Продвинутый менеджер контактов и визиток для iPhone! Обзор TempPhones для iOS

Hello dear friends. Today I’ll tell you
about the functional manager contacts, business cards and even
replacing regular dialer on iOS TempPhones. So it will be interesting
– Sit back. What do we offer TempPhones? Let’s start with the contacts section. On the “All” tab, we can see
classic address a book with a very long list. If you simply tap on the
contact will open system information, but
if you click on a special tick and pull down the menu
– it will be given access to the photo information. A useful option, as
here can be attached to example a card with a large
a list of information that just too lazy to enter yourself. Plus you do not have to install
a separate application, business card holders. List of all the cards have
in a separate menu. In the expanded contact has
Reminders option. Too cool stuff, allowing
add text and date or a period when it is necessary to make
important call. View a list of reminders
can be in a special menu, truth without reminders
the text is not displayed. This was not all. There is a button for quick
adding into contact “Temporary”. This special section
contacts information which must be stored
only a certain time. Needless to breed in the address
Book trash. Contacts can be many
and it would be advisable to group them. Convenient grouping mechanism
your iOS does not. We have to go into every
contact and individually add the “Company”. In TempPhones possible to separate
tab. At the end of the work with the group
just delete it and all temporary contacts and
leave the address book. Conveniently? Definitely! But if the group were
far from being temporary contacts, “Disband” then there is a button. Working with groups of more convenient
what can be done mass-mailing to e
mail, well, or by SMS. Who else uses
SMS? No less important function
“Photo contacts” will be. Add only a name and
necessary photographs, for example a billboard, and
all. In the future, with the photos
you can quickly and easily add phone, website or email,
quickly make the right action, the app immediately
passes the call, the browser or sending a message, and save
typed data in the future. Photo contacts are also displayed
in CardHolder. Tab “Favorites” duplicates
the possibility of regular dialer, but in the “key” disappeared
function which offers all owners of iPhone – Search and
Address Book contacts by phone number. This thing Apple has long
should adopt, but alas. On iOS, only 11 are fonts
played and the erase button transferred. Really enjoyed promptness
developers in the decision the issues raised. In fact, a fidbek
essential component any project. Where necessary – prompt that
should – realize, of course if it is possible under the conditions
limitation of iOS. I am here for the second week
I can not reach 3 Things Developers and their products,
by the way, is worth $ 10. Speaking of price – application
free, has no advertising and subscriptions, but there are limitations:
15, the time of contact, 10 photos for contacts and 5
groups. By purchasing a PRO-version at an affordable
the price you get rid of limits forever. TempPhones will be a great addition
Dialers to OEM and replacement iOS address book. The main thing that the developers
not going to stop there. A reference to download
you will find in the description.

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