شرح ميزة marketplace | بيع وشراء المنتجات على الفيسبوك مجانا ومن مكان واحد

شرح ميزة marketplace  |  بيع وشراء المنتجات على الفيسبوك مجانا ومن مكان واحد

With you Marwa Soliman from the IT channel Facebook launched a feature called the Marketplace This feature has been activated now in the Arab countries and Egypt has appeared in some accounts… The shop has many sections where you can search for the product you want to buy or know its price, such as home, clothing, accessories and other sections You can also upload a product that you want to sell as well. You can shoot the product, upload it to the store, set its price and contact details when you buy. You can go to the Home page facebook account to find that it is in the upper part on the left side as you see on the screen Go to search box in the marketplace Type any product you want to search for For example a Refrigerator I will find a varieties of this product I will go to electronics category Pick any product for example Iphone 6 and click to show more details about the product i like its price and looking for and the person contacts to buy Ask for the availability If you want to make a filter to all the products, you search for you can make a filtration by the price, the location, and search for the nearest location to you It is so easy as you show in the video You can also sell your product on the marketplace as others You will click on sell something He will ask you about the product, price, the location and category to make it easy for anyone wants to buy your product to find you You can also upload your product photos, you can upload up to 10 photos Facebook has become a popular competitor platforms As eBay and OLX I hope you have benefited from the video to forget to subscribe to the channel and do the bell to get you all new

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