βœ… Build Business Credit Fast | How To Get Business Credit | $150,000 Approved quickly

βœ… Build Business Credit Fast |  How To Get Business Credit | $150,000 Approved quickly

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  1. Does having a high $ balance $ combined in both checking and savings in our business banking accounts help qualify for BC?

  2. how much does this cost? I've already spent over 80k cash to setup our business and now we're to low on funds to finish up .

  3. what is a "cash credit card"? how are you supposed to convert money from a mastercard business credit card to cash for a business' startup capital?

  4. Is this a "charge-on-the-back-end" company ??

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  6. this is awesome dude, +1 keep it up bro!

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  8. Wow you all look very cool lol

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  10. when you playing next?

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  12. @18:00 you can't blame the banker for the system . Com onnnn


  14. Could I connect my uber incom to my corporation thank you

  15. will bless SHALOM

  16. Β A Β phone company you can use that report your payments to the credit bureau WE REPORT YOUR PAYMENTS TO THE CREDIT BUREAU.No need for cash – we extend credit to all
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  17. Are you guys in Tempe/Scottsdale area?

  18. BUSINESS CREDIT Requires No Personal Credit Check, Cash Flow, or Collateral.
    WE GUARANTEE YOUR BUSINESS A MINIMUM OF $50,000 IN *BUSINESS CREDIT Est, Businesses get up to $5,000,000
    Find out how here …
    Services: Business Credit*, *Business Loans*, *Credit Lines

  19. I just wanted to weigh in on this… I started a brand new business about 2 yrs ago and did the steps he mentioned. I didn't have any guidance just did my own research and put it together. What he says is true. After obtaining my state business license and D&B # I got all kinds of credit offers in the mail. When it asked how much $$ my business generated I just made up $50,000 because that was my goal for the year. I didn't have to even prove it. I ended up getting 3 credit cards with $5000 limits right off the bat. No annual fee and interest rate was like 5%. I made a few mistakes that cost me time to correct them. I think some people over think and analyze stuff to death and never actually do anything that's why they don't make any money.

  20. I got a question I signed up for Quil and Uline neither companys asked for my EIN. So how do they help build credit ? Do that mean they don't report to D&B

  21. Ive been in business going on a little near two years have a duns number ein LLC the whole nine I get all kinds of offers but every time I apply they always want to include personnel information.

  22. 2 yrs ago is Not a brand new business!

  23. Great way to get Business Funding.

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