congrats gurll or dudeeee

  73. Awsome 😍 I love this song


  75. This is mah fave song even if I heard it yesterday❤️ Its very cool! Hope I gonna like it always~Btw I listen this music and doing home…Do ya know what it mean?! IT MEAN MAH STUPID BRAINS THINK BETTER THEN BEFORE~! When I listen this song I think "I ready Listen it always…This is da best song I listen❤️❤️❤️"

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